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Milan-Bologna Preview: Making it Count

It is hard to stay focused on this match proper. With only 4 points needed to secure our first Scudetto in seven years, it’s hard to think about that Di Vaio guy. So I’m hoping that our boys, the seasoned professionals that they are, are doing a much better of focusing, because it will be up to them to make this game count.

Ibrahimovic: Lovability or Liability?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic seems to always be the talk of the town. Whether it be by himself, in the third person, or every team he has played for who talk about him like a jealous ex-girlfriend, it does not seem possible for him to fly under the radar. Maybe it’s his 1.95m (6’ 5”) frame that makes it impossible to hide, but I’m guessing it’s his larger than life talents that keep him in the headlines. The question is, do we love him or loathe him?

Guest Post: Then and Now

A special treat for your Monday: a guest post from one of our favorite fans!! Thanks for this post from mlisi39.

First of all, thank you to Elaine for the invite to guest blog. It’s very much appreciated and secondly, a short intro. My name is Michael, married, 3 kids and Milan junkie. I can’t help it.  My favorite 2 players are Gattuso and Pirlo. Gattuso for his anger and emotion and willingness to rip your heart out and Pirlo for being the smoothest, most beautiful footballer these 2 eyes have ever seen. We are all truly blessed for being fans of the team he plays for. More on him later.

Brescia 0, Milan 1: Brescia Lullaby

It shouldn’t surprise me that a game against a team with so many players whose names start with “Z” would be such a snoozer…. Zebina, Zambelli, Zoboli, and Zanetti….ZZZzzzzzzzz…

Brescia v. Milan Preview: Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Milan 2, Palermo 2: Coppa Showdown

Okay, so I don’t know if it’s just my own action-packed week thus far, but I just can’t let myself get all doom and gloom about the match today. Did we need a win today at home to ensure our place in the finals? Desperately. Did we need a clean sheet going to the Stadio Renzo Barbera? Absolutely. Am I going to cry because we didn’t get these things? No. This one wasn’t worth crying over. Considering that just a month ago we went to Sicily and were lucky to escape with a 1-0 loss against Sersi Cosmi’s Pink Death, I can accept today’s draw. So I thought instead of crying, I would outline for you the good, the bad, and the ugly of this Coppa Italia Semifinal 1st leg.

Milan-Palermo preview: how much do we care about the Cup?

Milan host Palermo on Wednesday in the first leg of the Italian Cup semi-final. Coming off the back of a wonderful weekend, Milan can go into the game knowing they are the best team in Italy. Palermo, on the other hand, will see the clash as a unique chance to bring European football to Renzo Barbera next year. Six points behind 6th-placed Roma, the Sicilians have minimal chances of reaching the Europa League through league position so they will give it their all in the Cup. However, before we get into game details, I'd like to dedicate a few lines to the big shiny elephant in the room.

Milan 3, Sampdoria 0: The Twelfth Man

As Jovan so aptly noted in his preview, Sampdoria’s demise at the hands of their evil stepfather, Garrone, has been swift and, as a fan of Serie A, painful to watch. That could also easily describe their visit to the San Siro today. Such a shame. On a girlie note, I have always loved their “blucerchiati” (blue "ringed" - referring to the ring of stripes that goes horizontally around their chests ) uniforms, and it would be a shame to have a Serie A next year without them.

Milan-Sampdoria preview: making domination count

In August 2010, Sampdoria played in the third round of Champions League qualifiers, losing 5-4 on aggregate to Werder Bremen in a dramatic 180 minutes. So they said, OK. We tried our best and paid our toll to inexperience. This season we'll do better. Thirty-two games, one Cassano and one Pazzini later, they find themselves 16th in the standings, one tiny point above the relegation zone. Sampdoria are struggling to avoid relegation to the delight of all those who are after what remains of their prized assets, such as Poli, Palombo and Ziegler. It's a sad story really and one that shouldn't be happening in Italian football, and it reminds me a little of Wolfsburg's situation in Germany. When one of the most talented young teams in the league goes from European football to a relegation fight in one year, there's something seriously wrong with the club hierarchy and/or the way players are treated at the club.

Choose Seedorf's Shirt

It’s no secret that Clarence Seedorf’s contract is up at the end of the season. So the rumors are in full swing as to where he will end up. 

Fiorentina-Milan 1-2: a deserved victory but...what the hell, Zlatan?!

Milan retained their 3 point advantage at the top this weekend, which makes our scudetto stock rise significantly since this was Milan's toughest round in comparison to the other contenders. An away game against Fiorentina was won in the first half when Milan created a few good chances and at the same time forced the Viola to finish nearly all their movements with shots from 25-30 yards out which hardly troubled Abbiati. Milan continued to create in the second half with Seedorf repeating his derby performance, with two excellent team moves ending with colossal misses from Ibrahimovic, who apparently thinks it's compulsory to earn a red card as a sort of self-inflicted punishment for missing one on ones.

Fiorentina-Milan Preview: More Bite than Bark

They are in 9th place, coming in on 2 draws and a win, we are in 1st place, coming in on two wins and a draw. Milan have won all of our last 6 head to heads. So traveling to the Stadio Artemio Franchi should be easy, right?

The title run-in: where are we now?

After a monumental derby win which not only shattered Inter's title ambitions but apparently their confidence in their coach and in themselves, Milan find themselves five points clear of the city rivals and the rossoneri have one hand on the scudetto...right? Wrong. There's still a team called Napoli only 3 points behind Milan. In other words, two slip-ups could see Milan loosen their grip on the title. Leonardo's Inter aren't playing like contenders but if Eto'o finds his form and Leonardo's 4-2-WHAT formation starts winning games 3-2 again they might just be able to exploit any Milan mistakes (however unlikely such an Inter resurgence seems at this point). So let's take a look at some of the crucial fixtures that await the three teams in the remaining 7 weeks.

Still Celebrating the Insanity

Because we are still too busy celebrating the epic win from the weekend, we thought we'd help you celebrate, too, with some photos and a video highlighting the insane emotions we all had on Saturday night.

Milan-Inter 3-0: vintage Milan performance leaves Inter 5 points behind

Where do I begin? I am so ecstatic I almost started writing this in Italian, which I don't speak. A marvelous performance from all Milan players tonight, Inter was outplayed, outmuscled and outhustled. They're used to being outplayed but the other two may be new to them, so take this lesson to sleep, Interisti - Milan is no longer that team that used to lose games to sheer physicality. Inter on the other side is the aging, predictable side Milan was in previous seasons. Step aside, gentlemen. Our time has come.