Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Podcast: In League with the Devil

The team has been renewed. The preseason matches have been played. And whether or not Milan is ready, the new season is upon us. There is plenty to talk about, plenty to try to predict, and more than enough excitement in preparation for this much anticipated season. How this ends, only time will tell. But either the Devil is coming back, or we are in league with the devil.

i Diavoli are ready

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Poll: Season Predictions

Last week you chose your Favorite Signing of the Summer. Over the weekend, you had the chance to review the Season Preview 2017-18. Now it’s your chance to make some predictions. Take the polls below and let us know where you think Milan is headed this season.

How will they do?

Friday, August 11, 2017

Season Preview 2017-18

With one of the most incredible transfer markets ever, this season there is finally something to really talk about. It’s been so long since there was anything exciting enough to preview, I have to confess that this is very refreshing. Certainly, it is nearly impossible to predict what will happen, but there are also plenty of things to look forward to… finally.

Milan are back... or at least well on their way

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

AC Milan 1, Real Betis 2: Welcome to VAR

For years, people have begged for video replay in football. Get those calls right, they said. The use of video technology will finally put those questionable ref calls to rest, they said. Especially after the “gol di Muntari” incident a few years back, Milan in particular lobbied for video technology. So FIFA researched it and tested it, and even Serie A tested it last season. How ironic, then, that VAR would be the star of our friendly, literally turning the result upside down and visibly upsetting our players. Welcome to VAR.

VAR: making all of this guy's other calls look horrible since 2017

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

AC Milan vs. Real Betis Preview: Going Green

Tomorrow night in Catania, Milan will face Spanish side Real Betis. I assume this match was organized to put Carlos Bacca in a very large suitcase and have Betis drop him off at Sevilla’s stadium when they head home. But then again, maybe not. Besides, we probably want some money for him. Or, with the Trofeo TIM having been cancelled this year and us not facing Sassuolo preseason, maybe Milan felt the need to play another team with green colors. It’s really hard to know. In reality, this is actually just another preseason friendly. Our last one, I believe. A good chance for Montella to try some things out, like his previously mentioned 3-5-2 formation, now that Bonucci and Biglia are eligible to play in competitive matches. So it’s the perfect time to go green.

Will we struggle against this green team preseason?

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Poll: Favorite Signing of the Summer

Milan have signed an impressive ten players in the summer mercato so far. Or, as I like to call them, nine signings plus Borini. Now that we’ve had a chance to see them in action, even if only for a few minutes in a friendly or Europa League qualifier, I’m curious as to which player(s) is your favorite?

Which signing is your favorite so far?

Friday, August 4, 2017

A Milan Love Story

Everyone remembers their first love… how suddenly, for no rational reason, their heart was no longer theirs. My heart was given to AC Milan, against all odds, and I know I’m never getting my heart back. Neither distance, language, horrible stream, failing management, terrible players, nor anything else has been able to change my heart. In fact all of those things have simply made my love stronger. In good times in bad, in wins and in losses, my life has become a Milan love story.

Who could help but fall in love?

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Europa League: AC Milan 2, Craiova 0: Picture Perfect

There were over 65,000 fans in the stadium. The Curva prepared a lovely coreo that read “My heart is sad when far from you.” And Montella lined up a starting 11 without Montolivo or Borini. All of the hype, all of the hope, all of the money spent this summer were resting on this game, the first home game with the new squad. And the first European game Milan have played at the San Siro in over 3 years, even if it was just a qualifier. It was bound to be brilliant or an epic fail, but not likely anything in between.

Oil on canvas by Giacomo Bonaventura

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Europa League: AC Milan vs. CS U Craiova: Homecoming

After five years of dwindling crowds, Milan fans are giving a hero’s welcome to their team. Tomorrow is the first home game since the massive mercato, and the San Siro looks to be repaying the efforts of the new ownership with over 60,000 tickets sold so far. They are hoping for a sellout, which actually could still happen. After seeing the stadium next to empty for so long, it will be amazing to see it so full again. Especially on a Thursday night, pre season, and a Europa League qualifying match at that. But it is a welcome that the team and the ownership deserve, a kind of homecoming.

The first leg we played like a cardboard cutout