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Felice Anno Nuovo

First and foremost, a hearty and sincere Happy New Year to all who read this. I cannot believe this blog will be one year old in February, it has been so much fun to share Milan with all of you, and I look forward to another great year with all of us talking about the greatest team in the world!

Midseason Favorites

As we ring in the New Year as Winter Champions (gotta say it while it lasts!) and seeing how it is nearly midseason, I thought it would be fun for us to share our favorites of the season so far. In May, we chose a few of our favorites post-season, so now I’d like you to share your favorites pre-season up until now, including the SuperCoppa, Champions League matches and exhibition matches. Below are my favorites, be sure to share yours, too!

Pippo Miiiooooooooo!

Warning: Kleenex may be required for this post.
Rumors of the imminent departure of 38 year old Filippo Inzaghi from Milan in January have picked up steam. While he has tried to be very professional over the last couple of years, I have a feeling that some ugly truths will come out in the aftermath, whether about the club, the coach, the player or all of the above. So before our innocence is lost, I thought I’d better do a little bio on the man I call a legend, a player whose name is in nearly every record book possible for his predatory brilliance on the pitch.

That’s What She Said

So a little personal rant for your Monday, from a girl. More specifically, me. I had written a similar piece for another blog about a year ago that was never posted, so while I am recovering from holiday delights to write a proper post, enjoy a little estrogen.

Buon Natale

It’s Christmas at AC Milan and for many around the world. While echoes of “Peace on earth, good will toward men” warm the hearts of millions, the Rossoneri continue to warm my heart. On the pitch and off, our squad continue to bring joy to the world. They also continue to bring us results, as we managed to climb the table to become Winter Champions again! So as we celebrate this special holiday, here are a few “gifts” for you from our beloved Milan…

Thiago Silva: Silent Knight

Some people say they like the strong, silent type. If that’s true for you, you probably love Thiago Silva. And what’s not to love? Milan’s Brazilian born center back is Serie A’s best defender, as chosen by the league last year, and argued by many to be the best center back in the world right now. He is quiet but powerful, precise yet unyielding, a formidable force for opposing attackers to beat. Add to that his speed, tactical awareness, and passion for winning, and you have a player with the valor and strength to rival the knights of old.

Cagliari 0, Milan 2: Waterlogged

Our trip to the island was not picturesque or lovely, but rather very, very wet and sloppy. However, we did come away with three points, which was the main objective, so I guess we were not really concerned with appearances. And those three points put us top of the table, if only temporarily, depending on the result of Udinese and Juventus. And despite the wet conditions, we got a clean sheet, too. So I guess we can forgive our tired heroes their waterlogged performance.

Cagliari-Milan Preview: Island Vacation?

Tuesday our boys travel to the lovely island of Sardegna to take on Allegri’s former club, Cagliari. But it will be far from an island vacation, as we need these three points to keep up with Juventus. With Juve and Udinese battling on Wednesday, there could be a shuffling at the top of the table, and with 3 points, Milan have the chance to take the lead. So the pressure is on for our boys to leave the island with a win, or perhaps they will have to swim back to the mainland.

Milan 2, Siena 0: Crisis Averted

Going into this match, we were missing most of our first team defense, which was a huge concern for me. I wondered if we would be able to pull off a win, even if it was at home to the team in 17th place. But with a little luck and maybe a little trickery, we managed to get the three points. Crisis averted.

A Celebration of Excellence

If you are looking for the preview of Saturday’s Siena game, click here.

Milan-Siena Preview: The Other Bianconeri

At the top of the table sit two storied football teams that both wear black and white stripes. But we are not playing either of them this weekend. One would have to look all the way down to the bottom of the table in 17th position to find Saturday’s opponent. They are newly promoted side Siena, or the other Bianconeri.

Philippe Mexès: Le Carton Rouge

During our recent Champions League match vs. Viktoria Plzen, we finally got a good look at a player who was just coming back from a long-term injury. It was center back Philippe Mexès, who transferred to Milan this summer from Roma after seven years with the Giallorossi. While he is undoubtedly talented, he also has a bit of a stigma as a collector of the red cards, or les cartons rouge, as they say in his native French.

Bologna 2, Milan 2: Surprise

I usually like surprises, but not in football. I mean anything can happen in a match, but certain surprises are not good. In a match where Milan were expected to win convincingly, this match had far too many surprises for me.

Bologna-Milan Preview: Will Work for Points

Heading down to Bologna on Sunday seems innocent enough. We are tied for second on the table, they are dancing with relegation in 17th. But a team near relegation is never predictable, they’ve definitely got something to prove. Especially after getting knocked out of the Coppa Italia on Thursday by league leaders Juventus. So we will probably have to work for our 3 points, as things are not always as they seem.

Dear Santa

In searching for any evidence that the gods of football exist, and having found none outside of two Manchester teams going out at the group stage of the Champions League, I turn to the next best thing, Santa. In Italy, he is called “Babbo Natale,” and apparently, he made an appearance on the pitch before the Chievo game. Anyway, with Christmas quickly approaching, I thought I would appeal to him for some of my football related wishes.

Plzeň 2, Milan 2: Heart

In a match that only mattered to one side, the game was definitely one sided. Plzeň came out hungry, and despite lacking the quality of even Milan’s B-team, their heart made up the difference. In a birthday gift to their coach on this day, they scored two last minute goals to take 2  meaningless points from Milan and book their place in the last 32 of the Europa League in style.

Plzeň-Milan Preview: Life’s Lessons

Tuesday we head to Prague to face Viktoria Plzeň. Having qualified for the Round of 16, we have nothing to lose, but they have a Europa League spot to gain. So you can bet that they are not going to take this match lightly. Certainly, when they came to the San Siro in September, they earned our respect. But will they earn our 3 points? Or will they earn a valuable life lesson?

Genoa 0, Milan 2: Tears of a Griffin

It is never boring when Milan play in Genoa, and tonight was no exception. Tear gas, a red card, 7 yellows, plenty of fouls and a coach whose job is in jeopardy were a few of the highlights. But in the end, Milan left with 3 points. Leaving il Grifone with nothing but bruises and tears.