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Milan-Juventus Preview: Grudgematch

Many of you know that I have long shared a home with a Juventino and thus also harbored a healthy respect for Juventus. But that is all over now. I have seen one Superga banner too many. Heard one too many racist chants against Balotelli when he wasn’t even there. Watched fans mock the Gol di Muntari with just a little too much glee. So Sunday, I want our boys to beat Juventus or die trying. This one is personal.

Poll: Seedorf's Changes

There are often things that change whennew coach comes in, but Seedorf is making all kinds of changes to everything from training to the bench. Some are practical, some are psychological, and some improve relations with the club and everyone else. But which change off of the pitch do you like best? Enquiring minds want to know.

Podcast: Evolution

Things are looking up at Milan, not just in the table, but also on the pitch. Optimism may still be growing faster than the squad, but at least they are both headed in the same direction. With such success, though, it could be easy to overlook the things that are still plaguing Milan. So while applauding the improvement, we try to also look at the challenges still ahead. After all, with the coaching and other changes, it’s not like a light switch, it’s an evolution.

Sampdoria 0, Milan 2: Moroccan Barbecue

After swapping out nine of the starting eleven players from Wednesday for various reasons, this also looked like a completely different team. Much less focused, struggling to maintain shape, and not nearly as tight on defense, I was worried. But they managed to pull off the win, with goals scored by our two players born to Moroccan parents. So tonight, to celebrate, I think I’ll have some Moroccan barbecue.

Sampdoria vs. Milan: Petagna Smash

Sampdoria won’t like him when he’s angry.

Sampdoria-Milan Preview: Familiar Haunts

Sunday afternoon should be very interesting. On the surface, it is a matchup of 12th vs. 9th, and Milan have that four point advantage in the table. But there is also something very familiar about these teams. Look a little deeper and you will see players from both sides that have a history with both clubs. For me, though, every time we go to the Stadio Luigi Ferraris, there is a strange chill that goes down my spine. Some stadiums are like a fortress, but the Marassi is like a haunted fortress. Whether we are playing Genoa or Sampdoria, it’s as if their 12th man is a ghost. So even if Sunday is a match we should theoretically win, it’s really anyone’s game in these familiar haunts.

Champions League • Milan 0, Atletico Madrid 1: WMDs

There is a precedence for falsely claiming that someone has Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs.) But I am not worried about that tonight. There are at least two players on the training tables at Milan tonight as a direct result of Atletico Madrid. Plus a scoreline that does not tell the story of this match. And also, my shattered heart. I think that is evidence enough that Atletico not only have, but have used their WMDs at the San Siro.

Champions League • AC Milan vs. Atletico Madrid: The Spanish Inquisition

Whichever two of these surprise us in the lineup, we will certainly have plenty of fear

Champions League • Milan vs. Atletico Madrid: Everything is Awesome

Milan have been on a Cloud Cuckoo Land-like high since hiring Seedorf, even more so after grabbing three points from Bologna on Friday. But Wednesday we face our toughest test yet, when we face Lord Business and the Cloak of Ban d’aid, otherwise known as Atletico Madrid. It’s enough to wipe the smile off of your face. But maybe, if we just follow the instructions, maybe we can continue our mindless bliss by finding the Piece of Resistance and grab some kind of result against the Kragle of La Liga. Yeah, let’s just believe that. Everything is Awesome.

Milan-Bologna Review: Stand By Your Man

People who think that all women love Valentine’s Day in all its ridiculous commercialism should not be so quick to judge. I, for one, have always said that if you love someone, you should show it all year round. So this year, I didn’t want flowers or chocolates or jewelry, all I wanted was for Milan to win. Which they did. (For me, of course.) But people are often too quick to judge others, too. Like Balotelli, for example. Too much has been said about him and his performances lately. And don’t even get me started over the social media meltdown about his tears last week vs. Napoli. And yet with one sublime goal, he secured the victory for me and silenced his critics. Well, he should have anyway, but that’s not his fault. The moral of the story is instead of passing judgment, you should always stand by your man.

