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Doctor Galliani: Evil Genius?

He is always in the stands, cheering with the intensity of a true Milan fan. And since Berlusconi’s current term as Italy’s Prime Minister, he is largely the voice and face of AC Milan. But what he is truly known for is his genius in the transfer market.

Dream signings...

In light of Milan's new-found (re-found, actually) power in the transfer market and all the rumors flying around, I thought I'd share some of my own ideas as to what players would take Milan to new heights. I'll skip the great players that are already on Milan's radar like Asamoah and Hamsik, and concentrate on some names that should be on Milan's radar. I won't be talking about any Messi, Pique or Ozil, but players Milan could realistically get their hands on. After all, if we're linked with Fabregas, I think we're allowed to dream about...well, just about anyone who isn't playing for Barca, Real Madrid, Chelsea or Manchester United. Since Milan signed Ibrahimovic last summer, it's been clear Berlusconi means business and Milan is once again a force to be reckoned with in the market.

Those Other Games

Now that Milan’s Scudetto winning season is over, for most of us, the celebrations still continue (all within the legal limit if we are driving, I swear!) But for those who have sobered up and still want some football, there are a couple of little matches happening this weekend.

Champions League Final Barcelona v. Manchester United Saturday, May 28 @ 20:45 Wembley Stadium, London

Ciao, Pirlo

I have made no secret of the fact that I am completely devastated by Andrea Pirlo leaving AC Milan after 10 glorious years. People have often teased about how he looks “sleepy” or “stoned” all the time, but I have never heard anyone question his skills or deny that he is pure class, on and off of the pitch.

Udinese 0, Milan 0: A Draw is a Win-Win

After lifting the trophy last week, I was curious to see how Milan would play this week. Certainly they didn’t go in for the kill, resting Abbiati, Gattuso, Ibrahimovic, Inzaghi, and Pirlo, amongst others. But Allegri did field a decent lineup, and it seemed to me that they played to win, hushing rumors of a deal with Udinese to insure them the Champions League. Still, a draw against the this team was comparable to a win, and was in no away disgraceful to the League Champions. For Udinese, a draw or better was a win, as they achieved Champions League qualification for next year. So in a strange way, the draw was a win-win.

Udinese-Milan preview: make or break for Udinese

On Sunday, Milan travel to Udine to make one last Serie A appearance before the players retreat to their respective summer destinations. While Milan have nothing to prove in this game, Udinese have everything to gain or lose and will give it their all. Di Natale, Inler, Isla, Asamoah and the rest of the Zebrette deserve a Champions League spot and it remains to be seen how much Milan will do to keep them from realizing their dream.

Which attacking midfielder will Milan buy this summer?

With the season nearing its end, our thoughts uncontrollably switch to potential new signings that will make the scudetto-winning Milan side stronger, more complete and more balanced. Therefore we decided to ask your opinion as to who exactly Milan will buy to fill the critical position behind the strikers. Before I give my own prognosis, I'd like to address a more pressing issue.

Our Season Favorites

As we are still celebrating a triumphant season, your favorite infinitely knowledgeable, terribly clever, and unabashedly humble Milan bloggers decided to look back on 5 categories of the season and remember our favorites for each.

Milan-Cagliari 4-1: celebrate!

In the lack of a better title...we don't need a better title. As newly crowned champions of Italy, we have the right to be less eloquent than usual. Tonight's review will be one of few words and many photos, as the game itself was less important than the wonderful atmosphere, the scudetto celebration and Pippo's return. The one stand out performer was Robinho who apparently becomes an unsolvable puzzle for the opposition the moment pressure is taken off his shoulders.

Milan-Cagliari Preview: The King’s Court

Hear ye! Hear ye! All loyal subjects of the Kingdom of Cagliari are summoned to his Royal Highness, King Allegri of Milan’s, Royal Celebration of the Conquering of the Scudetto! Okay, maybe that’s not the invite that went out, but it turns out that Allegri will be welcoming his former club to his new kingdom with a Scudetto in his pocket. That man really knows how to do things. Oh, and there will be some serious partying, too.

Palermo-Milan 2-1: oh, well...we'll always have Rome

Remember when Allegri said the players were going to bed right after dinner on the night the scudetto was won? I'm not sure how many of you are aware of this, but during that dinner, Berlusconi used the fact he outranks Allegri to let the players celebrate until 5 A.M. Am I looking for excuses? Sure I am. The team didn't play too poorly today but some players seemed unmotivated and slower than usual. That's what I'm like after a hangover too.

Roma-Milan 0-0: Milan celebrate their 18th scudetto

Congratulations to all Milanisti out there on winning the first scudetto since 2004! It feels truly fulfilling to take the title back from the hands of our neighbors, and in dominant fashion too. Two games before the end, Milan supporters worldwide have started their celebration as we look ahead towards years of quality football, trophies and perhaps even utter domination in Italy.

Roma-Milan Preview: Conquering the Capital

They say “When in Rome, do as the Romans do…” So this Saturday, I say we do what the Romans did best: CONQUER.

Berlusconi Speaks

Since I cannot find enough nice things to say about the new kit to even form a paragraph, let alone a post, I thought I would take a diversion today and give a humorous tribute to the man who has funded Scudetti nos. 11-18.

Berlusconi is a very busy man, what with his appearances as head of state, owner of AC Milan, and of course his newest diversion, defendant in multiple cases. It can be hard to keep up with all that he says, and hard to translate, too, if your Italian is as poor as mine. So I’ve taken the liberty of providing you with a quick synopsis of what he has said and done lately in a few photos.*

Milan 1, Bologna 0: The French Connection

The passion and desire to win was evidenced immediately by the intensity of play at the San Siro today. Bologna in particular seemed determined not to let anything by them, doubleteaming anyone who touched the ball. Unfortunately, 90 minutes is a long time to work that hard, and their intensity died down even faster once a certain Frenchman scored.