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Massimo Ambrosini: Understated Captain

He is often overlooked amongst the names of the legendary Milan captains. Like legendary players and captains Herbert Kilpin, Gunnar Nordahl, Nils Liedholm, Cesare Maldini, Gianni Rivera, Franco Baresi, and Paolo Maldini, he has lifted a major trophy as captain for Milan. But will he be remembered as fondly as those other names? Has he done enough on and off the pitch to be deserving of a place in Milan history alongside these other legends? Is he just fortunate enough to be the one wearing the armband, or is he truly a captain amongst captains, if not a bit understated?

Where Are They Now? Part III

In my third installment of this cruel, amusing, and sometimes informative update on past Milan players, I will give you the latest updates on what they are doing now, as well as when they actually played for Milan.* If you would like to catch up on other players or see where they were a while back, check out Part I and Part II. (These options are also available to engage and entertain those of you who are stuck waiting somewhere, trying to avoid some form of human contact, or simply avoiding work. Estimated wasted time: as long as you like.)

The Morning After

So the season ended, and after a crazy ride, we ended in third place, with more questions than answers as to how we got there. And, just like anything else in life potentially tinged with shame, it seems more prudent to leave those questions, at least for now. With the future of Milan’s manager still hanging in the balance, the future is also filled with questions that we don’t have any answers for. And now that the champions of Europe and the Italian cup have been crowned, and with the mercato still over a month away from officially opening, there are a lot of football-free hours to fill. So rather than try to answer those questions from the past that we do't necessarily want answered or speculate too much on the future with so much unknown, maybe we could give ourselves a good hard look in the mirror and face a new day. After all, the morning after can be filled with regret or revelation, or maybe a little of both.

Not Invited

There are two parties happening in European football this weekend, one much bigger than the other, of course. And yet Milan were not invited to either one. In fact, we were incredibly lucky to have had the success we did this year. And while it is a bit exciting to watch a new country really come into power on the European stage, it hurts a bit to have not been able to be on the guest list. Similarly for the rather unpopular Italian party, one team could actually finally acquire one of those elusive silver stars tomorrow, while Milan are only halfway there. It always sucks to be the one who is not invited.

Mischief Managed

If you are familiar with the Harry Potter series, you’ll know about the Marauder’s Map. To keep its secrets, one only needed to use the spell, “mischief managed,” and the magic would be concealed. This is a spell that I think every Milan fan this year wishes that our management knew and used… often. From the open criticism of Allegri and players, to the attempted cleanup of Allegri’s confirmation and empty apologies, we thought that we’d seen it all.
NEW VIDEO AD: "New Treatment for Premature Exclamation" as heard on the Milan Obsession Podcast

Podcast: Triple Threat

Immediately following the final game of the season, Milan’s other Triple Threat got together to review the season. With all of the expertise and wisdom of the average fan, they rate the players and Allegri with passion and opinion before reason. It’s double the guests and double the length and at least half of the credibility that you have come to expect from Milan Obsession.

Siena 1, Milan 2: A Numbers Game

The most important number we take from this game, of course, is THREE. Milan finish number THREE in Serie A, which means we can qualify for the Champions League for next season, something we’ll tackle probably starting in late August. But there were lots of numbers in this game that mattered. (And a few key people, too.) It was not Milan’s finest hour, but in the end, it was our hour. And even if we were incredibly lucky, it just proves that karma isn’t always what they say she is.

Siena vs. Milan: Gamepost

Siena vs. Milan: Allegri’s Last Stand?

This post should be about a football match, but instead, the focus has turned sharply to one man. Yesterday, according to multiple sources, Berlusconi said that Allegri was going to Roma, and that it would be announced following the game on Sunday. La Gazzetta dello Sport reported that he said it jokingly. But is it a joke? Or is it just another slap in the face to a man who has been criticized and confirmed all year long? It is well known that the outcome of this match, and thus our season could affect his future, so if it is true, it will not come as a surprise, either. But the crime is that once again, Berlusconi has taken precious focus away from the team and the game. What a shame if it really is to be Allegri’s last stand.

