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Milan 1, Genoa 3: Never Enough

The Curva Sud set the tone for this game by spelling out “Basta,” which means “enough!” in Italian. As in they have had enough. And they put the exclamation mark on it by walking out midgame, too. But I’ve had enough of their spoiled entitled antics. When they walk away from the game, they lose my respect, too. We get it. We’re all angry, frustrated, heartbroken, disgusted, and at least 20 other adjectives you could use to describe this club right now. But if we are truly fans of Milan, we will still watch, no matter how painful or what lengths we have to go to. Some of us know that we have been spoiled, and now we are going to hurt. For some of us, it is enough to know that changes are on the horizon, but for others, it is never enough.

Podcast: The Future of Milan

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse at Milan, we lost to Udinese with a performance that would make Mary Poppins depressed. With rumors of a full-blown meltdown and Inzaghi ordering the team into ritiro until our Genoa match, there hasn’t been much to smile about this week. But maybe that is something we need to start to wrap our heads around. Even if the rumors of Berlusconi selling a majority share of the club come true, it will take more than money to rebuild this Milan. We need to start being realistic about the future of Milan.

Udinese 2, Milan 1: Not For the Faint of Heart

This was realistically our best chance at winning a match for the rest of this season. Even if statistically based on Udinese’s recent form, it was most likely going to be a draw. But Di Natale made his intentions clear in the first minute that they were after all three points, and he set the tone for the entire match. Milan seemed like they believed they were outmatched. And I know that playing away can do that to a team, especially with such passionate fans as there were in Udine, but this one wasn’t pretty.

Udinese-Milan Preview: Bottom Table Bullies?

Milan have defeated the three teams in the relegation zone this calendar year. Oh, and don’t forget the 11th place team, either, that was amazing. But now we face the 15th place team in their house. Can we pull off another bottom table win? And if so, will we become the bottom table bullies?

Waiting For a Miracle

This season has been so painful for Milan fans that many fans have skipped games or just stopped watching altogether. Some have chosen to follow other clubs, but most are still holding out for a miracle. Many think that the sale of a majority of the club or even the investment of a minority shareholder will somehow be that miracle. But as we discussed on the last podcast, changing ownership may not change Milan’s fortunes at all. In fact, things could easily get worse. Unless we keep our feet on the ground and our hearts and minds based in reality, we could be fooled into waiting for a miracle that never comes.

Podcast: Derby Disappointment

A Derby win, or even a great performance, would have been such a gift to the fans who have suffered so much this season. But it was not to be. Instead, we got more of the same timid and inconsistent play we’ve seen all season. So disappointing. But if I’ve learned one thing this season, it’s to grasp onto any tiny amount of good, because there’s not going to be a lot more of it any time soon. With back to back wins, and a decent draw going into the derby, it was a letdown on so many levels.

Inter 0, Milan 0: Still Sucks to Be Blue

I wanted this Derby like I’ve never wanted a win before. But it wasn’t a huge surprise that it was a massive disappointment. Despite the fact that Inzaghi gave almost a perfect Football Manager lineup, Milan climbed back into their shells and played scared again. Who’s afraid of a few biscione? Grass snakes have no venom. But luckily, their Calciopoli Karma is starting to turn on them, and Luca Banti made the calls for the right team instead of the right calls, which turned the game from an Inter win to a painful scoreless draw. So yeah, it still sucks to be blue.

Inter vs. Milan: Stop Thief!

This man is known to take that which is not rightfully his. Don’t let him take the Derby, too.

Inter-Milan Preview: Sucks to be Blue

There is no other match in the world like the Derby della Madonnina. Sure, there are other derbies, other matches that are full of fire and hate and passion. But only one Derby della Madonnina. Part of the reason is the disparity in the level of class: Inter got their paltry trophies by cheating and stealing, Milan got their plethora of trophies the good old fashioned way. Another is the difference in fans: Inter’s fans always cry and whine and their coreo is boring and terrible, while Milan fans are clever and vociferous with the most amazing coreo in the world. And while on the pitch, both teams have struggled this season, one is still crashing and burning, while Milan is showing signs of doing the opposite. So adding it all up, it sucks to be blue. But then again, Milan fans have always known that.

