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Chievo 0, Milan 0: Okay Then

I struggled to find words for this match. Milan weren’t terrible, but there wasn’t much that was good, either. Mainly, we were outplayed by 16th place Chievo, so don’t expect wins against any of the teams that are above 16th. By this point in the season, I should see something resembling football, even from this squad. Two highlights for me: Honda’s crossbar assault in the 48th and De Jong’s killer save in the 67th. Bocchetti had a promising match, Bonera is losing his fullback superpowers. On the downside, De Jong is injured again. But on the upside, Montolivo is injured again, so that’s kind of a wash. Except for the Muntari and Essien red alerts. But yeah, other than a clean sheet, another step backwards. Okay then.

Chievo vs. Milan: The One Man Show

He’s not selfish, he just can’t see anyone else

Chievo-Milan Preview: To Verona, With Love

Outside of Italy, most people probably associate Verona with the infamous star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet, as the city is the setting for Shakespeare’s epic love story. But for me, the only thing I can relate to as our team heads to Verona this weekend to play Chievo is that I may want to take my own life if we come back empty-handed. I know it’s not realistic after all we’ve been through this season, but I need a draw or a win from this match if I am to retain what little of my sanity that remains. So I send our players to Verona, with love… and a possibility that my love for Milan may end quite tragically.

Somebody That I Used To Know

Last year things were so dire that many of us fans insisted that we did not want Europe this year, hoping that we could take this year and focus on Serie A and rebuild. But neither of those things are happening, instead we are being handed more lame excuses and more turnover in the squad. So it is that much more painful midweek to watch the singular Italian club left in the Champions League compete, a team that has dominated Italy but never been a force in Europe. Meanwhile, as seven times champions of Europe, Milan struggle to stay top ten in a very weakened Italy and watch European competition like a homeless person watching a TV through a window. Just like somebody that I used to know.

Milan 2, Cesena 0: Think Again

So I wake up at 5am to see that we are playing a 4-3-1-2 without our best trequartista for some reason. This is not encouraging. Nevertheless, my heart requires me to watch the game. And since kickoff was at 6am on a very busy day for me, you get a treat: my notes instead of a review. Think again. You’re welcome.

Milan vs. Cesena: Get Your Gameface On

Milan vs. Cesena Sunday, February 15 • 15:00 CET (9am EST) This match is being shown LIVE on BeIN Sports in the U.S.

I highly recommend theMilan Obsession Drinking Gamefor this match


Milan-Cesena Preview: Under the Sea

With the results so far this season, injuries, the cumulative weight of having two CEOs, three coaches in two seasons, and 51 players out and 46 players in these past two and a half years it’s kind of like Milan is drowning. How appropriate then that we should be facing the seahorses tomorrow. And while Cesena are facing potential relegation with only 16 points, they have to be buoyed up by the prospect of getting at least a point from Milan at the San Siro. So look to this match to be played as if it were under the sea.

Mattia Destro: The Right Man For Milan?

The most significant signing of the recent transfer window would have to be Mattia Destro, at least from a financial standpoint. If reports ahead of his loan deal are correct, his contract was not just for the six month loan deal from Roma, but also for the next four years, which would imply that Milan agreed to the €16m transfer fee for his outright purchase. But despite being an exciting young player with eight caps for the Italian national team already at the age of 23 and representing Italy at almost every age level from U16 on, the question still remains: Is Destro the right man for Milan?

Podcast: Train Wreck

After waking up at an ungodly hour to watch the Empoli game, my spirits were nearly at an all time low having watched such a terrible performance. The weight of years of douchebaggery just came crashing down on me with the injuries, suspensions and poor play from that match just the punctuation mark. The only plausible comparison I could conjure for where Milan is headed was a train wreck. But I’m not jumping off of this train anytime soon. It may hurt, and we may see the inevitable doom, but it’s still my Milan and I’m going to see it through.

