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Derby Favorites

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve been told “I just read the comments” or “I always read the comments first,” I could quit my day job. So today, rather than kill myself to actually write something that no one reads anyway, it’s going to be all about the comments.

Blasphemous Rumors

As if it hasn’t been hard enough to be a Milan fan of the last few years. Allegri freezing out certain players, then the mass exodus of the Senatori, the sale of Ibra and Thiago Silva, the purchases of players like Acerbi and TraorĂ© to “replace” them, promises of rebuilding and youth that were answered with players like Zaccardo and Essien, and clinging to Allegri like some addict while the morale of the team and the results all went down the toilet. Or how about Galliani resigning and then Berlusconi refusing his resignation and then appointing Barbara as joint CEO? Or any of the other insanely ridiculous failings of this Milan management of late? But these rumors of sacking Seedorf, himself a Milan legend, having been pushed out by Allegri, then having sacrificed his playing career to heed the call of Milan… and now he’s on the chopping block after winning five straight? Blasphemy.

Roma 2, Milan 0: The Disadvantages of Europe

In a matchup of 2nd vs. 7th, it was highly unlikely that Milan would prevail in this one. But one of the bigger factors in the game wasn’t necessarily Serie A, but rather the impact of playing in Europe or not, as well as the off the pitch management of the teams. As we discussed on the latest podcast, Roma had the advantage of focusing only on the League and Coppa this season, whereas a weak Milan were stretched even more thin by trying to compete in the Champions League. And if the score were based solely on how well the clubs were run, we’d see a much bigger disparity. Hopefully, thanks largely to this result today, Milan will not have to know the disadvantages of playing in Europe next season.

Roma vs. Milan: When in Rome

…Do as the Romans do.

Roma-Milan Preview: Throw the Wolves a Bone

Despite the happiness I feel from Milan hammering out five wins in a row, my optimism for this match is pretty much none. Not only do we face a Roma side who are only eight points off of the league leaders, they come into this match with eight straight wins in a row. Despite some serious injury issues, they’ve managed to show their quality and depth and push Juve to the end for that Scudetto. How would we even compete with that? Add to that our push for Europa League, which I think is a fool’s errand. So I say we fight and play a good match – I would never advocate trying to lose – but at the end of the day, I’m find if we throw the wolves a bone.

Podcast: The Home Stretch

According to rumors, winning five straight after a season like this gets you sacked. After winning two straight games at home, the prospect of Europa League qualification also looms more closely, too. And welcoming back last season’s young hero from injury just raises even more questions about the summer and next year. It’s the home stretch of a dysfunctional season, and so there is plenty to talk about.

Milan 3, Livorno 0: Happy

Milan are getting results. And results help with morale, just ask Seedorf. Or you could look at the faces of any of the players, the coaches, or the fans. It may not be pretty football, even if there is still improvement and growth as a team. But the smiles (and in this match the goals) kind of make up for that, don’t you think? I know I’m happy.

Milan vs. Livorno: Livorno Panic

Livorno’s relegation fears upgraded to panic level

Milan-Livorno Preview: Dangerous

When we last met Livorno with a Livorno native for our manager, we drew the match, 2-2, and we ended up in 8th place. So here we are again in 8th place, but this time they’re coming to our house. And Allegri is long gone. However, they sit in 18th place in the relegation zone, so this time around, they could be trouble. Just like you were taught to never play with fire, you should never underestimate a team at the bottom, it’s dangerous.

When the Hunter Becomes the Hunted

For 28 years, Galliani has been revered as the CEO of AC Milan, and feared by his peers as some kind of Evil Genius when it comes to the mercato. In fact, here on the blog, he has his own holiday on the last day of every mercato to celebrate such genius. But as Milan’s situation has deteriorated, so has his reputation. Not coincidentally, because as CEO, he has made many of the decisions that caused the demise. So I found it completely ironic to hear yesterday that the transfer maestro himself was the object of transfer speculation himself. The hunter has become the hunted.

Milan 1, Catania 0: Ghetto Ball

Not that Milan were likely to put in an amazing performance all of a sudden, but it’s hard to play the beautiful game when you are getting hacked and fouled incessantly. However, it was our quality that saw us through this match, and the beautiful goal was enough to see us take down gli Elefanti in a match that really could only be described as ghetto ball.

Milan vs. Catania: Loki vs. Lodi

Who will bring honor to their team?

Milan-Catania Preview: Stampede

Normally in the jungle, it would be the elephants who stampede. But with gli Elefanti this season, they seem to be the ones getting trampled. However with a change of coach this week, they will certainly be looking to poach a result at the San Siro, so our boys need to be sure to be wary of an unpredictable group of elephants and a potential stampede.

Phoning It In

This season has been so strange, especially for a blog and forum like this one. First, the team was playing terrible, but there was so much angst, and thus so much participation from fans. Then, the team’s performances got so terrible that it was just painful, and participation dwindled. Enter a new coach, and new results… some good, some poor, and finally a string a great results. I would think that people might be interested in that, but maybe they are still passed out in their Allegri-induced drunken slumber, I don’t know. All I know is that only the truly Milan Obsessed will be reading this anyway, which is why I’m awake at 3:30am posting anything at all. So sorry to the truly devout, I’m phoning this one in.

Podcast: Winning

It may be hard to believe after this season, but Milan have won three in a row. And not just any three games, either. The winning extends beyond the pitch, though, with the new Casa Milan officially unveiled and new commercial ventures being sought in what seems to be the best efforts yet to acquire a new stadium in the near future. After so much heartbreak, it seems that Milan are back to winning ways, and the future looks red and black.

Genoa 1, Milan 2: Battle of the Middle

Just enough time for a quick review this time, it was a battle for the middle of the Serie A table, and it wasn’t easy. With 33 fouls called and a lot more that weren’t, both teams are lucky to emerge in one piece. But we went to the cursed stadium and we came out victorious, despite a valiant effort from i Grifone.

Genoa vs. Milan: How to Tame a Griffin

“Guys, I got this.”

Genoa-Milan Preview: Monday Night Football

With Milan riding high on a 3-match unbeaten run that would have in previous years been viewed as a string of poor performances, we head to Genoa and the “haunted” Marassi stadium to see what we’re really made of. Meanwhile, Genoa, having had an identical record to Milan until their 3-0 defeat at the hands of 10-man Verona last week will either be defeated or wanting to avenge their loss. I’m going to guess it will be the latter. Which means that despite the weekday billing, this could be quite the spectacle after all: two struggling midtable teams, both with something to prove. So get all of your game rituals together and get ready to rumble, this is gonna be some serious Monday Night Football.

How Do You Celebrate?

Times have been tough at Milan, and we haven’t had much to celebrate until recently. But with the goals and the results showing signs of returning, it made me wonder: what is everyone’s favorite goal celebration? So please read on and take the poll, and if you would let us know more about your choice(s) in the comment section below.

Stjarnan FC from Iceland are famous for their choreographed goal celebrations

Nereo Rocco: The Master

After celebrating the birthdays of not just one but three Milan managers past and present yesterday, I wanted to take a look back deeper into the history of the club and spotlight a Milan coaching legend. He was well before my time, before the glittery Berlusconi era, and still holds the record for the longest-serving manager in Milan history. He won 10 Italian and European trophies during his three different spells with the club and there is even a stadium named after him. So it is no surprise that in his Trieste native dialect, he is called “El ParĂ²n”, or The Master.