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Catania-Milan Preview: A Chance for Redemption

Just before the International break, Milan faced off against Chievo, who were bottom of the table. We played awfully, and the result was a horrible 0-0 draw. But now we have a chance to redeem ourselves. Catania have replaced Chievo at the bottom of the table on goal differential, and we face them on Sunday. So we have been given a chance to redeem ourselves and try to get a win against the team with the worst record in the league. Again. Will Milan find redemption?

Celtic 0, Milan 3: Some Italian Mob

In a crucial match for both teams, it was hard to know what to expect. On paper, Milan had the better team, and the advantage of a convincing 2-0 win at the San Siro in September. However with Milan falling apart and their current form so abysmal, as well as the massive 12th man advantage that is playing at Celtic Park, it really could have been anyone’s game. But it wasn’t. It was Milan’s, and with a shock defeat of Barcelona by Ajax, Celtic said “ciao” to their European dreams this season. I’m sure Barcelona will give them a proper sendoff at the Camp Nou in a couple of weeks. But their exit from the Champions League this season will be credited to some Italian mob.

Champions League Group Stage • Celtic-Milan: Foshizzle

In September, Milan pulled off a miracle. Despite terrible form in the league and an injury list that would make Milan Lab doctors drool, we pulled off a 2-0 victory over Celtic. Even more miraculous were the goals: they came from Zapata and Muntari, of all people. But maybe being the underdogs was what propelled us to victory. This time, we go to the passionate and fierce environment of Celtic Park, with Celtic in even better form, even if we have more points in our Champions League group than they do. But our injury list is hardly what it was last time, so I don’t know if that underdog magic will help us this time. And with the Curva Sud threatening and insulting the players during the match on Saturday, the boys could come out swinging or be even more demoralized, it’s hard to tell. Foshizzle.

Milan 1, Genoa 1: Fans Behaving Badly

There was a game. We drew, with Genoa playing on 10 men for 55 minutes. We took 39 shots, with 10 on goal, and only the one goal. And as horrible as that sounds, there was a circus that made that terrible, horrific performance look not so bad after all. I speak, of course of the Curva Sud, aka fans behaving badly.

Milan-Genoa Preview: How Did We Get Here?

It used to be that we feared conceding goals when Antonini was in our starting lineup. Now we have to fear him actually scoring against us. Because having left Milan at the end of the Summer mercato, he has found new form at Genoa, and has even been speaking out in the media about proving to those of us who didn’t believe in him that he actually can. And that would be just our luck. How did we get here?

Fondazione Milan

Last night, there was a gala event in Milano to celebrate 10 years of the Fondazione Milan, the charity arm of Milan, reaching out to those in need worldwide. To celebrate, the entire first team and many others got dressed up for the event to raise even more money for a great cause. In fact, over €250.000 was raised, with half of that going to help the relief efforts in Sardinia after Cyclone Cleopatra and accompanying flooding hit this week.

Podcast: Home Alone

Just as Milan is settling into their new home at via Aldo Rossi 8, President Berlusconi could potentially be sentenced to house arrest. So while there are signs that the club is building for the future, there are also signs of continued setbacks. Despite all of the confusion, the games must go on. And luckily for us, there is also some hope of building for the future with some of our players, too. Well, there’s hope so long as you don’t leave your keeper ‘home alone’…

Poll: The Kaká Dilemma

The problem with being such a genius coach and being given such a talented player is that it is hard to decide where he should play. And so, Allegri being the revolutionary, trend-setting master of tactics that he is will play him at one position and fall in love. Then he’ll try Kaká at another position and fall harder in love, and so on. But to save time in letting Allegri try Kaká at every single position, today, we are doing the socially responsible thing and polling Milanisti worldwide to choose the best position for Kaká to play.


In the last post, I talked about the quality of our current squad. While the performances of this year don’t reflect the quality of this squad, we do have more quality than we had at this time last year. So what of performances? If we have the talent, why aren’t we winning? Who or what is to blame for so many poor performances?


When a club like AC Milan produces performances and results like this season, people are quick to look for the reasons why. Some blame management, some blame the coach, some blame the players, some blame Inter, or any combination of those and other reasons. In fact in the last post, we answered 10 different questions about the poor performances. However, many right now want to blame the quality of the squad. Which is actually a little different than blaming the summer mercato, as the Curva recently protested. A few weeks ago, I wrote about this, but recent events inspired me to expound further. So I thought I’d take a minute today to talk about the quality of our current squad.

