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Derby della Madonnina Femminile: Remorse

The Derby for me always brings out the bestworst most fierce in me. But the unparalleled hatred I have toward Inter has more to do with Calciopoli than anyone or anything else. So, as this Sunday is the women’s Derby, it was only a slightly stronger than usual ferocity that had me salivating ahead of this match. But then I found out who the Inter Ladies’ captain is, and things got a little more intense. Her name is Regina Baresi, daughter of Giuseppe Baresi, former Inter player. And also the niece, of course, of Milan’s eternal captain and legendary defender, Franco Baresi. And suddenly, I want to teach that woman a lesson. A lesson of remorse.

When You Find Yourself In the Most Unlikely of Places

Have you ever found yourself somewhere and felt like you don’t belong here? Milan have that conundrum, tied with Roma on points in second place on the table after fourteen rounds. If you look at the summer spending alone in the top three, one of these clubs is absolutely not like the other. Or if you look at the experience and age of the players. Or recent seasons’ form. Or just about anything. Milan are the odd man out. And so we find ourselves with the pleasant job of figuring out what to do when you find yourself in the most unlikely of places.

Empoli 1, Milan 4: By Any Means Necessary

Some matches are won by playing well for 90 minutes. And then there was this one. Our mentality has won all of these matches, but it’s shown weaknesses lately, signs of slipping back into old habits. Like conceding immediately after scoring, for example. But that's not the only mentality issue we saw in this game. If you’ll remember, Montella came in saying that a manager didn’t need to get angry, but he changed his tune at halftime to produce the needed reaction. So a win by any means necessary.

Empoli-Milan Preview: No Regrets

Since Ricardo Saponara left Milan, fans have had so many regrets. And as he returned to Empoli, he gave us many, many more reasons to regret losing him. But this season has not been his best, and now Milan are in a position to be distracted by our changes in fortune. Despite giving up a last minute goal to Inter in the Derby that cost us two points, this week there is no time for looking back. We need to pick up three important points ahead of some big opponents in coming weeks. So no regrets.

The Trouble With Silvio

As the Curva Sud honored Berlusconi with their coreo on Sunday, Silvio had a lot to say. He said he was touched by their efforts, for example, and pointed out that they had worked on it for three months. But they had plenty of time to work on it, because it’s been nearly six months since the deal for the sale of the club should have closed. And note there is an end date on the coreo. It’s 2016. The deal was repeatedly promised to close by the end of this year. But now Berlusconi seems to be meddling once again, so much so that the deal could fall through altogether, according to sources in the media and his own words. Because it used to be that everything Silvio touched turned to trophies. But now everything he touches falls apart. And that is the trouble with Silvio.

Milan 2, Inter 2: Misery Loves Company

We knew going into this match that the outcome would be a surprise. With Inter’s literal wealth of talent and the new coach advantage as well as missing our best defender in Romagnoli, it could have ended very, very badly. But with Milan’s youth, positive mentality (it still seems strange to type that,) and individual brilliance, we could have pulled off the win against the odds. And until stoppage time, we nearly did. But instead we shared the spoils. We also share our spot on the table with Roma, who are miserable after losing to Atalanta earlier in the day. Because misery loves company.

Milan vs. Inter: Clean Sheets

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Milan-Inter Preview: Surprise Attack

The Derby della Madonnina is always intense. This one should be no exception. Milan were flying high before the break, and sit third place on the table. However, we should be missing our best defender in Romagnoli, which is a tough blow before a big game like this. Inter have managed to slither back up to ninth on the table, but sacked De Boer ahead of their last league match. However they have hired Pioli since then, after “casting” for a new manager. With the luck of a new manager’s first game on their side, it's impossible to predict how it goes. And with Tagliavento as our ref, we could all be in for a big surprise.

Holding Grudges

If you don’t know by now that I hate Inter or how much I hate Inter, you’ve never read here before or followed me on Twitter. It’s more than just a familial hate or some cross-city rivalry. I literally and completely hate them. The biggest reason is for their roles in Calciopoli and their denial of justice since then. But there are plenty of other reasons, too. And for all of those reasons, I condone holding grudges.

