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Happy Galliani Day™!

Before every Galliani Day™, or the last day of any mercato, I try to get into my doctor for a physical. I take special care to make sure my heart is functioning properly, my cholesterol level down, my asthma is in check, and any other things I can think of that might suffer from a sudden shock, good or bad, in the transfer market. And despite the fact that this mercato’s Galliani Day™ was really Tuesday, with the news of Balotelli’s signing, Milan fans may need plenty of Alka Seltzer or other acid-nullifying substance as we all hope for just a little something more, maybe in the midfield or defense. Not that we are ungrateful or greedy, just hopeful, that’s all.

Why Always Milan?

Ever since last summer’s exodus from hell, I am consistently criticized for being too negative. Personally, I think I’m just being realistic, it’s the actions of the club that are negative. And this transfer window is no different. I mean yesterday, we signed a world class striker for a little over half of his initial market value. Two days beforeGalliani Day™. What the hell? How does Milan always get themselves into these situations? Now we have the most feared front line in Serie A, possibly in all of Europe. How could we let this happen? Why always Milan?

Don’t Taze Me, Bro!

I know there are only a couple of days left of the all important mercato, but I have something very important that needs to be brought to light. Following recent events again where referees were abused by coaches and players, one person had the fortitude to step forward and offer a pragmatic suggestion: Referees should carry tazers. This brave person, was, of course, our very own fsun. What started out as perhaps just a humorous suggestion began to take root as we were breaking down the details. If this blog has any powers in the universe, I want to see this happen. Both for logistical as well as entertainment purposes. After all, why should it be only the police or private security guards who are told, “Don’t Taze Me, Bro!”

Atalanta 0, Milan 1: Headhunter

Today’s installment of obscure song reference week is Front 242’s “Headhunter.” Not only did Milan lock the target, bait the line, and slowly spread the net, we also caught our man. A victory, clean sheet, and a little help from some other clubs and we caught 5th place on the table. Take that, Goddess of the Hunt.

Atalanta vs Milan: Game On!

Atalanta-Milan Preview: Lady Killer

Continuing with obscure musical reference week around here, I hope The Vandals inspire our boys to a win with Lady Killer. Yes, let’s defeat the lady known as Atalanta. The Goddess gave us a very painful 1-0 defeat at home at the beginning of the season. Now it’s time for payback. And everyone knows that payback is… an Atalanta.

“Bück Dich”

Obscure musical reference week here on the blog took a turn for the worse with the acquisition of a certain really old defender from Parma, as well as news that more quality Milan players were leaving. But that wasn’t what ruined my sunshine and rainbows mood. My mood was ruined by yet another betrayal of our clubs “rebuilding plan” and our “commitment to youth.” In fact, there was only one song that came to mind after the news of the day: Rammstein’s “Bück Dich.” You don’t have to speak German to feel the meaning behind this one.

“What I Like About You”

In continuing with the impromptu theme of whatever obscure musical reference pops into my head week, I thought it would be nice today to look at the squad through rose colored glasses. That is to say, find something positive to say about each player. Those who read regularly know there are a few players who are on my list, but most of the time, they are just the obvious jokes to make, like Justin Bieber jokes or Charlie Sheen jokes. Some players are easy to praise, others not so much, but I’ve done my best. So, thanks to The Romantics for the title, and now on with the sunshine and rainbows post…

“If I Can’t Have You, I Don’t Want Nobody, Baby”

In an apparent attempt to keep the media busy and fans buying Kleenex, Galliani announced yesterday that the deal to bring Kakà back to Milan had broken down. He also said that he thought our transfer market was closed. For us fans, it was kind of like getting dumped and losing your job in the same day. I’m guessing Galliani was a Bee Gees fan, and he decided that if he couldn’t have Kakà, he didn’t want anyone else. Cry me a river. Some of us do want reinforcements this mercato.

Milan 2, Bologna 1: I’ll Have What He’s Having

In a game where Milan brutally dominated Bologna offensively, we were our own worst enemy, too. But there were some spectacular performances to go along with the self destructive moments, so all in all, it was a delicious game. Those three points put us in 6th on the table (with Inter and Roma still yet to play as of this writing,) and more confidence, too. In fact, for 90 minutes, everyone forgot all about the mercato nonsense, and let our current team show us what they’ve got. A brace from Pazzini? Waiter? I’ll have what he’s having.

Milan vs. Bologna: Game On!

Milan-Bologna Preview: Pazzini Bolognese

Last time we met Bologna was at the beginning of September. After having lost our first match, Pazzini secured a 3-1 win with a hat trick. Would it be too much to ask for a repeat performance? I am not actually that demanding, I would be thrilled with a win, regardless of who scores. With all of the teams ahead of us starting to slip up and show their weaknesses, we need to take advantage of every match and hope that our fortunes will increase and take advantage of our opponents’ misfortunes if we have any hope of achieving fourth place. Oh, wait, third place. Right. Anyway, perhaps Pazzini has another flavorful performance in him and can make a sauce out of this Bologna side.

