Faded Glory

11:56 PM
We try not to talk about how badly Milan has deteriorated. But in just two pictures, there is a vast chasm of disparity that says more th...
Faded Glory Faded Glory Reviewed by Elaine on 11:56 PM Rating: 5

Podcast: Hopes and Fears

1:23 AM
After reasonable success in their friendlies against Lega Pro sides, Milan put in two very poor performances against real teams in the IC...
Podcast: Hopes and Fears Podcast: Hopes and Fears Reviewed by Elaine on 1:23 AM Rating: 5

Severe Weather Conditions

10:33 PM
If you saw the friendly vs. Manchester City yesterday played in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, you’ll know that the game was delayed for abou...
Severe Weather Conditions Severe Weather Conditions Reviewed by Elaine on 10:33 PM Rating: 5

More Questions than Answers

9:43 AM
Last night’s friendly vs. Greek champions Olympiacos was disappointing on so many levels. The 3-0 defeat seemed to extinguish any glimmer...
More Questions than Answers More Questions than Answers Reviewed by Elaine on 9:43 AM Rating: 5

One for the Money

7:00 AM
Last night, my beloved team landed in New York City, their first stop on their tour of North America the East Coast of America and Toron...
One for the Money One for the Money Reviewed by Elaine on 7:00 AM Rating: 5

Friendly Fire

4:15 AM
This week saw Milan play two friendlies, one on Wednesday against Lega Pro side Renate, and the other to fellow Lega Pro side Monza. Whil...
Friendly Fire Friendly Fire Reviewed by Elaine on 4:15 AM Rating: 5
How Level Is the Playing Field? How Level Is the Playing Field? Reviewed by Elaine on 12:00 AM Rating: 5


12:00 AM
After Conte suddenly quit as Juventus manager on Tuesday, the rumors of Allegri to Juventus bubbled up almost immediately. It was hilario...
Schadenfreude Schadenfreude Reviewed by Elaine on 12:00 AM Rating: 5
Podcast: Finding the Right Milan DNA Podcast: Finding the Right Milan DNA Reviewed by Elaine on 12:00 AM Rating: 5

Honor the Shirt

4:03 AM
Mister Inzaghi was presented on Thursday at Casa Milan, and his press conference was like a salve to the soul for M...
Honor the Shirt Honor the Shirt Reviewed by Elaine on 4:03 AM Rating: 5

Calcio’s Greatest Shame

2:10 AM
My first memory of Italian “justice” goes back a number of years when I read a little writeup in an American paper about a rape trial in ...
Calcio’s Greatest Shame Calcio’s Greatest Shame Reviewed by Elaine on 2:10 AM Rating: 5


11:20 PM
I am not a horrible person, despite what you may read about me on Twitter or elsewhere. But I did thoroughly enjoy the complete mauling o...
Justice Justice Reviewed by Elaine on 11:20 PM Rating: 5

Y'all Ready for This?

10:45 PM
If you look up the word passionate in the dictionary, chances are you’ll find a picture of Pippo Inzaghi. Well on Wednesday, our favorite...
Y'all Ready for This? Y'all Ready for This? Reviewed by Elaine on 10:45 PM Rating: 5

Exclusive Transfer News

10:28 PM
Now that the mercato is open, rumors are a dime a dozen. Fans and journalists alike apparently will not sleep until every last player is ...
Exclusive Transfer News Exclusive Transfer News Reviewed by Elaine on 10:28 PM Rating: 5

A Little Milan Love

12:00 AM
With a little break between World Cup matches and the mercato officially open, I thought I would say something nice about Milan while I s...
A Little Milan Love A Little Milan Love Reviewed by Elaine on 12:00 AM Rating: 5
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