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Manchester City 5, Milan 3: Audi Cup - Between the Lines

Looking at how many players were not going to be available for the Audi Cup, my expectations were low. Looking at the lineups when they came out, my expectations were even lower. And looking at the first thirty-five minutes of the match, I think my expectations were effectively decimated. So when Milan pulled back not one, not two, but three goals in the space of about 6-7 minutes, I didn’t have to worry about having any expectations to raise. But it was a preseason friendly, a lot is going on, so rather than look only to the scoreline, I prefer to read between the lines.

Podcast: Con il Milan nel Cuore

At the heart of Milan is its fans, and midsummer there is still plenty to talk about amongst Milan fans. With the transfer market in full swing, summer friendlies picking up, and the season less than four weeks away, the excitement is building. Whether we should be optimistic or skeptical, everything is still exciting to talk about. And at the heart of it all, of course, is Milan. Con il Milan nel Cuore.

The Italian Job

The day is finally here. Less than four weeks from kickoff for Serie A and it’s time to hold the draw for the Serie A fixtures for 2013-14. That’s right, Italians procrastinate the big day long enough to give everyone involved hypertension, long enough so that every Serie A fan in the world asks “When are they announcing the fixtures?” and long enough for everyone to be bored by the mercato. But not quite long enough to kill anyone with said hypertension, not long enough for fans to stop asking, and not long enough for the mercato to actually be over. And in true Italian fashion, it can’t be simple. So fasten your seatbelt and hold on tight, today is time for The Italian Job.

Valencia 1, Milan 2: That Was Close, Batman!

Some games just leave you with the sneaking suspicion that you narrowly escaped a much worse fate. This game was definitely one of those. If you read my preview for this match, you’ll know I predicted our starting lineup to be “more Joker, less Riddler.” But our level of play was riddled with errors and a level of fitness that was more despicable than any of Batman’s foes. As the Boy Wonder might say, “That was close, Batman!”

ICC Cup – Valencia vs. Milan Preview: To the Batcave!

The Guiness International Champions Cup is upon us, which means a series of three friendlies spread out over two countries and twelve days, after which Milan could, in theory, be crowned king of meaningless summer friendlies. Which is about as exciting as writing this post looked to be for me. But then I remembered we’re playing Valencia. The team with the bat on their logo. Holy summer friendly, Batman! I realized that this preview could just find meaning after all, even if the game might not. So without further ado, to the Batcave!

The Milan Monolith™

I have just returned from the future. Yes, that’s right I have just returned from the year 2504 AD. How I got there, I don’t know. One minute I had a killer migraine, the next minute I was surrounded by people dressed strangely who were looking at me like I was an ancient relic (that happens to me every day with my kids, too, by the way, so I wasn't that surprised.) It seems I had been somehow summoned to help solve a mystery. The mystery of the Milan Monolith™.

Trofeo TIM 2013: Monster’s Ball

I rarely get my hopes up for these kinds of matches, and the question of whether or not they even matter is barely even debatable. But this tournament sucked me in, gave me hope, then anxiety, and then some serious anger issues. A roller coaster ride of a preseason tournament when I should have probably barely even paid attention to my stream. But I’m glad I watched. To get a peek at some of the new players on our team as well as the other teams, and to see, sadly, that some things never change. In that sense, it truly was a Monster’s Ball.

The Mind-blowing Trofeo TIM Tournament

Rarely is there a football event that is so surprisingly absurd that it blows one’s mind. And yet summer after summer, for twelve summers, this tournament continues to defy the odds. Some call it a meaningless preseason tournament, but for me it does mean something: it means we’re only a few friendlies and four short weeks away from the return of my precious Serie A. So FIFA may not sanction this strange tournament because of its bizarre format, but it is a milestone in the long and empty summer that is almost void of football, so I’ll take it.

Summer Destinations

For 10 to 11 months out of the year, our boys train and do battle for the Rossoneri colors. So for the brief time they are not on the pitch, they get a much deserved vacation. Some spend it with family, others with friends, or maybe even a mixture of the two. Some stay nearby, others venture to exotic locations. But the two common factors seem to be fun and relaxation. Most of the boys have been back at Milanello for a couple of weeks now, while those who had national team duties for the Confederations Cup or otherwise will come back later this week. Here’s a photo tour of some of the highlights of our boys’ summer destinations…

Milan Playing Fair

There is a lot of confusion and skepticism about UEFA’s new Financial Fair Play (FFP.) Which is understandable when big teams can’t afford a steal of €15 million on a good player and other clubs spend €60 million or more on a player that is great, but doesn’t seem worth such obscene transfer fees. But I think that the confusion can be straightened out pretty easily if you look at the basic tenets and purposes of FFP. And I am proud to say that whether by design or necessity, Milan is one of the biggest clubs that is becoming FFP compliant.