Milan vs. Bologna: For Those Who Bleed Red and Black

Will the magical beard spoil Milan’s Valentine’s Day?

Podcast: Happy 3rd Birthday Milan Obsession

This podcast marks the one year birthday of the Milan Obsession podcast, and also the third birthday of the Milan Obsession blog. As I celebrate these big milestones, I am filled with gratitude for all of the Milan fans who have read, commented, and written guest posts for the blog, and all of those who have participated in the podcasts and listened to them. It is humbling to see how big my little obsession has become, and it is all of you who make it worthwhile. So I hope you enjoy our special one year birthday podcast!

Pulling Your Fan Card

As the third birthday of Milan Obsession approaches, I was reflecting on some of the reasons that this blog exists. One big one was that I wanted a place where a fan could be a fan – not judged for how long they had been a fan or whether or not they watch every game, or whether or not they know every player, stat, or final score, or how many jerseys they own or how many times they’ve seen the team live. But there is one thing that trumps this basic right to fandom, and that is the very definition of being a fan. Because being a fan literally means we support the team, the jersey, the crest. Most specifically those warriors who wear our colors and fight for our shirt on the pitch. So you are welcome to be any kind of fan you want to be here, except you cannot insult, namecall or unfairly criticize our players here. Because if you do, I’m pulling your fan card.

Napoli 3, Milan 1: Learning Curves Suck

As a fan, we always want to win. Even when it seems improbable or impossible. So when the worst happens, it’s not easy to take. Even worse when the loss comes via a steep learning curve for both coach and team. For those of us who watch from our couches, it was easy to see that Abate was probably going to be better at right back, for example, or that maybe Essien wasn’t ready for 90 minutes at such a key role. But then again, I might not have started Taarabt, which would have made the game even worse, so it’s a learning curve for us all. Too bad learning curves suck.

Napoli vs. Milan: Surprise… or Not

Rafa Benitez is mistakenly informed that Bonera’s ban has been appealed

Napoli-Milan Preview: We Are Not Ne**olitans

Before the Lega Serie A gives me a stadium ban and a hefty fine, please understand that this is not meant to be territorial discrimination. When I say, “We are not Ne**olitans,” I simply mean that we are not in third place, we are not in the Coppa Italia Semifinals, we don’t have an experienced coach, and we don’t wear light blue. Geesh, the Lega have become so touchy about all of this. Don’t they realize that sometimes saying “We are not Ne**olitans” is a compliment?

Where Are They Now? Part IV

In my continued efforts to blur the lines between fact, fiction, and pure ridiculousness, here is my fourth installment of the hard-hitting question on everyone’s mind, the whereabouts and adventures of our past Milan players as well as when they actually played for Milan*. If you would like to know about other past players, you might enjoy Part I, Part II, and Part III as well.

Not Just Another Anti-Management Rant

With the exit of Allegri, many people look at the mercato as largely successful. But was it? Some argue that the questionable transfers made weren’t that big of deal, or that we should just wait and see until summer…. again. But I am tired of just waiting and seeing. I have waited and seen enough to know that we are going back to the old ways of doing things. And while free transfers sound like a bargain, in the end, they are costing us more than if we paid full transfer fees and wages for quality players. While the squad is obviously in a state of transition, is it heading in the right direction? All signs of this transfer market point to no. Despite Seedorf being new and this season being “a wash,” if you look at our history and at the big picture, you will see the warning signs. So this is not just another anti-management rant.

Milan 1, Torino 1: Uninspired

I’m not gonna lie, this will not be an inspired review. When your two center backs are the most influential on your team’s result despite the new coach claiming to play “very attacking football,” you know it wasn’t the best of days. So I promise that I will do my best to keep the writing about as inspired as the team’s performance tonight. Sorry in advance.

Milan vs. Torino: Cut the Bull

No matter how you slice it, a Milan win today would be delicious