Allegri Day

It’s finally here, the Trofeo TIM tournament, aptly named by Galliani as “Allegri Day,” since he has now coached all three of the participating teams. And just like Allegri, the tournament is short, makes no sense, and is in no way sanctioned by FIFA. Allegri does stand a one in three chance of earning himself some more bling, though, so look out for Gangstallegri™.

Still frightening

The Trofeo TIM is football for the over-caffeinated. It’s a three way tournament of 45 minute matches, each team facing the other 2 in the space of less than three hours. If, after 45 minutes, it is a draw, the game goes straight to penalties. Teams earn 3 points for a win in regulation, 2 points for a win on penalties, 1 point for a loss by penalties, and 0 points for a loss in regulation.

The Trofeo TIM was formerly always held between Milan, Juventus, and Inter. But Inter won too many of the trophies without court intervention, so they were booted from the competition in favor of Sassuolo last year, a marked improvement. Plus, the three teams’ colors now represent the Italian flag, perfect since it is being played in the Stadio Città del Tricolore (the stadium of the tricolors.)

It must have been the away kits.

Last year, Sassuolo won the trophy in their inaugural appearance, and then narrowly avoided relegation last season. In the thirteen times the trophy has been contested, eleven of those times, the team that won the trophy did not go on to win the Scudetto. So this Allegri Day, I say we honor him with a Trofeo TIM win… the odds of Juventus winning their fourth consecutive Scudetto would drop dramatically.

I don’t know what to think about this year’s edition, though. Last year was marred by a Cristante red card, Antonini and Llorente clashing heads in the bloodiest of ways, and Constant being racially abused (and not being supported by his team.) Sure, we beat Juventus on penalties, but then lost to the newly promoted Sassuolo to finish last.

You deserve so much better, Inzaghi

This year has the added cloud of Balotelli’s departure, where fans are facing the harshest of realities: not only does Milan have no plan, they have no financial sense whatsoever, either. Pippo will be itching to win, but without a complete squad, he will have to be a magician to make it happen.

I suppose a trophy might bring a smile back to the corners of Milan fans’ mouths, but even Sassuolo have a more complete squad right now, having just defeated Citadella 4-1 in the Coppa Italia on Thursday. With Milan’s poor performance Sunday in the Trofeo Naranja against Valencia, albeit a tougher team, the possibilities of actually winning this hectic little preseason friendly trophy seem as poor as Milan fans’ moods this week.

This post inspired by Eyeore

Trofeo TIM
Saturday, August 23
20:45 CEST (2:45pm EDT) Milan vs. Juventus
21:45 CEST (3:45pm EDT) loser of 1st game vs. Sassuolo
22:45 CEST (4:45pm EDT) winner of 1st game vs. Sassuolo

This tournament is not being broadcast live in the U.S. (count your blessings)

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