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Fantastic Four

Since things are going so well in the fantasy world of the Azzurri, and not so well in the world of Milan (PSG’s president was in Milan last night, claiming he is NOT there for Thiago Silva,) I thought it would be nice to follow our Fantastic Four through to Sunday’s Euro Final. (Sorry, Montolivo, someone had to be the girl, consider this your initiation photoshop.)

Euro Countdown: 4… 3… 2…

With the “Sell Thiago Silva for €50m: The Sequel” terrorizing Milan fans worldwide on a social networking or TV station or news site near you, the Euro Semifinals are a welcome diversion from the antics of a seemingly possessed Milan owner and his DS this summer.  Friday morning, we can go back to our summer of heartbreak, but today and tomorrow there should be some delicious football, with tomorrow’s match even featuring up to four of our Milan favorites. So sign out of Twitter, Facebook, news updates, etc. and tune in as four European powerhouses face off for a trophy and four years worth of bragging rights…


Recently, Galliani spoke to the importance of Milan’s Youth. In addition to a commitment to the health and well being of children all over the world through the Milan Junior Project, which promotes health and activity and teaches football to children in camps throughout the world, Milan continue to have an excellent youth program for finding and training young footballers. The problem is, Milan hold on to Milan Youth players like Bonera and Antonini, and sell players like Matri and Miccoli. But there have been some brilliant players in the past that Milan trained and kept, like Baresi, Maldini, Albertini, and Costacurta, so I have faith that there will be again. For example, that De Sciglio kid… he seems kinda good, right? Maybe this financial downturn is just what Milan executives needed to see that the goldmine they have in their youth teams right now is worth more to them in the red and black than in their pocket books. Do you believe?

And Then There Were Four

So I hear that little Euro 2012 tournament is still going on. And that a few of our Milan players are actually still taking part in it. In fact, I heard there was a match today that some Milan fans might be interested in. Could it be because of Mexès? No, he sat helplessly suspended yesterday as his team fell to the mighty Spaniards. Perhaps it is Ibrahimovic? No, even if it was his amazing goal against Mexès that helped determine which team went tops in Group D and thus play today. No, it is Milan’s Italian contingency who will be representing today: Cassano, Nocerino, Abate, and Montolivo. So six Milan players started the Euros. And then there were four.

Ciao, Seedorf

Saying goodbye to ten years of your life cannot be easy, which is why I guess Clarence Seedorf took an extra five weeks to make up his mind. Although he initially announced just before the last game of the season that he would be leaving Milan, yesterday, he took the opportunity in a press conference to say that he had finally decided for sure to move on. While Rino and the others saw the need for the club to reduce its wage bill as well as the need for an infusion of younger players, Seedorf toyed with the temptation of staying and playing another year at the highest level, maybe wanting the chance at one more league title or Champion’s League trophy. He said in the press conference that he had thought of leaving two years ago, but as of just a few days ago, he realized it was finally time to go. And like his earlier indecision, it is with mixed emotions that we say goodbye to the one Italians call “Willy Wonka.”

The Favorite Players Post

So the Euro Quarterfinals are set. With our “gift” from Berlusconi of keeping a player that we already had, and everyone tied to Milan repeatedly saying in the media that our squad is “complete” or “nearly complete,” (barring the inevitable addition of Acerbi, which is rumored to be complete as early as today,) I thought it would be nice to take our minds off of these things and talk a little bit about our favorite Milan players.

Da così a così

“Da così a così,” an Italian phrase that basically translates to “from this to that” sums up how this Euro tournament has gone. What was expected has been turned completely upside down, and there is truly nothing predictable about it. Russia and Poland out, Czech Republic and Greece in. Even if Germany was predictable and Portugal was likely, who knew that Denmark would go out with more points than the Netherlands? Or more specifically, the Netherlands, who for many were tournament favorites, would crash out with zero points? It’s like the Bizarro world of Euros. And yet the football is delicious.

To Roma with Love

He’s the most underappreciated player on any team. He trains just as hard, is always available, and almost never called up. Even when called up, he rarely plays. In fact, some of the Primavera are far more likely to be capped each season than him. Of everyone to take the pitch he must really love what he’s doing and be motivated, because he’s unlikely to get any props from anyone else. He’s a third keeper. And for the past three seasons for Milan, his name was Flavio Roma.

Wheel of Misfortune

More so than most seasons, this summer transfer market seems like a bad TV gameshow – we will either win some kind of prize whose value is enhanced by music, lighting, and an always smiling TV model, or we will lose everything in one simple spin of the wheel. The first option applies to transfers that are potentially overhyped, or, if we’re lucky, actually live up to or exceed expectations. The second, currently the object of much discussion in the media, is the loss of players like Ibra or Thiago Silva, with the hope that their transfer fees may be able to fund the transfer of multiple players to reinforce the rest of the squad. This week we already felt like the wheel was going to stop on “Lose Thiago Silva,” only it was much worse than a dumb game show. (And technically, it could still happen, for the right price.) But now nothing seems worse than that, so it’s time to take your chances on the  (insert audience shouting along here) Wheel.... Of... Misfortune!

The Sneak Peek Post

What started out to be a relatively slow news week has turned into a very busy one instead, and today is no exception. Through my Parisian sources, I’ve managed to grab an EXCLUSIVE peek for you of the new away and third kits for Milan 2012-13 season. Rather than continue to tease you, we’ll jump right in to Milan’s and Adidas’ fabulous campaign and show you what our boys will be wearing…

The Obligatory Euro 2012 Post

So while many of our players are on vacation, and before the transfer market officially opens, Milan news can seem a little slow. And while I could post such hard-hitting news pieces like “A Day With Abbiati” or “A Milan Fairy Tale” every day, it turns out there is some little tournament happening called Euro 2012. I don’t usually follow the crowd, but it does seem that by putting the words “Poland” or “Ukraine” into a post, people will read anything these days, so I thought I’d experiment with that theory.

Keeping Ibra

Much has been said about Zlatan Ibrahimovic and his potential future at AC Milan since the end of the season. He has personally spoken to the press about his disappointment in not winning the league this year and has hinted at an exit from the club this summer. A lot people have said that if we can get a decent price for him, we should offload him before he deserts us. But I disagree. Like Thiago Silva, Ibra is key to our potential success next year. So I say that even if it’s only one more year, we absolutely must keep him at all costs.

A Milan Fairy Tale

With so many people not wanting to hear more about the exit rumors, aka The Great Milan Exodus™, I thought I would diverge once again into the realm of fantasy and imagination (which, incidentally, is where you can find me until this mercato is over.) Today’s tale surrounds the Knights of Milan, two of which whose loyalties and presence have recently come into question…

A Day With Abbiati

A lot of people take keepers for granted, and our very own Christian Abbiati is no exception. So I wondered, what would people think if they got to know him a little better? Like if they could spend a day with him? What if I could spend a day with him? So, with the high tech resources of my semi-conscious dream state and a slightly overactive imagination as well as the liberal use of Google image search, I am able to bring you A Day With Abbiati…

Making the Grade?

Normally, after the season ends, I am just covering my head with a blanket that will not be lifted until September 1st. I call it my “Wake me when the mercato is over” blanket. But this year I have an unhealthy interest in the transfer market because of the brain drain of losing so many senators all at once. Add to that Financial Fair Play and some frightening realities about the financial state of Milan, and this mercato could play out worse than a horror movie.