Podcast: Summer Forecast

With the boys back in training, it seems like the season is just around the corner. In reality, we are about halfway through the summer, and only two weeks into the mercato. So it’s a perfect time to take a step back and take the temperature of the squad and the club over all.

Andrea Poli: Midfield Resistance

It’s hard not to get excited about a new signing. With our midfield having been so shambolic this past season, a new midfielder is that much more exciting. And that absolutely holds true with the signing of Andrea Poli. The 23 year-old seems to have a lot of potential, so it’s hard not to get excited. Will he live up to the hype? Only time will tell. But I have a sneaking suspicion that this is one signing we won’t regret.

Milan Fashion Week, New Kit Release 2013-14 Edition

The new kit release yesterday marks the end of Milan Fashion Week here on the blog, and not a day too soon. This style over substance business has really run its course. I mean, just because our team is located in the fashion capital of Italy doesn’t mean this blog has to be the fashion capital of football blogs. (Or does it?) Either way, as a fashion designer and a woman, I am contractually obligated to present to you the new kits of 2013-14…

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Recently, someone asked me what my favorite post was that I had written. After 2 1/2 years of obsessive blogging, that was a really hard question to answer. But in trying to come up with that answer, I took a trip down memory lane. And I came up with a number of posts that I really liked, ranging from game previews, reviews, player profiles, editorials, and of course some imaginary and ridiculous ones, too. So I present to you a probably incomplete “best of” my posts over the history of Milan Obsession in a trip down memory lane…

Milan Fashion Week, Milanello Edition

So much to talk about after the big press conference yesterday marking the return to Milanello. Then there’s the transfer market, about which speculation always seems to be in vogue. But you can get those stories anywhere, and our fabulous commenters cover them very well, too. So today, in yet another Milan Obsession Exclusive, I give you Milan Fashion Week, Milanello Edition.

Back to Milanello

Do you remember the feelings you had before going back to school each year? Excitement? Anxiety? Hopes and dreams? Each year as the boys come back to Milanello, I have a lot of those same emotions, and this year is no exception. While I may be a bit jaded after last summer, still I find myself surprisingly optimistic and hopeful for this season. Kind of like going back to school when you are a senior, and maybe kinda popular, too. The season ahead will make or break my optimism, and the mercato still before it, but for today, I’m kind of excited about watching the team come back to Milanello.

The Taming of Super Mario

In January, there was a lot of discussion about bringing Mario Balotelli to AC Milan. I don’t think I know of anyone who felt it was not going to be a good idea on the pitch. His talent is uncontested, and certainly would help us. But it was the questions surrounding his behavior off the pitch that became the focus of discussion. So, like one would for any Super Hero worth his super powers, Milan assembled a team of experts to help his transition. While his goal scoring prowess and larger than life personality has become the spotlight, it was this quiet team of specialists that helped his transition from Manchester City’s bad boy to Milan’s super star. In essence, they were responsible for the taming of Super Mario.

Andrea Petagna: Young Bomber

After celebrating his 18th birthday on Sunday, Andrea Petagna officially signed his first professional contract with AC Milan. Initially, it was announced that he and Cristante would join the first team this summer, then it seemed like plans might have changed. First it seemed he would stay on with the Primavera entirely, then there were rumors of being loaned to a Serie B club or possibly even sold in the transfer market. But with a little convincing of new Primavera coach Pippo Inzaghi, and the misfortune of Giampaolo Pazzini’s injury, Petagna will join the first team after all, at least through January, to cover for Pazzini. And since he is still so young, he will also be available for Inzaghi’s Primavera squad, too. It seems like Milan’s young bomber will get the best of both worlds this season.

Podcast: Changes

The opening of the transfer market means probable changes in the squad. But this season, those are not the only changes that lie ahead. With the change in formation that has been decreed from Berlusconi himself, there will undoubtedly be a few changes in lineups and hopefully the style of football Milan will play, too.