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This Is Not Your Pedophile’s Milan

If I had a nickel for every journalist, opposition fan, or especially Milan fan that talks about Milan changing coaches again, or financial problems, or whatever, I could afford to buy all of the news outlets and hire some respectable people to report the actual truth. Or maybe at least fire the idiots that keep giving Silvio and Yellow Tie’s comments any air time. Their comments only add to the pile of lies that are being perpetuated. People have some random disconnect between the Glory Days of Milan and now, as if Silvio still owned the club. In fact, he seems to think he does, too. But this is NOT your pedophile’s Milan.

Stefano Pioli: Righting the Ship

As soon as Pioli’s name was mentioned in connection with the Milan job, small-minded and short-sighted Milan fans started a hashtag trending: #PioliOut. I suppose it had something to do with them wanting a manager who was much better than Giampaolo, despite the fact that they believed he was the next Sacchi just three months ago. Many wanted Spaletti, who had more experience. But the reasons for not hiring Spaletti were so much more than financial. Pioli has qualities that Milan need right now. No, he’s not a world class tactician, but he is capable of righting the ship.

Lowered Expectations

The writing was on the wall when Milan hired Giampaolo. The praise heaped on him without any tangible merit created completely unrealistic expectations. But he fell short of even the lowest expectations of him. Without a lot of choices, Milan turned to another mediocre manager. Pioli doesn’t bring with him praise or unrealistic expectations at all, he is just another manager who has managed football teams. Perhaps that will be his biggest strength: lowered expectations.

Podcast: Intentional Pain

With the shockingly poor results, the horrific discipline issues, and the indescribable lineups, Giampaolo’s future at Milan is the center of much discussion. We talked about everything at Milan, but especially the theory that we have all been subjected to intentional pain.

Genoa 1, Milan 2: Seeing Red

Four red cards in this match. FOUR. Okay, so two were for people on the bench, but there were also seven yellow cards. It’s amazing that they found any time to play football. Milan were rewarded for… well to be honest, I’m not sure what they were rewarded for. They didn’t dominate possession, take more shots, they just managed to have more goals than Genoa when the whistle blew. And that whistle blew so often. It was definitely a match where everyone was seeing red.

Genoa-Milan Preview: Zapata’s Big Game

He was a fixture at Milan for seven years. He lasted from Allegri’s downfall years all the way through Gattuso, and then we let his contract run out. He was actually a great defender, scored some memorable goals for Milan. But he always had that propensity to lose focus at the worst of times, and I think many Milan fans remember him for the goals he scored for the opposing teams, or the ones he allowed at least. So tomorrow, he will either score for us or for Genoa, it’s got to be one or the other. This match is Zapata’a big game.

In Search of Milan Fans

This week, I tried something new on Twitter. I tweeted a request for Milan fans. Not just any Milan fans, but the kind of fans that met a specific set of criteria. I do realize it was foolish to believe I would find them on Twitter, because… well it’s Twitter. But I was disappointed that I did not find even one fan that met all of the criteria.