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The Cassano debate: should he stay or should he go?

This article will have no intro, no structure and will show no tolerance. I'm going to jump straight to the point. Why? Why would you want Cassano out of Milan? "Because he has 4.6 extra kilos" is not a valid answer. I am going to show you how he can be crucial for Milan this season and how letting him leave is pointless unless he is traded for a superior player; but first, let me tell you why comparisons with Ronaldinho are irrelevant.

Audi Cup Review: 2 for 2

For anyone who doubts Milan’s consistency, I will say this: We are 2 for 2 taking 4th place in the Audi Cup. That’s right, not wanting to relinquish our worst of four title, Milan assured our 4th place spot again today. A quick review of our tournament…

Audi Cup Preview: Battle of Two Brothers

As the second edition of the Audi Cup gets underway in Munich on Tuesday, there is potentially an interesting matchup in the works that would lead to two brothers facing off on their respective teams. Kevin Prince Boateng, who plays for Serie A Champions AC Milan, is a half brother to Jerome Boateng, who recently signed for the reigning champions of the Audi Cup, Bayern Munich.

Milanello: Training Grounds of Champions

I have a dream that sadly does not involve any kind of world peace or other altruistic endeavors. It’s not that those things wouldn’t be absolutely lovely, too, but this dream is far more self-centered. My dream is to one day visit and tour Milanello. Until such time, I thought I’d give you a little blind photo tour. Please keep your seatbelts fastened and keep your hands and feet in the vehicle at all  times.

Milan players are at Copa America no more

Just a quick midnight post to acknowledge the collective departure of Milan's South American contingent from the Copa. After Yepes was (undeservedly) sent home by a persistent Peru team, the Brazilians followed in his footsteps. Pato, Robinho, Thiago Silva (and Ganso?) lost to an utterly average Paraguay tonight, leaving coach Menezes to wonder what he did wrong.

A message from the future

Hello, people of the year 2011. You are worshiping false idols and I have traveled back in time to preach to you the truth, the one and only savior. My name is Jovan and I come from the year 2025. This is the story of your future idol, whether you recognize him as such in the present or not. In 2007, a bright young prospect arrived at Milanello with a cheeky smile and a childish haircut. He dazzled with his pace and directness. Quickly, he was dubbed the next big thing. Scoring on his debut certainly helped increase the hype, as did several other performances in his first year. The fans loved him and the world watched in anticipation.

I Heard it at Milanello

With the first day of preseason training under our belts, the days of real news loom closer… but not quite. Today we feed the rumor mill with fabricated gossip that could only come from Milanello…

Guest Post: “…So Why Milan?”

A guest post and Milan conversion story from one of our favorite obsessed AC Milan Offside friends, Avia...

"...So why Milan?" A question I've been asked regularly for nearly 20 years now, not you see, because I live in the middle of merda country, but because I'm located in the UK, or Scotland to be precise.
Now if you think Barca & Madrid have a monopoly in their league, I fear I live with something far worse! For here in Scotland the Scottish Premier League is hamstrung by the presence of Rangers and Celtic, referred to locally as the “Old Firm”, both of whom share the City of Glasgow with a rivalry that truly puts them on a par with Barca-Madrid. Milan-merda, Boca-River Plate.

Summer Games

While we enjoy our long sunny summer days, summer vacation is rapidly drawing to a close for our Scudetto winning squad. Below are the preseason games and events on the calendar for our boys. As you can see, they will be busy! But with any luck, they’ll bring home a little more bling from all of their travels. (For news straight from the source, go to AC Milan’s official website.)

What If??

Had all of the evidence in the mother-of-all-match-fixing-scandals been reviewed in a timely manner back in 2006, Milan could very well have been relegated that year. With the recent news in the Calciopoli trial and associated appeals and verdicts, I wanted to take a moment to consider what might have been….

Humble Champion: Mario Yepes

In Argentina right now there is a little tournament going on called the Copa America. Most Milan fans are ready to watch our 3 famous Brazilians play today, but less attention is being given to Milan’s sole Colombian player, Mario Yepes., who is also competing in the tournament. Yesterday, Yepes captained his national side to a 1-0 victory over Costa Rica to put them at the top of their group after one match, ahead of hosts and favorites Argentina.
Yepes is not one to require a lot of attention. He is humble and hardworking and doesn’t ask for much. Which is pretty incredible if you think of the career he has had.


“Summertime, and the living is easy…” Our Serie A Champions return back to pre-season training July 12th, so they are enjoying the summer they have until then. Here’s how a few of our favorite champions are relaxing post-Scudetto: