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Despite the Borini signing, which makes less sense the more I think about it, the team is returning to Milanello on Monday a much better team than when it left. We can finally function in the mercato for the first time since January of 2016, and we also have the funding to buy players worth talking about. Not only that, but our CEO and Sporting Director had plenty of time to scout quality players while waiting for the sale of the club to finally close. The mercato officially opens tomorrow, and we already have four quality signings and Borini. So perhaps it’s time to express a little gratitude.

Rude Awakening

It was 6am and I awoke reluctantly. I started to check Twitter to see if anything interesting had happened in the few hours that I had been asleep. At first I thought I must still be asleep. But I kept reading and everywhere was reporting the same thing. That Milan had reached an agreement with the newly relegated Sunderland to bring Fabio Borini to Milan for about €5m. Talk about a rude awakening.

How Social Media Is Killing Football

I thought that by writing about death threats, it would be a wake up call to Milan fans from all of the Donnarumma controversy. But such is the power of social media that not only did they not even bat an eyelash that an 18 year old player and his family were threatened, they questioned the sources supplied, mocked the very existence of them as well as persecuted anyone questioning them. Which of course was only the smallest minority of people on social media. Then their hate fervor turned into forgiveness (or is that fickleness?) And then, when Donnarumma’s and Raiola’s social media accounts were used and said that they would meet with Milan again after the Euros were over, fans flip flopped again and started the hate cycle all over. Once again, social media is killing football.

André Silva: Master Apprentice

There has been so much hype over this guy. And for good reason. Cristiano Ronaldo himself named him as his heir. But I never like to talk about the “next big whomever.” I believe that every player is unique, and that is certainly true in this situation, simply in the length of the neck alone. And while the two players are both Portuguese and both the same height, they are anything but the same. At 21 years of age, André Silva is not just some apprentice. He is already a master apprentice.

When Death is on the Line

Last week, when Donnarumma turned down his contract extension, it felt like the end of the world for Milan fans. But as the events have unfolded and information has been shared, it turns out there was much, much worse. Raiola behaving badly. Management behaving badly. But most of all, fans behaving badly. And not just the usual criticism, harassment, bullying, abuse, and threats. Fans actually threatening the lives of Donnarumma and his family. And that was even before he turned the extension down. People have dismissed or even argued about those threats, saying that they didn’t exist or that they were “just words.” But it is never appropriate to dismiss those things when death is on the line.

Podcast: Pain

Anger. Pain. Hurt. Disappointment. Despite such a promising beginning to our mercato, we are all filled with anger. I never knew an 18 year old could break my heart like this, even when I was 18 years old. Donnarumma represented hope, faith, and the future of Milan, so his failure to sign a contract renewal represents a death of all of those things on some level. With emotions still raw, it was important to talk about what we know and how we feel.

Losing Donnarumma

All of Milan fandom was shocked yesterday by the announcement that Donnarumma would not be renewing his contract with Milan. The response on social media was immediate, with everyone making assumptions as to why he made that choice. But the fact is, he hasn’t told the world yet why he made that choice. So even if the wound is fresh, I wanted to look at some of the possible reasons he chose not to renew. It could be any or all of these factors. I chose to list them in the order that I think is most likely that they affected his decision based on credible reports and quotes from those involved.

Poll: How Do You Rate the Mercato To Date?

Just two weeks into the mercato, there is plenty to talk about. With four new signings already and rumors reproducing like rabbits, Milan fans are dancing in the streets and our rival clubs are taking notice. But what do you think? Do you like the signings so far? Do you miss Galliani and Forte dei Marmi and his bicycle? Please let us know by taking the poll and then explaining in the comment section.

The Youth Factor

When Mihajlovic gave the start to a 17 year old keeper, all of Serie A changed. Milan put faith in a lot of younger players, including spending so much for a young defender called Romagnoli and starting him ahead of older players, too. And when the deal for the club kept falling through and we couldn’t buy players, more young players moved up to the first team, too, to fill the voids. Other Serie A teams, inspired by Milan’s success with youth, have started more young players as well, with the results often being tremendously successful. Thus, Serie A’s average age of players is dropping, and it’s about time. However, now that Milan are compulsively buying new players, what will happen to the youth factor?

Ricardo Rodriguez: At Last

For years, Milan have desperately needed a talented left back. Even before our midfield played like pureed fruit, the left back spot was always a weak spot. But what if Milan finally found their man? A player with precision crossing, with a great left foot, who is known for attacking, and even takes a mean penalty? And what if, besides all of those qualities and more, he is young but experienced? He hasn’t played a single minute for Milan, but it just feels like Milan have found the left back of their dreams… at last.

Podcast: Back in Black

The sale of the club drastically changed Milan’s finances. But this season put Milan back in black in a footballing sense as well. With a positive season, a Supercoppa trophy, a sixth place finish, and thus a third round Europa League qualifying spot. And as if the season wasn’t enough to smile about, we are already making some very exciting signings in the mercato, too. So on every front, Milan are back in black.

The Donnarumma Debacle

Milan have signed two solid players and renewed our coach, and it’s barely June fourth. The interwebs are abuzz with other potential prospects, and our rival teams are already getting nervous. For a club whose fans have starved for any real transfers for two transfer windows now, one would think that is enough. But some Milan fans have forgotten where they came from and what it means to be a fan. They abuse young players and play football god on social media, it’s completely disgusting. And their current target is Donnarumma.

Montella 2.0

The extension of Montella came to fruition on Monday, with him signing a contract until 2019. There were some who doubted if he would stay, and I suppose there were some who doubted that he would be invited to stay, despite him having been chosen last year with the approval of Yonghong Li. Fassone and Mirabelli had also expressed their faith in him even before the sale was complete. But the extension made it official, and now we can look forward to Montella 2.0.