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The View From the Top

For years during the Berlusconi era, Milan have enjoyed the view from the top – finishing at or near the top of the table, and winning the Champions League trophy five times. But if you switch your focus to the top of the organization, it shouldn’t be hard to see how we got where we are today. Or why the view from the top of Milan’s management has become so clouded by financial concerns and mismanagement that we can no longer see a bright future.

Milan 3, Chievo 0: Patience

The saying “good things come to those who wait” has never been so apt. Despite riding the waves of triumphs and failures since Seedorf was hired as manager, and especially enduring the media onslaught when we crashed out of the Champions League, fans who listened to Seedorf’s pleas for patience were richly rewarded today. Three great goals, a clean sheet, and three points are only the statistics. This match means so much more to the patient and faithful.

Milan-Chievo Preview: Can Donkeys Actually Fly?

Only three teams have more losses in the league this season than Chievo. With 17 losses, they are in serious relegation danger. But with two wins in their last five, it’s clear these flying donkeys still have fight. So despite playing at the San Siro to a Milan team who also just tasted victory, on Saturday night we might get the answer to the question on everyone’s mind: Can donkeys actually fly?

Fiorentina 0, Milan 2: Momentum

When the pendulum swings one way, it’s going to swing back the other way, so long as it has momentum. The momentum of this awful Milan year had not been swinging our way at all. First we couldn’t find results consistently and played awful football. Then Seedorf came in and made everyone smile and we got some results but still struggled to play well for more than 60 minutes. Then we started playing better and for longer, but were losing. But on Sunday, our playing was still somewhat poor, yet we got the draw. And then today, we played not-the-greatest and got the win. Seems like finally the momentum may just be catching up with us.

Podcast: Kick Us while We’re Down

A tough loss to Atletico has opened the floodgates of criticism by fans, the Curva, and especially anyone and everyone in the media. As if Milan weren’t struggling enough, it seems like everyone is ready to kick us while we’re down.

Lazio 1, Milan 1: Nothing to See Here

We got the point. We went to Rome and came out alive. The rumors surrounding Seedorf can apparently be put to rest, despite not a fantastic performance. De Sciglio may be injured, in fact, several players may have picked up knocks. Poli will be missing for Fiorentina because of yellow card accumulation. Kaka scored a goal off of Konko’s face. But other than that, there was really nothing to see here.

Lazio vs. Milan: Home Alone

Will Milan show up?

Lazio-Milan Preview: Eagle Bait

With rumors circling like eagles over their easy prey that Seedorf’s tenure is already in question, we head to Rome to meet our predators. Ahead of us in the table, revitalized under Eddie Reja, and probably hungry for an easy kill, we probably resemble mice more than men right now. As much as I still believe in our boys, the bigger question is do they believe in themselves? Because if they don’t, then we are certainly just eagle bait.

Girls Gone Wild

Sexism in football is appalling. If you don’t want to hear it from a woman, try reading this piece on female journalists by James Masters for CNN. And those are the women who get paid for their troubles. If you think those of us who simply do this for the love of the game are any more fortunate, think again. One lovely Milanista, unhappy when I didn’t appreciate something he sent me, decided that I was a “bitch” and said as much and more about me publicly and repeatedly on Twitter. When I called him out, he continued. Imagine my surprise when I got these direct messages from another Twitter account claiming not to be him this week:

Oddly, I know plenty of guys who have advertently trolled or harassed people and never got a single threat, let alone something so horrible and unimaginable. So instead of an episode of Girls Gone Wild, today you get to hear about Twitter gone wild.

The Other Interview

Everyone is talking about Paolo Maldini’s scathing interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, but last night I interviewed someone else… or at least I think I did. Maybe it was just the stomach bug I had, but I could swear that I sat down with Robinho to ask him some hard-hitting questions. If it happened at all, then this is how it went…

Milan 2, Parma 4: More Than We Bargained For

I dreaded this match so much. I knew the usual suspects were going to punish us. And they did. But no one could have foreseen Milan playing on 10 men for most of the match. And no one could have foreseen that this would be the catalyst to make this team fight harder than they have in a long time. Or maybe it was the protests from the Curva. Nah, they did that before to no avail. But certainly, especially for those of us who were up early, we got more than we bargained for.