Derby Smacktalk Contest

As we continue to prepare for the Derby della Madonninaon Sunday, I thought it might be a good idea to brush up on our smacktalk. Not just any smacktalk, Derby smacktalk. A contest to see who is the best at insulting the hideously horrific heathens. A chance to see which Diavolo has the sharpest pitchfork for a tongue. But mostly a chance for us to tune up our taunts and mentally prepare for Sunday’s showdown with the slithering snakes.

Things to Do Before the Derby

For 50 weeks out of the year, I try to spread the magic of sportsmanship and goodwill to football fans around the world. But for the weeks ahead of both Derbies, all bets are off. Not only are Inter our filty, disease-ridden, pathetic cross-town rivals, but they are also the soulless, scumsucking, vile guttersnipes who brought on Calcio’s Greatest Shame and then capitalized on it. So forgive me for my language, but I’ve got a few things to do before the Derby.

Milan 1, Sampdoria 1: Nature of the Beast

When you’re the eighth place team playing the fifth place team at home, a draw is a decent result, it’s just the nature of the beast. But when you’re a team that has collapsed all season when conceding, keeping it together and coming back to equalize is pretty exciting. Even more so when the equalizer was a bicycle kick from your central defensive midfielder. But when De Jong is on the pitch, that’s just the nature of the beast.

Milan-Sampdoria Preview: Audition

If the papers are to be believed, Sampdoria’s coach, Sinisa Mihajlovic, is a frontrunner to be Milan’s coach next season. And while he is out of contract at the end of this season, Inzaghi’s contract lasts another year. So if you are inclined to believe the papers, then perhaps this will be an audition of sorts for Mihajlovic. If not for the club, then at least for the fans and rumor mills. That is if the Curva Sud decide to show up, of course. With their senseless boycott, they seem to be auditioning for the worst fans this year, and that title will be really tough to steal from the fans of a couple of other clubs. Yet this match could also be quite the test for Milan, who have defeated the bottom three teams and now Palermo. Will they be able to defeat fifth place Sampdoria? If so, it could prove to be an audition for our finishing spot this season.

Can’t Blame a Girl For Trying

We are the few, the proud, the curvy… the women who love football. Just like male fans range from the bandwagon fan to the Ultra and everything in between, female fans come in different forms, too. Some love the players, some love the colors, some love the game, and some bleed the colors of their team. Anatomically, we are different, but we all have two very important things in common: one, we are football fans, and two, we are human beings.

Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned From Football

As an American who went to public schools, things like geography, world history, economics, and international relations were not exactly my strengths. But that’s okay, because I found a better way to learn: watching football. I have learned more about those subjects and more from being a football fan, and had lots of fun learning, too. In fact, everything I ever needed to know I learned from football.

Palermo 1, Milan 2: Ducks in a Row

Just in time for Easter, it seems Milan finally got all of their ducks in a row… at least for this match. In addition to recovering a number of players from injury, Muntari relieved himself from duty. Well, and Inzaghi put Jesus on the pitch to help create miracles and maybe resurrect our performance. And while it was nowhere near a perfect performance, it was a marked improvement in many ways. It would have been nice to see this level of performance earlier in the season rather than later, but at least we finally got our ducks in a row.

Palermo vs. Milan: Zamparini’s Peeps

Iachini reveals his starting lineup

Palermo-Milan Preview: Midtable Rematch

In November, Palermo shocked Milan by beating us 2-0 at the San Siro. (that’s no April Fool’s Joke.)But that shouldn’t have been as surprising, given the sage advice “Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line.”(Although in that movie, the Sicilian dies.) But even more shocking is that Zamparini has kept the same coach for a full year and a half. With only 3 points on the table above Palermo, though, sadly it could be a shock now for Milan to come home with three points. One thing is for sure, this midtable rematch certainly should not be boring.

Poll: Milan’s Newest Signing

Many of you know that I have two children, both of whom have chosen to also be Milanisti. So today I’m taking a personal moment to announce that in late August or early September there will be a new arrival in our family. But will it be a boy or a girl? And which club will the child support? Will I go three for three with the Milan supporting children?

I hope to find out next week, but today I wanted to poll you guys to see if you can guess whether my new addition will be a boy or a girl. Please take the poll and then feel free to guess in the comments as to which club the child will choose.
What gender will the new addition be?
Let’s just hope that this baby brings us luck and is the dawn of a new Milan Youth movement!

(sorry, guys, you'll just have to deal with the two awesome Milanisti that I already have!)

This post inspired by the music of Sonic Youth

Our next match is Palermo vs. Milan Saturday, April 4 • 15:00 CEST (9am EDT)