Milan 0, Benfica 1: Evolution Milan 0, Benfica 1: Evolution Reviewed by Elaine on 7:18 AM Rating: 5

Podcast: Milan in USA

4:03 AM
Milan are in the United States for the ICC tour, which gives fans in here the opportunity to see the play live and to possibly intera...
Podcast: Milan in USA Podcast: Milan in USA Reviewed by Elaine on 4:03 AM Rating: 5
Bayern Munich 1, AC Milan 0: As Expected Bayern Munich 1, AC Milan 0: As Expected Reviewed by Elaine on 10:19 PM Rating: 5
ICC Tournament: Bayern Munich-AC Milan Preview: Freunde ICC Tournament: Bayern Munich-AC Milan Preview: Freunde Reviewed by Elaine on 11:54 PM Rating: 5
Can You Buy a Champions League Trophy? Can You Buy a Champions League Trophy? Reviewed by Elaine on 8:27 AM Rating: 5

Theo Hernández: Pedigree

6:36 AM
It’s not unheard of for a player to have other family members who play or have played football, but it’s also not that common. Howeve...
Theo Hernández: Pedigree Theo Hernández: Pedigree Reviewed by Elaine on 6:36 AM Rating: 5

Podcast: Press Start

12:32 AM
With the start of a new season this time around, there is so much news to discuss. New directors, a new coach, new players and the po...
Podcast: Press Start Podcast: Press Start Reviewed by Elaine on 12:32 AM Rating: 5

Poll: Current Mood

1:08 AM
So much has happened in the last few weeks. Milan chose to give up the Europa League for a season to rectify their FFP violations. Mi...
Poll: Current Mood Poll: Current Mood Reviewed by Elaine on 1:08 AM Rating: 5

A New Stadium?

12:20 AM
Yesterday, both Milan and Inter announced that they had filed the official “Technical and Economic Feasibility Study” for a new stadium as ...
A New Stadium? A New Stadium? Reviewed by Elaine on 12:20 AM Rating: 5

Raduno 2019

12:15 AM
Today is the day. The day that optimism runs the highest amongst fans, possibly to a delusional level. Despite the fact that the merc...
Raduno 2019 Raduno 2019 Reviewed by Elaine on 12:15 AM Rating: 5

Badass Women

2:03 AM
Footballers are amazing. They perform amazing feats of beauty and athleticism that defy gravity and imagination. And they do it while wearin...
Badass Women Badass Women Reviewed by Elaine on 2:03 AM Rating: 5

Far From Home

11:53 PM
Milan seem to have been turned over into the proper hands now to get us back home where we belong: the Champions League. And while th...
Far From Home Far From Home Reviewed by Elaine on 11:53 PM Rating: 5

Grazie Zapata

8:41 AM
Now that Zapata’s contract with Milan is officially up, he has signed to play with Genoa next season. I am really happy that he found...
Grazie Zapata Grazie Zapata Reviewed by Elaine on 8:41 AM Rating: 5
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