Meltdown at Milan

With such poor results, tons of media rumors, and even the Curva recently protesting against the club, many are asking questions about the meltdown at Milan. And lots of people have their own theories as to answers, too. But are they asking the right questions? Today, I’ve asked 10 of the really super duper ultra important and incredibly serious questions to Pete Acquavivaof DAI DAI DAI and David Swan of AC Milan Finance, and the three of us feel that we have really dug deep and come up with practical and reasonable answers and solutions for AC Milan at this delicate time at the club. You’re welcome.

Chievo 0, Milan 0: Nothing To See Here

The title says it all. I knew when I woke up at 5am to post the lineups and saw the 4-4-1-1 that Allegri was going to sabotage another one for us. And this against the bottom of the table side. Even better that they actually scored a goal that was wrongly called off. I think I want that 90 minutes of my life back. Certainly the 90 minutes of sleep.

Chievo-Milan Preview: Come Fly With Me

It has come to this. Tomorrow, we face bottom of the table Chievo, and we Milan fans have real and valid concerns about the result. Despite the Flying Donkeys having only one win and two draws, Milan could easily drop more points to the bottom of the table Verona team. It’s enough to want some wings of our own and someone to say “Come fly with me.”


Since February of 2011, Milan Obsession has been a haven for Milan fans to read and discuss all things Milan. This year, a podcast was added, too, for those who like to listen to all things Milan. Unfortunately, and ironically coinciding with the Milan meltdown, my personal life seems to be being run by Berlusconi and Galliani, with results courtesy of Allegri. Which means I am no longer able to keep up quite everything around here at this time. So it is with great sadness that I am paring back some responsibilities here.

Champions League • Barcelona 3, Milan 1: Predictable

At some point, playing the same team over and over is going to get stale. And if it wasn’t already for you, this match might have convinced you. Despite being a team in crisis, Milan still trouble Barcelona, even at home, but in the end, Barcelona are always going to come away with the win at the Camp Nou. It’s simply predictable.

Champions League • Barcelona vs. AC Milan: Gamepost

Last year, the Curva Sud said “Mangiamoli!” (“Let’s eat them!”)

This year we say “Non ci mangiate!” (Don’t eat us!”)

Podcast: Down But Not Out

Just when you think that Milan couldn’t spiral downward any faster, they surprise us with a bigger loss, more trouble with management or more mindboggling incompetence at every single level. But the fixtures keep coming, the players keep playing, and the fans keep bleeding red and black. We may be down, but we’re not out.

Champions League • Barcelona vs. Milan: This Too Shall Pass

As if it’s not hard enough to be a Milan fan right now, or even worse, one of the players, now we go to Barcelona on Wednesday to face our favorite European nemeses…. again. But it’s okay, because it’s just like beating your head against the wall. Which is just like watching pretty much every Milan performance this season. So it’s all good. Or not. But whatever, after Wednesday night, it will all be over… or at least until the next time Milan are in a Champions League draw. Which is looking right now to be a very long time in the future. But don’t worry, like everything else this season, this too shall pass.

Milan 0, Fiorentina 2: The Greatest Coach in the World

This was supposed to be Ambrosini’s night. His return to the San Siro, his chance to say goodbye and for fans to honor him. And honor him they did. With a heartfelt banner, a round of applause as he took the pitch, and a standing ovation as he left the pitch just after 30 minutes with an injury. He risked everything to be here tonight, and in his words, he said it was worth it. “I just wanted to thank the fans, as I did everything to be here for this game for a thousand reasons. I wanted to come full circle tonight.” But the warm and sincere righting of management’s gross wrong was still overshadowed by one thing: The Greatest Coach in the World.

Milan vs. Fiorentina: Gamepost

I miss you, Capitano

Milan-Fiorentina: Purple Pressure

I think the Viola have been waiting for this fixture since last May, when a controversial referee call was all it took for Milan to snatch third place in the league away from Fiorentina, allowing Milan to qualify for the Champions League and leaving Fiorentina to rot away in the Europa League. This created a new rivalry which saw them sell Adem Ljajic to now league leaders Roma this summer to spite us, as well as creating a whole new line of purple t-shirts: “il Rigore di Milan.” So yeah, no love lost whatsoever. And no pressure on tomorrow’s ref, either. The purple pressure is on.