Milan 1, Empoli 1: You Had One Job, Milan

This match kicked off at 3:30am for me. I have had very little sleep. But one doesn’t need to have much sleep to see how poorly the team played, even at that hour. With new injury worries, the result is the least of my concerns. I am more concerned as to what has happened to my team. You had one job, Milan.

Milan vs. Empoli: A Pox Be Upon Ye!

Saponara never gets playing time at Milan, then gets the Chicken Pox when playing against Milan

Milan-Empoli Preview: Scraping Bottom

Remember for the first few weeks when Milan scored more goals than we conceded and were at the top of the table? That all seems so long ago now. We are heading into this lunchtime fixture in 11th place on the table with only 29 points, 24 points behind the league leaders. Our opponent, Empoli, is in 15th place with 23 points. Sadly, we have every right to fear them stealing points from us at the San Siro, as our home record this year is abysmal and we were lucky to grab a point against them back in September in Tuscany. And although we made a good showing last week against Juve, the loss reminds us that our results have been poor even when our football has not, so anything can happen. Let’s face it, when we’re in the lower half of the table, we’re scraping bottom.

Four Years in Hell (or Happy Birthday Milan Obsession)

It’s hard to believe that this blog has lasted four years.To be fair, we won the scudetto in the first year, and it’s all been downhill from there for Milan. But hopefully not all downhill for those of you who have written guest posts, been podcast guests, post comments, follow and interact on Twitter, and even those of you who just read. You are either masochists or you really like this place, I am not sure. Or maybe you just like hell? But four years in hell sounds exactly perfect forDiavoli.

Poll: The New Guys

Milan have made many shambolic purchases in recent years. Today I want to hear from you about this most recent transfer market’s acquisitions. How do you rate them as a group? Are they an improvement in quality to the squad? We already decided they won’t be our Lord and Savior,but will they help Milan to a better finish this year? Or are they comparable to other purchases? Or worse? We talked about it on the podcast last week, but I want to hear from you… I think.

The Big Lie

As Milan fans, we have sadly become accustomed to abuse. While other clubs make mistakes that upset their fans from time to time, very few will consistently snub fans’ desires and even insult them in the media like some kind of totalitarian government. But Milan does. And that “let them eat cake” kind of attitude toward the very people they need to fill their stadium comes largely from one of the most polarizing figures at the club: Adriano Galliani. He is the big lie.

Juventus 3, Milan 1: Just Like A Band-Aid

The only thing worse than getting a nasty scrape or cut is taking the band-aid off when it’s healed. Or so you think. You dread it so much that by the time you need to actually pull the strip off of your skin, you are in a panic. This match was kinda like that. An opponent that seemed nearly insurmountable, all of the odds against us, and meeting us at one of our lowest points of the season, injuries and all. But in the end, like the band-aid, it wasn’t so painful. Well, except for Muntari wearing the captain’s armband. That’s gonna leave a scar. But other than that, this match was just like pulling off a band-aid.

Juventus vs. Milan: This One’s Gonna Hurt

Juventus-Milan Preview: A Fate Worse Than Death

This could be my last post on this blog. I may not survive this match. Because Milan is literally killing me. And because this matchup, with this team, this coach, at that stadium, and at this time is a fate worse than death.

Podcast: The State of Milan

Three points and a pre-Galliani Day™ shopping spree have Milan fans feeling some optimism again. But should we be optimistic? If hindsight is 20/20, then definitely not. But if you look carefully, there are some strands of hope we can perhaps cling to. But then again, we face Juventus this week, so if that doesn’t beat the optimism out of you then you may want to see a medical professional about that.

Milan 3, Parma 1: Money Changes Everything

Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled for the three points. And I can’t say that Parma were robbed, at least not by us. But this game was strange, and I can’t say that Milan played like champions. The new 4-4-2 formation seemed to confuse the players as much as it did the fans, and it's not like they played with enough grinta to make up for it. In the end, despite Parma playing with so much heart, I think that it was about money. Because money changes everything.

Milan vs. Parma: Desperation

Whatever with injuries, at least our players are getting paid