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Podcast: A Milan Comeback?

Milan fans everywhere seem to be not only deflated, but writing off this season like the past three. However an unpopular opinion is that there has actually been quite a bit of progress and growth this season. As that is my unpopular opinion, for this conversation, we explore whether or not that is true and why and how. So listen and feel free to let me know if you agree that this year could finally be year zero in a Milan comeback.

Vintage Times

Have you ever wished you could go back to a time when fans were fans and football was just football, not a multi-billion dollar politicized sport? I don’t know that we’ll see that simple life return anytime soon, but thanks to our friends at Vintage Pitch, we can put on a t-shirt that takes us right back to those carefree days. Created by a hardcore football fan (who is also a Milanista), Vintage Pitch has created a line of classic soccer t-shirtsthat will take you back to that time when the beautiful game was just about the sport. Vintage times.


Spring is a sign of renewal, and Easter celebrates new life. Contrary to many on social media, Milan has experienced some of both renewal and new life this season. After spending €20m on Bertolacci and benching and then sending De Jong to Los Angeles, our midfield hasn’t exactly experienced a renewal. But at the other positions, there has been at least one bright spot, one new player who has singlehandedly changed our football for the better.

The Death of Total Football

The loss of the legendary Johann Cruyff was a poignant reminder of the loss of a unique and spectacular form of football closely associated with him. Cruyff was the poster boy for Total Football, being one of the best at maximizing the playing style for Ajax and the Netherlands in the early 1970’s, and then known for helping to evolve it into a new species as a coach. And while Total Football hasn’t really been played for a while, the loss of its most illustrious player symbolizes the loss of the playing style as well.

Is Milan Better Than Last Year?

The Truthometer that is social media would seem to indicate that all is lost, that Milan are as bad off or worse than last year. This because they followed up one of their best unbeaten streaks in years with a loss and two draws. But social media is all talk, and if you’re so busy talking, you may have missed what has changed at Milan this year. Or has it? Is Milan better than last year?

Milan 1, Lazio 1: More of the Same

In a match where we were playing at home to a team ravaged by injuries and with Matri as a starter, I kind of expected more. And while it seemed that Milan were a bit unlucky at times, with 20 shots and only four on target, I think the word is actually clinical, not luck. While credit must be given to Lazio, not only for scoring first, but for fighting for 90 minutes, Milan really just gave us more of the same.

Milan vs. Lazio: Our Fate is in Our Own Hands

Milan-Lazio Preview: In the Crosshairs

Milan sit in sixth place on the table, so aren’t exactly soaring over eighth place Lazio. But Lazio played in the Europa League on Thursday, and Sparta Prague made the Eagles extinct at the Stadio Olimpico with a score of 3-0 (4-1 on agg.) And Europa League is where Lazio had seen better form this season than in the league. But sometimes a loss like that is a motivator, and with all of the media-created drama surrounding Milan, it’s hard to know which team comes into this one with the advantage. Especially with Tagliavento assigned to ref this one. Milan have not gotten the results they wanted lately, but Lazio’s big loss could put them in our crosshairs.

Podcast: 30 Years with Silvio

Reflecting on the Silvio years after the recent 30 year anniversary of Berlusconi buying the club, it’s important to look at all of those 30 years. Through triumphs and tragedies and trophies, how will he be remembered? As Silvio the man? Silvio the businessman? Silvio the politician? Or Silvio the owner and President of Milan? Or maybe a combination of all of those? As fans I suppose we can pick and choose, especially those of us outside of Italy. But the anniversary was worth catching up on all things Milan and having that discussion.

Chievo 0, Milan 0: Impasse

There are a few different ways to see this match. One is how fans on social media see it: the death of Champions League hopes and/or the end of the world. Another way might be that this match was simply an impasse, one which injuries and misfortune didn't allow Milan to overcome. For one thing, I never thought Champions League was realistic or beneficial (other than financially, obviously) to achieve this season. Secondly, there really were a lot of injuries and bad luck that impacted this match. And lastly, the fact that the team improved, responded well to subs, and fought to the whistle within this match made it just one of those games. So I guess that once again, Milan and the fans of Milan are at an impasse.

Chievo vs. Milan: Too Early for Football

Chievo-Milan Preview: The Other Verona

The original Verona team is holding down the bottom of table, while Chievo Verona currently sit in 10th place. And while Milan were able to pull off a 1-0 vs. Chievo at the San Siro in October, now we are going to the Bentegodi, a very tough stadium for opposition teams. And we are also coming off of a very poor performance and a loss vs. Sassuolo last week. So the question on everyone’s minds is can we get past the other Verona?

What a Woman Really Wants

I like a man who gets right down to business, but never skips the formalities. I like a man who is always in control, but stays calm and never gets angry. I love a man who keeps things going, but also knows when to stop. I love it when a man doesn’t always just whip it out, but rather is willing to give a little warning first. But mostly I love a man who is confident and competent, who at the end of it all has given a great performance, but seeks no attention for himself. That’s what a woman really wants.

Sassuolo 2, Milan 0: The Writing on the Wall

Even the best teams trip up eventually, and Milan is hardly the best team this year. But after a spectacular run of eleven straight league games unbeaten, with draws to Roma, Empoli, Udinese, and Napoli as well as seven wins dating back to January 9th, it hurts to lose. Especially to a team to whom we’ve never won when playing away in the league. As well as losing to the team sitting right behind us on the table. But if you didn’t see this coming, then you failed to read the writing on the wall.

Sassuolo vs. Milan: Break the Curse

Sassuolo-Milan Preview: The Hunt

On Sunday, Milan will have a double task of taking three points to keep their objectives on the table, and also breaking a curse of playing away to Sassuolo. The first objective is hard enough with injuries and fitness issues. But there is always some kind of dark magic about breaking a curse, a psychological feat that is not exactly tangible. Add to that the fact that Sassuolo are only six points behind us on the table and could cut that distance in half with a win, and this is going to be a difficult game. With both teams seeking European spots, and both coming into the match in good form, this match will be like a hunt.

Milan 5, Alessandria 0: Grey Matters

Sure, Milan are in the Coppa Italia final, and they earned their ticket convincingly. And while the first leg of the semifinal was poor at best, they made sure to compensate and play like lions yesterday. But with all of the self-congratulations happening for ourselves, I would be remiss if I failed to acknowledge our opponents. They are a Lega Pro side who made it all the way to the semifinal, something that no other Lega Pro team had done in 30 years. Despite an insurmountable deficit yesterday, they fought to the end and played with so much heart, it was inspiring. The little team that could in the grey kits brought 13,000 fans with them to the San Siro, fans who kept cheering for them for 90 minutes. That’s 13,000 fans from a town of 90,000 people. The total San Siro attendance was only 28,000 in a city of 1.3 million. Amazing. So while we are excited to play in our first Coppa Italia Final since 2003, let’s not forget to honor a worthy opponent, Alessandria. Because grey matters…