Then and Now

Keeping our heads above the murky depths of Milan fandom these past two years can be really hard. But we have some things to be very, very grateful for, two in particular. So if your optimism tank is still running on empty, count your blessings with me today and maybe together we can hope for seventh place this season instead of eighth.

Allegri benched Inzaghi then...

The last years of Inzaghi’s playing career were spent largely on the bench due to injury and Allegri, not necessarily in that order. But since then, things have changed for the better.

Last year, we started the season under the evil spell of the DAI and his evil €11m prodigy. That went badly. This year, the prodigy has been loaned out, and there’s a new coach in town.

Last year, we were still tormented by the horrific Juve general with his freakish hair plugs and creepier voice. This year, Juve are tormented by Milan’s ex-demise, who will take them down with the power of the DAI. Things are definitely looking up.

Juve, you just got trolled
Does it even get any better than this?

Now we have a legend back in our ranks, and even if the team were to play as poorly as they did last year, he won’t be screaming “Dai Dai Dai!” all the time, he’ll celebrate goals instead of grimace, and is much, much better to look at.

Galliani then and Galliani now...

Okay, well some things never change, but we can count our blessings that the things that have changed since this time last year are largely for our good. Seventh place is looking pretty plausible at this point, and there should be a lot fewer tears and a lot more smiles. Plus, we get to watch Juventus get trolled all season, and schadenfreude is better than the I-want-to-take-my-life-because-of-Milan brand of depression we’ve all been in the past two years. Here’s to burying the “then” and living in the “now.” May our livers thank us.

This post inspired by the music of Joy Division

Our next match is a friendly
Valencia vs. Milan
Sunday, Aug. 17 • 21:00 CEST (3pm EDT)

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