Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Coppa Italia • Milan 3, Verona 0: Common Sense

This should be a happy, joyous post about winning a match by three goals, keeping a clean sheet, and progressing to the next round of a competition no one cares about. Happy that Gattuso stuck with the 4-3-3 and not only did it completely pay off, they are really starting to come to life again. I should be thrilled that we kept a clean sheet, particularly considering the abuse our own fans gave our keeper. And for what? Rumors. Things people claim in the media blow up into things people believe in social media. And then they act worse than the people they claim are stirring things up. Yeah, this match would have been really joyful if people just had a little common sense.

Something to celebrate

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Coppa Italia • AC Milan vs. Hellas Verona: More Guarantees

Every year, people say that no one cares about the Coppa Italia. But this year, Milan needs to care about every single game. With such a disappointing start, the mentality is so fragile, and every game counts just for mentality alone. Thankfully, we are going into this match after a win, largely due to a change in system from Gattuso. And after seeing the massive difference it made on Sunday, Gattuso has said that he will stick with the four man backline, as it provides “more guarantees.” This is so heartening to hear after Montella’s obsession with the three man backline, but winning a Coppa Italia match that no one cares about will provide still more guarantees.

Still love you, Pazzini, but not this time, please?

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Milan 2, Bologna 1: Winter Renewal

It was simply magical. Gattuso, atoning for the sins of himself and Montella, humbly switched formations to the 4-3-3. And Milan was richly rewarded. Instead of the stale, increasingly less offensive game that cost Montella his job, or the dead, incredibly defensive way Gattuso had the team play in his first two matches in charge, we finally saw signs of life again in a team many had left for dead. With a massive 21 shots, seven on target, poor Bologna didn’t stand a chance. And when the snow started falling at halftime, it was as if the whole night were a winter renewal.

Ending a home scoring drought that was incomprehensible was magic in and of itself

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Milan-Bologna Preview: A Fool’s Hope

In The Lord of the Rings, Pippin asks the wise Gandalf, “Is there any hope…?” To which Gandalf replies “There never was much hope. Just a fool’s hope.” The same could be said for fans with Gattuso. His coaching record is poor, he’s completely inexperienced in Serie A and Europe, and his behavior record has actually interfered with him being able to coach. Those who blindly thought that merely changing coaches would bring results to Milan have been shown to be fools already, with the games away to Benevento and Rijeka. However, Frodo and Sam were successful even when all hope seemed dead. So maybe there is a chance for us Sunday night after all. Even if it’s just a fool’s hope.

When the lines between good and evil are no longer clear

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Europa League: Rijeka 2, Milan 0: Lifeless

Zero shots on goal. Zero. And only seven shots total. Despite the fact that the stats say we had 67% possession, this little Croatian team dominated Milan for 90 minutes. And very rightfully won, too. In fact, they probably should have had more goals. Gattuso said Milan have a mentality problem. But it’s much worse than that. Tactically, physically, and emotionally, our team was lifeless.

Football zombies

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Europa League • HNK Rijeka-AC Milan: Bottom Feeders

With literally nothing to lose and nothing to gain, Rijeka host Gattuso’s European debut on Thursday. If that goes anything like the bottom of the Serie A table’s Benevento match, then we have plenty to fear. Milan are top of their group, guaranteed to advance, and Rijeka are the bottom of the group, guaranteed not to advance. Which means that all they have to gain is our misery and humiliation at the hands of the team at the bottom of our group. That’s what bottom feeders do… thrive off of the trash that fell to the bottom.

The level of celebration when a last-gasp goal is needed after giving up a two goal lead

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Benevento 2, Milan 2: Hexed

The writing was on the wall. Benevento with their perfect failure record, just waiting to be broken. Milan having just downgraded coaches, playing away and ready for the slightest change in the wind to drop points to the team at the absolute bottom of the table. And we almost managed to take all three points in spite of ourselves. But with a little help from Mariani, Le Streghe brewed the perfect and most unbelievable spell and conjured their very first Serie A point at the death. At the cost of Milan’s dignity. It definitely feels like we were hexed.

Humiliation, thy name is Milan