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Juventus 3, Milan 1: More Juve Brutality

No one was a winner tonight. Juventus may take home three points and a result that more than flattered their performance, but even the poor performance was overshadowed by their terrible fans. It started with them smashing in a window on the Milan staff bus and continued as their fans whistled and jeered and failed to cheer at all the wrong times during the match. Even Buffon, their captain, called out his own fans for being so terrible. For a team that claims that winning is everything, once again, they’ve forgotten the most important piece of winning: being decent human beings.

Juventus vs. Milan: History

They say never look back… …I think it’s because the light on those trophies will blind you

Juventus-Milan Preview: For Muntari

Going to Juventus Allianz Stadium is always daunting, and there are so many reasons for such an intense rivalry. Our captain, Bonucci, was in line to be their captain, for example, and was one of the “B’s” in the legendary “BBC” defense. Their coach, Allegri, nearly ran Milan’s mentality into the ground before finally being sacked… and then hired by Juventus the following season. There have been questionable ref calls and results, racist chanting against our players when they weren’t even there, and more. But the most memorable rivalry-building match had to be in February of 2012. With the title race very tight, Tagliavento reffed one of the most egregious errors ever. In fact, it has its own name, “il gol di Muntari.” The goal that wasn’t given actually pushed the use of Goal Line Technology (GLT) forward, it was such a terrible error. Many believe it changed that game, the result (which was a 1-1 draw,) and the race for the Scudetto. Considering that was the first of Juventus’ six …

Podcast: Belief

For the past six years or more, Milan fans have been clinging to any hope available, with our dreams being crushed repeatedly like the endless crashing waves in the sea. But now, something has changed. Both on and off of the pitch, fans no longer have to cling to hopes. We have belief.

Poll: Milan’s Season MVP

We all know the player or players we would choose for Milan’s MVP this season. Whether it is a goalscorer, a defender, or a midfielder who doesn’t quit, we all have our favorites. But what of the people behind the scenes, the people off the pitch? Shouldn’t we give them some credit for this comeback season? Now is your chance to have your say. Choose the person or people you feel should be Milan’s season MVP off the pitch.

Why Rebuilding Is Finally Working

It’s not rocket science, we all knew that Milan would need to invest again to rebuild. Perhaps it was our passion as fans that led us to believe that this time, this coach, or this season would be different, even though there wasn’t any investment or other changes to speak of. Even when Berlusconi dropped a cool €90m when he was a Beeliever™, I think we wanted to believe. But not all the conditions were there, not all of the pieces needed for rebuilding were in place. And while this rebuild could still fail should any of the pieces fail, at this point, it looks like the rebuilding is finally working.

Forged in Milan

Identity. Mentality. Grinta. These are all words being thrown around in talking about Milan these days. What was once weak has become strong, and it didn’t happen under some pretty-boy little airplane guy. No, this transformation came from someone who sweat blood for Milan and knows what it is to give everything for this shirt. This team has been forged in Milan.

Milan 3, Chievo 2: Stumbling Steady

Certainly no one would claim that this match was Milan’s finest hour. And in fact, conceding two goals in as many minutes was very frightening. But in the end, despite the stumble, Milan kept fighting to earn all three points and keep the positive results steady.

Milan-Chievo Preview: Incoming

Team mascots are weird. One of the weirdest in Serie A has to be i Mussi Volanti, or the Flying Donkeys. I mean, what are they supposed to do to their opponents? Bray them to death? I always assumed that these Flying Donkeys were supposed to drop road apple bombs from the sky, forcing their opponents to yell “Incoming!”

Europa League • Arsenal 3, Milan 1: Dignity

After slinking away from the San Siro last week having played a poor game and conceding two goals, it was good to leave Emirates stadium with our heads held high, despite being knocked out of the Europa League. How does a team leave a two-leg tie with their heads held high despite losing 5-1 on aggregate? Why don’t you ask Danny Welbeck. Or Jonas Eriksson, for that matter. But then again, neither of them seem to know anything about dignity.

Europa League • Arsenal-Milan Preview: Double Decker Bus

Even if Milan’s squad had as much quality and experience as Arsenal’s, going to London with a two goal deficit is a nearly insurmountable burden to overcome. But Milan don’t even have a comparable squad, the stability, nor the experience. And we have a lot of injuries. So truly, it might be better to just go to London as tourists and maybe take a ride on a double decker bus.

Podcast: Momentum

Milan has made great strides forward recently on the pitch. And despite recent hiccups, a 13 game unbeaten streak with six consecutive wins and six consecutive clean sheets is some incredibly positive momentum. But stepping back and looking to where we were a year ago, just before the sale of the club, there is even more forward progress. Fans of every kind are already beginning to forget what the club has been through over the past six years and look forward to even better times ahead.

Genoa 0, Milan 1: Finally Silva

Silva was one of the most expensive players Milan purchased last year. After dazzling in the Europa League early in the season with six goals in as many games, everyone was eagerly awaiting his Serie A goals to start flowing. Having received precious little playing time in the league under Montella, Gattuso praised him and gave him a few starts and a lot of substitutions on, but nothing. And so as a frustrating 0-0 draw was literally seconds away from happening, Silva chose that moment to open his Serie A tally with a sublime header scored in the most spectacular of ways. Finally, Silva.

Genoa vs. Milan: Basic Training

Genoa-Milan Preview: Back on the Wagon

Milan are used to facing every match with complete uncertainty: without a proper squad, a good coach, and consistency at the club in general, it was anyone’s guess what could happen traveling away to Genoa. It was almost as if we were addicted to losing. Surprisingly, this calendar year, with a proper squad, a motivated coach, and a 13 game unbeaten run, bringing three points back from the Marassi is now expected. After Thursday’s loss to Arsenal, though, finding that confidence again and especially finding goals may prove more difficult. But if winning is the expectation, then Milan must find a way to get back on the wagon.

Europa League: AC Milan 0, Arsenal 2: Just a Flesh Wound

In the epic “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” there is a formidable Black Knight who guards a bridge with the ferocity of Gattuso and the unrealistic viewpoint of a Montella or Allegri. As the scene progresses, the Black Knight loses an arm, exclaiming it’s “Tis but a scratch!” Then he loses another arm, one leg, and then the other, but still wants to fight. That’s the kind of spirit that our team fought with today, but spirit alone was not enough. Outclassed tactically and with players and a coach with more European experience in their small toes than our entire team had, we were left for dead. Only we have a rematch next week on their bridge, and I hope that’s enough time to grow our limbs back.

Europa League • AC Milan vs. Arsenal: Firepower

Will Wenger fire the Gunners up tonight?

Europa League • AC Milan vs. Arsenal: Looking Glass

It’s hard not to be excited about our chances facing Arsenal at this point in their season. With their current poor form, it gives us hope for advancing to the next round. But as a Milan fan who has suffered through such poor circumstances and an almost continuous “slump” for the past six years, it’s also painful to watch another European club and its fans suffering. It’s almost like stepping into a looking glass.

Podcast: Respect

Games were canceled this weekend to show respect for a player who slipped away too soon. The loss of Davide Astori allowed us to take some time to consider what is really important and to pay our respects. And in that spirit of respect, we also decided to have a conversation ahead of the Europa League match with Arsenal from both sides of the stadium.