Massimiliano Allegri: The Man Behind the Legend

Stubborn. Determined. Effective? These are three words that perhaps best describe the enigma that is Massimiliano Allegri. Love him or hate him, on paper, he is incredibly successful. People can argue whether or not those accomplishments are truly his, or perhaps he has simply been in the right place at the right time. But either way, he is at least part genius for being poised for such success. And geniuses are not always popular. Despite having one more year on his contract as manager of AC Milan, Sunday’s match will be key to determine whether or not he will stay on for one more year, or perhaps even be offered an extension. Ahead of this crucial fixture, here is a little more background on the life and character of this polarizing man.

Poll: Should He Stay or Should He Go?

Much has been spoken all year about Massimiliano Allegri and his tenure at AC Milan. Many calling for him to be sacked, others saying to trust in him, still others saying there simply wasn’t a better option at this point. And while his ultimate judgment for this season seems to be coming at the final whistle of the final match of this season, I would like to raise a concern that no one else seems to be making: the tenure of Milanello, the red devil mascot for Milan.

Milan 0, Roma 0: Teams Behaving Badly

Here I thought the new jerseys would be the most distracting thing about this match. But this match had very little to do with football and more to do with distractions. Racist chants, laser pointers, and sending offs ruled the match at the end of the day. The goalless draw was simply not enough to secure Champions League  qualification yet, leaving us in an even more precarious position after the match than when it kicked off. I wonder what these boys’ mothers think of their performances today?

Milan vs. Roma Gamepost

Milan-Roma Preview: Gold Rush

This preview was meant to be about what an important match this is for us. How three points will give us Champions League qualification for next year, and the prestige and money that goes along with it. How Roma interrupted our run of form in December with a resounding 4-2 defeat, and why they might try to repeat that performance on Sunday at the San Siro. But all of that pales in comparison to the more important issue that has dominated the thoughts and fears of Milan fans worldwide since yesterday: what our players will be wearing.

Pescara 0, Milan 4: Are We There Yet?

I never like routs. Except when my team are teetering on the verge of losing their Champions League qualification. Then I love them. Just so long as they are in my team’s favor. Which this was. So I loved this game. With so much pressure coming down to the final stretch, four unanswered goals will be better than Ambien to help me sleep tonight.

Pescara vs. Milan: Gamepost

Podcast: Milano Tourism Bureau

With just three games left, everyone is on pins and needles to see if we can pull off third place and the lucrative Champions League qualification. And in a late season call to fans everywhere, Pete endorses a trip to the San Siro better than an advertisement from the Milano Tourism Bureau. Find out if Allegri’s tactics make the grade, and whether or not El Shaarawy deserves the criticism he’s gotten lately.

Pescara-Milan Preview: Swimming with the Fishes

It’s official, Pescara are mathematically relegated. But there are still three matches for them to play, and hosting Milan on Wednesday is one of them. The Dolphins may be dead in the water, but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind creating waves for Milan as we strive for a Champions League spot. There is also the Milan audition of one Mattia Perin, the young goalkeeper who will be returning to Genoa (who own him) and therefore available in the mercato. Having conceded 52 goals this season, nothing would please him more than a clean sheet at this point (he has actually kept 4 clean sheets), which would not only keep Milan’s scorers off the board, but put our third place dreams at risk again. So it begs the question… which team will actually be swimming with the fishes after this match?

Milan 1, Torino 0: Empty Calories

This game had the satisfaction of having eaten an entire bag of potato chips: the thought of winning sounded delicious, but halfway through you wished you could stop yourself, yet you had to keep going. And afterwards, you were left thirsty and with a stomachache. Or maybe that was just me. But the match was filled with regret and very unsatisfying, despite the importance of the three points.

Milan vs. Torino Gamepost

Milan-Torino Preview: Bullfight

As if it wasn’t hard enough to be one point away from losing our Champions League berth, now we come to a bullfight. Torino, also known as il Toro (the Bull) are themselves sitting dangerously close to the relegation zone. So don’t expect Sunday’s match to be pretty. It’s likely to be a bloody battle, a bullfight for all three points.

Auf Wiedersehen, Coefficient

An all-German final means for Italian football fans that the spot we gave up is now just that much further out of our reach. As the financial and moral demise of Serie A seems to continue, with FFP seemingly preventing any kind of upturn in fortunes, the strength and power of other leagues continues to grow. Despite every effort to stop the freefall that is Serie A, this season we must say Auf Wiedersehen, Coefficient.