Milan vs. Parma: Dream Big

Above Milan only your weight, Cassano

Milan-Parma Preview: Nightmares

I never used to fear Parma, at least not in recent years. But after Parolo broke Milan hearts and stole all three points from us in stoppage time in October, and now their 15 game unbeaten run, this match is giving me nightmares. Names and images haunt me, like Cassano, Amauri, Parolo, Biabiany, and more. And given the ultimate disappointment Milan faced this week by crashing out of the Champions League, it’s hard to have any kind of faith as to how the team will perform tomorrow.

Where Do We Go From Here?

After crashing and burning out of the Champions League on Tuesday, many fans have called for a housecleaning of epic proportions, or at least clearing out all of the players who are not “Milan quality.” Everyone’s got a list, everyone seems to assume that’s all you need is a list. But at least Gabriele Marcotti took the time not only to assess the players realistically, but also to look at their contract situation and potential for staying or leaving. He pointed out that we could easily be “stuck with” a number of these contracts, and thus players, even if all of us agree they need to go. And he also looked at players out on loan who are likely to return to us, too. But realistically, how do we rebuild this squad from here?

Champions League • Atletico Madrid 4, Milan 1: Crash and Burn

Milan have never been a team to do anything half-baked, and if you’re going to go out of the Champions League, you may as well do it in style. And so last night, that’s exactly what they did. Even their disco jerseys screamed blinding fiery ball of metal crashing to the earth. No disrespect to Atleti, they played a fantastic game, and I wish them the best in their continued Champions League campaign and league campaign, too. But after such a fantastic match at the San Siro whose result did not reflect the match, this one was going to be crash and burn.

Podcast: Growing Pains

With good performances come higher expectations. Not just results, but increasingly good and consistent performances. Yet there are so many things that can keep the performances from happening. Like midweek International friendlies, resting players for a Champions League match, and more. So Milan are growing, but with growing comes growing pains.

Udinese 1, Milan 0: When Desperation Meets Determination

The match was unsettling from the start. Seedorf made another seven changes to the starting eleven vs. Juve on Sunday, and this time it really showed, it was hard to find our form. Playing away to a team desperate to keep their heads clear of the relegation zone, with a wise and experienced tactician in Guidolin, our new found determination got lost a little on the way to Udine. It’s hard to not expect more, even if we were told to be patient. This growing pain business is really starting to hurt.

Udinese-Milan Preview: Seeing Things in Black and White

From one black and white club on Sunday to another this Saturday, it may seem like Milan are only seeing things in black and white. But this enemy is different. Whereas Sunday’s opponent were the league leaders, this week finds Udinese in 15th place. However after knocking us out of the Coppa Italia this year, we can’t afford to take these zebrette lightly.


As a fan of a club team, these International Breaks can be infuriating. Players travel, sometimes halfway around the world, then they play in games that are often considered “pointless,” increasing exhaustion and risking injury. And yet players wait with great anticipation for the chance to represent their country (or in some cases, their adopted country.) For fans, it’s often hard to see the value, but for players, there is nothing greater than the chance to represent.

Milan 0, Juve 2: In Like a Lion…

There is a saying that March comes “in like a lion and out like a lamb.” Apparently, Milan got that memo yet again. Here it is March 2nd, and once again, they performed very well in the first 60-ish minutes, and the scoreline saw them finish like lambs to the slaughter. Of course, the scoreline was nothing compared to the behavior of some of Juventus' fans, who started the week raising Superga banners at their derby, and climaxed with personal abuse on Twitter and multiple forums before and after the game because they didn’t like being called outfor…. you guessed it, the Superga banners, amongst other things. In fact, the only thing that really hurts about this loss is that once again, some Juve fans are poor winners. Which is a shame, and reflects poorly on the other fans and their club. But Milan did fight like a lion, had a lion’s share of possession and opportunities, too. And I am convinced that soon, we will leave the pitch with a score that reflects our quality.

Milan vs. Juventus: Welcome to Hell

You’re in our house now