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Fountain of Youth

They say that hope springs eternal, and never was the opposite more true than at Milan in recent years. It’s like a black hole for hope, a vortex of pain in which our dreams go in, never to be seen again. But there are still tiny glimmers of hope that have yet to be dashed, and they are the young players who have come through our youth sector. Until they are sold or fail to get playing time, they are about the only hope we have, our fountain of youth.

Hold On Tight

Your parents may have said it to you when you were in the car and hitting rough terrain. Or the amusement park worker may have said it as you embarked on a large roller coaster. You may have even had a friend or family member say it about your heart as you tumbled head over heels in love with someone who wasn’t good for you. But never before did the phrase “hold on tight” have more meaning than it does to Milan fans this summer. There is hope of change, but no promise, and changes inevitably coming that we would never ask for. As much as our loyalty has been tested these past four years, chances are it will be tested even more this year. But also the phrase “hold on tight” can be applied to players we desperately need to keep, against all odds. It truly needs to be our motto this summer: Hold on tight.

Made in Italy

There are Champions League festivities all over Milano in the spotlight this weekend. While in the back alleys and evil villas lurks a nationalistic billionaire publicly struggling with the idea of letting go of his 30 year hostage, AC Milan. Should the sale go through, whether or not he will retain any power, real or imagined, his vision is for Milan to have a young, all-Italian starting eleven. But is that even realistic? Or just another one of his campaign catchphrases? His political party is, after all, called the Forza Italia party. But in today’s global football environment, coupled with the state of Serie A, it seems to be just another one of his delusions.

Why I Hate Montolivo

I cannot stop thinking about the ridiculousfoolhardypreposterousabsurdharebrainedludicrousirresponsible unforgiveable three year contract extension just handed to Montolivo. It is literally unimaginable as to how anyone in their right mind would extend a player so mediocre, let alone let him continue to usurp the captaincy. I try to never hate any Milan players, least of all our captain. But I can’t help it. Montolivo has become one of the most hated players at Milan and has perhaps taken the blame for things that were not necessarily his fault. But for me, there is no love lost, so today I set out to explain why I hate Montolivo.

Podcast: Milan Yearbook

Just when we thought Milan were finally rebuilding, Berlusconi derailed this season with only six games left. With negotiations happening for a potential sale of at least part of the club, the season left us on a giant cliffhanger with very little optimism justified. Still, out of duty or madness or some other reason, a season wrapup seemed the least we could do to maintain some loyalty. Rating the players was also difficult, so I took a high school yearbook approach to make it bearable. For me, humor is the only thing we have left, at least until the big questions are answered.

Coppa Italia Final • Milan 0, Juve 1: The Natural Order of Things

Anything can happen in 90 minutes, or perhaps even more in 120 minutes. Like Milan showing up to play… not to win, necessarily. To win, they would have actually had to score one of those 18 shots they took. Or at least do something more with that 57% possession they had. But they didn’t. They played a lot better than people expected, but they still lost. Juve didn’t play so well and they won. The game was entertaining, but in the end, the result was what everyone expected. It’s the natural order of things.

Coppa Italia Final • Milan vs. Juve: Death By Silvio

For years, as Milan struggled, people pointed the blame in every possible direction. And yet with one idiotic and inexplicable move, the blame finally pointed 100% at the proper source: Silvio Berlusconi. While some, like his crony and puppet Brocchi still try to target the players or the quality of the squad or whatever, it all points back to the selfish, delusional, megalomaniac billionaire. Everyone could see that with Mihajlovic, this team stood a chance against this Juve team, even if we got the easy road to the final. But Silvio just couldn’t hold out even six more games, and without even Galliani’s blessing, he pulled the plug on what was the best Milan effort for rebuilding in four years. Like death by Silvio.

New Home Kit: Dressed in Black

I can’t figure out if I like the new home kit or not. I don’t like it up close, but far away it looks better. Which is ironic, because the further away we keep ourselves from Milan right now, the better, too. In fact, there are just so many parallels between what is going on at the club and this kit, it is ridiculous. The most obvious would probably be the black sleeves and back as well as a switch to the black shorts. Kind of like the club has lost its identity, and are in mourning. With only the front panel of the kit to remind us of yesteryears, and even that erodes at the bottom, Milan are dressed in black.

Milan 1, Roma 3: End of Days

So… Milan played the last game of the season. The players did exactly what Silvio he wanted them to do, but since we lost so badly, he claims they all had bad attitudes. No surprises there. It just kind of feels like an end of days scenario, and I think most fans are fervently praying that it is the end of days for Silvio. But sadly, it was also the end of days for an oft overlooked legend. Our rightful captain, Abbiati, having waited until our first team kits had the true Milan crest on them again so he could kiss it goodbye, took his last bow at the San Siro. The last of the Champions League winners in our squad, the last of the Senatori. For me that eclipsed anything that Brocchi’s zombies were going to do on the pitch.

Milan vs. Roma: Surrender

The battle with management is one that cannot be won

Milan-Roma Preview: Mercy Killing

There is a controversial practice of ending a terminally ill patient’s life called mercy killing. The belief is that is an act of mercy, because it will end the patient’s excessive pain and suffering. Since Mihajlovic was sacked, Milan have desperately needed an act of mercy just like this to end our suffering, and I think Roma are just the team to do it. So I have composed a letter to them, in hopes they will make it quick and painless for us:

The Berlusconi Chronicles

After Berlusconi’s preposterous sacking of Mihajlovic with only six league games and a Coppa final left, people have talked a lot about his failings as a club president. But mostly, they only cite recent events and recent quotes, as if this is something new that no one saw coming. However for those of us who have passionately followed the club for longer, there was plenty of evidence along the way to know that failure at this level was not only coming, but imminent.

Bologna 0, Milan 1: Fighting Hunger

This weekend, Serie A is raising awareness and money to help fight hunger. I know Milan haven’t played with hunger since Mihajlovic left, but Bologna was certainly hungry. So besides just maintaining possession like the big kids on the playground vs. the little kids (but still doing very little with it,) Milan were literally fighting hunger.

Bologna vs. Milan: Surrender

Just surrender to self-medication, comfort foods, and life without our Milan

Bologna-Milan Preview: Wake Me When It’s Over

This season has become too painful to even write about. It’s not about having writer’s block, my other writing is going just fine. It’s just that Milan hurts so much right now, I can’t continue to put the passion into forming complete sentences and crafting a post that might be interesting to read. I just want the season to be done with, to find some resolution to this nonsense about Berlusconi finally being willing to release his death grip on the club he is strangling (or not.) Just wake me when it’s over.

Superga Disaster: Calcio’s Greatest Tragedy

Whenever you are having a tough time, there is always someone worse off than you. So as a distraction from Milan’s current problems, and to honor the fallen on the anniversary of the disaster, I’m throwing back five years when I wrote this for the now defunct Italy World Cup Blog. Recently, Torino renamed their stadium “Stadio Olimpico Grande Torino” to forever remember the victims of calcio’s greatest tragedy.

Milan 3, Frosinone 3: Sucking Less Isn’t Success

In addition to the 6am time for this match for me, I was not looking forward to it. Nor was I looking forward to writing about it. So instead, I offer you my notes from the match and will let you draw your own conclusions as to how I felt about it.

Milan vs. Frosinone: Mayday!

The disaster is only beginning