Milan’s New Power Couple

The House that Berlusconi Built

Over the past year, Milan has seen changes that are absolutely unprecedented during the nearly 27 years of Berlusconi’s ownership of the club. It has been called a “rebuilding” phase, but at this point, we are really pushing the use of that term. For example, when you want to rebuild a house, you don’t set fire to it and burn it to the ground. In fact, where I live, if you want to get a permit to call it a remodel, local laws require you to leave at least one wall standing. To apply this analogy to the team, we should not clear out all of the quality in less than a year. Some senatori need to stay to help with the rebuild. But will they? Does Milan management have an actual plan to rebuild? Or have they set fire to the house and are now letting it burn to the ground before they eventually rebuild?

Sampdoria 0, Milan 0: Sing Me to Sleep…

Filled with hope, with Allegri putting a dream three in attack and relegating Boateng to a supporting role in the midfield, for fans, it seemed like this match would be fantacalcio, the stuff dreams are made of. But instead, for 90 tense, frustrating minutes, we were slowly lulled to sleep by a Milan squad that was lethargic and uninspiring, a team that was evenly matched in this Sampdoria team.

Sampdoria vs Milan: Game On!

Sampdoria-Milan Preview: Payback Time

After a summer of dread, there was still hope in our hearts as we hosted our first opponent of the season. But that hope was ripped out of our hearts, stabbed, and stepped on by Sampdoria when they came to the San Siro in August. One goal was enough to crush the dreams of Milan fans everywhere. The dreams that maybe, just maybe, this summer’s downsizing from hell wouldn’t hurt as much as we all feared. One goal is all it took to humble us and bring us crashing to the reality of our new existence. But since then, we’ve proven this initial assessment wrong. We’ve shown the world that a club is greater than its missing parts. Well at least a few times, we have. So Sunday night, we travel to the Marassi with revenge on our minds, even if there’s still a little fear in our hearts. Watch out, Sampdoria, it’s payback time.

Coppa Italia Quarterfinals – Juve 2, Milan 1: OUR SEASON IS OVER

The Coppa Italia was supposed to be Milan’s objective this season. And today, we were eliminated by Juve. Therefore, our season is over, right? If you think so,  then you may not want to keep reading. First of all, it may have been our best chance of a trophy this season, but it also may be a blessing to not have to bother with one more competition. Secondly, we are only halfway through the league and we still have Champions League, too. But the most important thing about this game is that it showed us that when push comes to shove, and everything is on the line, our boys will fight. Well done, boys. I think our season might actually just be starting.

Coppa Italia - Juventus vs Milan: Game On!

Coppa Quarterfinals – Juventus vs. Milan: The Precious

The time has come for Milan to be tested. If we truly are after the coccarda patch, also known as the Precious, the one patch to rule them all, then tomorrow’s battle will be the turn of the tide, one way or the other. We are faced with the task of going into Mordor, not to destroy the ring, but to take it from the enemy. If we win, it could be the dawn of the Age of Milan. If we lose, then Sauron’s Army (Juventus) will seek to rule all of Serie A with a darkness and evil that puts fear into the hearts of men.

Milan 2, Siena 1: Reaching New Heights

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this match. The first match back after the break is always a little tricky to predict, and with all of the controversy this week, this one was even harder. Maybe it was just the early hour here, but this win didn’t make me as happy as usual. We were missing our center backs, and a lot of initiative, at least in the first half. Add in the penalty call, and conceding another goal on a header, and I kind of wish I had slept instead.

Milan vs. Siena: Game On!

Milan-Siena Preview: A Witch’s Blessing

For anyone who is not familiar with La Befana, she is part of Italian Christmas traditions. There are many different versions of her story, some say she is just a nice old lady, others a witch, but traditionally, she brings gifts to children each January 6th. So since some of us football fans are just bigger versions of children, and we are playing Siena on Sunday, January 6th, I am counting on Befana to bring me the gift I want: A Milan victory to start off the new year.

Haters Need Not Apply

There is one player who has divided Milan fans more than most in recent memory. At the age of only 23 years old, his career has transcended to the heights of scoring records and the depths of the injury list. So I suppose it is appropriate that fans’ loyalties would follow. Of course, I speak of the one and only Alexandre Pato. But this post is not for the haters. You know, the fans who blame him for being injured, or discuss his relationship with Barbara Berlusconi with base terminology and juvenile comments. Let’s just put it this way: if you are less mature than my children, please just stop reading here. This post is for people who have a reading level above the 3rd grade level, who have some form of aptitude in the art of logic, and can differentiate between opinion and fact. Haters Need Not Apply.

Year Zero

Welcome to Milan Obsession’s new look! After almost two years, and all of the changes that Milan has made, I decided to have a Year Zero of my own. I hope you like it and I am working on adding more features throughout the year to make the blog even more informative and useful for all of you. As for Milan’s Year Zero, they have the opportunity to improve their fortunes in the mercato. But will they spend a fortune to make it happen? Not likely. The bigger question is will they stick to their new “plan” to invest in youth and keep wages low? And will they actually make the right decisions to improve the team now and into the future?