Counting Down

We’ve thought about this and talked about this so much for so long, and now it’s almost here. The sale of the club is set to be finalized on December 2nd. Silvio Berlusconi is staying on as Honorary President, but both Barbara Berlusconi and Adriano Galliani look set to leave. After all we’ve been through with Milan this past five years, a big part of me wants to count down the days, even the hours, and have a big celebration, bigger than New Year’s Eve. But then that nagging question I’ve always asked myself: would a foreign entity buying Milan be worse than what we’ve gone through? And then I get nervous and want to think about stopping time. So where are you? Apprehensive and afraid? Somewhere in the middle? Or counting down?


For years Juve fans have proudly referred to the Italian national team as “ItalJuve” due to the large number of Juve players playing for club and country. And rival club fans have sarcastically called it the same thing, implying a bias toward the club and it’s players, especially under former Juve coach Antonio Conte. But the tide has changed significantly. For at least the second international break running, Milan have had the most players called up for Italy, with six. So will this team be called ItalMilan?

Podcast: Milan Obsession’s Guide to the Galaxy

Life is strange. Sometimes when things are going great on one front, they fall apart on another. For example Milan are doing so well and don’t look to be stopping soon, which is absolutely fantastic. On the other hand, Inter sacked De Boer, who was doing so well at keeping Inter in the bottom half of the table. So many lessons to be learned, so little time. But for today, rather than searching for “the Answer to the Great Question… Of Life, the Universe and Everything…” I have a very quick podcast for you….

Palermo 1, Milan 2: Another One Bites the Dust

There’s this thing that Milan has been doing lately that I’m not sure what to do with. I think it’s called “winning.” Like even when we don’t play that great, we pull it off somehow. Just when our opponent least expects it. I mean Palermo are kind of the opposite right now, where they are more likely to do the opposite. But it certainly doesn’t stop them from trying. Or even scoring. But when the final whistle blows, the story is the same: another one bites the dust.

Palermo-Milan Preview: Important Life Lessons

Movies are filled with so much CGI and special effects now, but you don’t have to look too far back to learn some realistic and important life lessons from film. For example, in the movie “The Princess Bride,” Vizzini, a Sicilian, teaches us two important lessons shortly before (spoiler alert) his death. The first is “Never get involved in a land war in Asia.” I feel like we are narrowly avoiding that blunder with the Chinese takeover, since they are coming to us. But the second is a little more ominous: “Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line.” For us, gratefully, death is not exactly our fate if we are not triumphant on Sunday. However for Palermo, who are 19th on the table, relegation is definitely looming, and three points to them would definitely be a lifeline. Just as the Sicilian in the movie was outsmarted by the Dread Pirate Roberts, I am hoping that Montella will outsmart former Milan midfielder and current Palermo manager Roberto De Zerbi. Despite what Zam…

Vincenzo Montella: Doctor Strange

I have long mocked Montella’s possession-based tactics that he wanted for Milan. Beginning with the fact that I felt it was a system and style of play that he was putting on a team that was not suited for it. And so far, I’ve been proven right. But just like Dr. Strange having lost the use of his hands, then going in search of alternate methods of achieving his goal of using them again, Montella has tapped into other-worldly magical powers to achieve the results he wanted (even if his system still isn’t happening.) For me, this season, Montella has truly been like Doctor Strange.


Anyone who has ever read anything I’ve written about Inter knows that my hatred of them runs much deeper than the traditional “cousin” rivalry. And I don’t call them “merda” like so many other people do, because I feel like that is an insult to the actual merda. My Twitter followers always know when Inter has lost, because my schadenfreudesimply erupts onto my timeline. But as they seem to be winning just enough matches to stay clear of the relegation zone this season, it has still been one very delightful season for Milan fans. Milan have inexplicably climbed the table to currently sit in third place, while Inter sit in twelfth, having been as low as 17th at one point. Juxtapose Milan’s Curva at least pretending to care about their injured captain with their pathetic meltdown between their Ultra and their scumbag degenerate captain Icardi, and it just gets better for Milan fans. In fact, one might even call it Karmalicious.