Fetus Steps

People always talk about “baby steps” when discussing small improvements. But despite the fact that Serie A kicks off in only four weeks and the chasm between this squad and Milan squads of the past is so vast, so far this preseason, we are really only seeing “fetus steps.” Improvements so small that you might miss them if you blink. Even if fetuses actually grow very quickly, everyone knows they never learn to walk until they are babies. But will this squad ever learn to walk at all? Liverpool fans sing "You'll Never Walk Alone," and that is exactly the fear of fans of Milan this season.

Yeah, that looks about right

Having lost all three games in the Guinness ICC Tournament and conceded a whopping ten goals while only scoring one, the future looks pretty bleak. But there were improvements each match, if only microscopic improvements. The understandings improved a little each time between the players. Well, except for the one between Gabriel and De Sciglio that sent the latter to the hospital during the match vs. Liverpool. That was really horrible.

But were the improvements more because more of the international players got more playing time each match? (read: our higher quality players.) It occurred to me during the last match that the players we paid the most for in the mercato impacted the game the most. Coincidence? I think not. But considering such a large percentage of our players were free transfers, then it’s hard to feel positive about our prospects this season.

Determined to win... or at least watch someone else win

If our objective is to return to the Champions League, it’s not going to be this year. Not with this squad. It’s like opening a five star hotel and hiring a bunch of fast food employees to run it. Not a winning business plan. And neither is our mercato.

But this isn’t a surprise, most fans have seen this coming for some time now. Maldini saw it in 2007 and told Galliani as much. So long as our management continue in this direction, our team will only be able to take fetus steps, and our Champions League dreams will be stillborn come May. We need to finish clearing out the low quality and overpaid players and invest in quality players, even if we have to trust more in the youth. Until that happens, Milan fans’ dreams will be suffocated and the return to success on the pitch will be aborted prematurely.

This post inspired by 270 minutes of preseason friendly hell

Our next match is
Chivas Guadalajara vs. Milan
Wednesday, August 6 • 9pm EDT

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