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Genoa-Milan Preview: Character

As if the recent flooding in Genoa wasn’t tragic enough, there is talk after Genoa’s Sunday loss to Cesena of their always entertaining coach, Alberto Malesani, getting the axe. Malesani himself has some interesting theories about why, but then again he is an interesting guy. So we’ll start today with a press conference video that put him on the map of crazy managers.
WARNING:This video contains explicit language (in Italian w/Greek subtitles) If you don’t speak Italian, or you don’t care, then feel free to count how many times he uses the word “cazzo” (basically comparable to dropping the f-bomb in English.)

Milan Misfits

They say that “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” At AC Milan, I think they take  that very literally. Recently, Milan have sought out players with “criminal” histories, bought them on the cheap, and then rehabilitated them into proper football stars. From Cassanate to nasty challenges to going AWOL, Milan don’t seem to worry about their past  misbehaviors, and to look at them now, Scudetto winners with families in tow, it would be hard to pick them out of a lineup. So I opened up their records to refresh your memory of the “misfits” amongst us…

Milan 4, Chievo 0: Donkey in the Middle

There is a cruel game kids play around here where they take the ball away from the little kid and call him the “Monkey in the Middle,” then play keep away with the ball. Tonight’s match against Chievo was reminiscent of that game for me. It was hard not to feel bad for Chievo. Whereas I was concerned before the match about their giant-killing ways, the Flying Donkeys were completely outclassed by Milan from start to finish.

Milan-Chievo Preview: When Donkeys Fly

With Chievo coming into our matchup on Sunday tied in 9th place while we sit comfortably in 3rd, one might think this match should be very cut and dry. But there is a reason Chievo are in 9th and our city rivals still sit in 16th. And it’s not because they are easy fodder. Having home field advantage may be our only real advantage. Well, that and wearing that Scudetto patch on our kits. But still, you never know what’s going to happen in a world where donkeys can fly.

Milan 2, Barca 3: Showtime

I so wanted to win this one. To show the world that Barca are not invincible. To back up Ibra’s smack talk. And to take first place in Group H. But outside of the obvious scoreline, I was proud of our boys today. They fought a good fight and they put on a good show. Of course the stars of the show were those Barca boys and that fabulous ref, but not necessarily for their footballing skills. But what a show it was, cards, goals, and just about everything a fan could want outside of a win.

Milan-Barcelona Preview: Come And Get It

Although both Milan and Barcelona have booked their tickets to the Round of 16, the first place spot in Group H is still in contention, even if Barcelona still clutch it in their tiny Catalonian hands. Barcelona may be defending their title, but Milan are hungry to take it from them, which makes our boys all the more dangerous.

Fiorentina 0-Milan 0: Purple Frustration

It’s hard to feel good about a match where your team maintained nearly 70% possession and took 12 shots, 4 on goal, but still left with nothing on the scoreboard and only one point. Even harder knowing you are going into a big Champions League match where you need every advantage you can get, psychologically especially. And still worse when you think of what could have been.

Fiorentina-Milan Preview: Viola Surprise

With Sinisa Mihajlovic being sacked and Delio Rossi being appointed coach, Fiorentina are truly a team in transition. It’s not as if they are bringing an unknown group of players to the pitch on Saturday or anything. But sometimes when a new coach takes over, it almost seems like a brand new team. Between the tactical unknowns and playing at home, they certainly have the upper hand as far as knowing what to expect. So we must be prepared for the Viola surprise.

The Favorite Shirt Poll

Obviously, we all think that red and black are the best colors in the world. And it is hard to go wrong with shirts (or any apparel for that matter) that are red and black. But when pressed, most of us would probably admit to a favorite Milan jersey of recent years. After outing myself for my fashion expertise last week and the subsequent jersey discussion, I thought we should take a poll to see which of the five most recent home jerseys is the most popular. (Sorry, ladies, players not included.)

The Two Faces of Berlusconi

So in case you are living under a rock, or here in America, Silvio Berlusconi resigned as Prime Minister of Italy on Saturday night. Yes, that is the same Silvio Berlusconi who owns our beloved club. And yes, as I understand it, he is thinking of stepping back into the club full time. Well, that is when he’s not attending court dates for the three ongoing cases currently against him. You see, there are two faces of Berlusconi - the benevolent purveyor of world class players and thus trophies for AC Milan, and the corrupt Italian businessman and politician. We can only hope they stay separate, for the love of our beloved club.

Where Are They Now? part II

Do you ever wonder what has happened to some of our ex-Milan players? In my second installment of the question that is on everyone’s mind, I've compiled another list of some former players, the years they played for Milan, and their current whereabouts and pastimes.*

Io Elaine (or I, Elaine)

I have often thought of myself as the Ibra of bloggers - brilliant, talented, tough, good looking, able to carry a team on my shoulders, feared, and able to pull off the ponytail look with style. Well, actually, I am none of those things except for the good looking, the ponytail part, and maybe the feared, but for different reasons. Also, like Ibra, I like to talk about myself a lot, sometimes in the third person. Anyway, with Ibra’s autobiography being released this Friday in Italy, I thought it was time that I told my story, too, Ibra style. (Only mine is much, much shorter, considering I’ve not really done anything with my life.) Also, for my story, you will not need to purchase a book, it is right here for you for free. You’re welcome.

Antonio Nocerino: the 500.000 Euro Man

‘Twas the night before deadline and all through the club
Not a Flamini fill in was sighted, not even a sub, But Galliani in his brilliance was calm as could be, He’d heard about something from his pal Zamparini!
Away to his phone he flew with such haste, A deal must be brokered, no time to waste! The next morning, as transfer deals settled like snow We had a new player called Nocerino!

Milan 4, Catania 0: Dodging a Bullet

In my preview, you may have noticed that I was a bit concerned by Catania’s form this season. They are a tough team and have split the points with 5 opponents as well as having beaten Napoli last week. So I was hoping that not only would we score early and often, but avoid conceding a goal at all costs. And Milan did not disappoint.

Milan-Catania Preview: Parade of Elephants

Everyone loves a parade, or so they say. But with gli Elefanti coming to town on Sunday, I’m not sure Milan are quite ready to enjoy raining on their parade  of elephants with all of this week’s distractions. The Catania squad are currently in an impressive 6th place on the table, and I’m sure they would be happy to take advantage of Milan’s distractions. Whereas even if Milan are 4th on the table, the distractions of traveling midweek for Champions League and more importantly Cassano’s heart surgery this morning are sure to be weighing heavily on their minds and bodies.

Il Cuore di Cassano

You would have to have been living underneath a rock this week not to know that Antonio Cassano is now set to undergo a small surgery on his heart and will not return to football for at least 4-6 months. But all thoughts of club and country get pushed aside now as our hearts turn to the man, his family, and friends in this difficult time. But what can we say about a man at a time like this whose only flaw is that he is all heart?

BATE Borisov 1, Milan 1: Missing Cassano

Hopefully no one told Cassano that Milan were playing for him tonight, because the result shows just how much they missed him, and we wouldn’t want to make him sad. Hopefully they just happened to turn off the TV at the hospital at the end of the first half and he is dreaming peacefully right now of a team that played pretty well.