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Ignazio Abate: The Blonde Fury

Have you seen Milan’s starting right back? If so, it was probably only by pausing your DVR. Ignazio Abate not only had an incredible year at Milan this year, he’s lightning fast, and if you blink, you just might miss him.

Guest Post: Review of Soccer in Sun and Shadow

The perfect read for your weekend... Another fabulous guest post from one of our favorite fans: mlisi.
Hello everyone. Michael here again. I’ve asked Elaine if I could write a few book reviews to fill some gaps during silly season and she was kind enough to pass me the mic.

About 2 years ago I started amassing a collection of books dealing with the history of football from all corners of the globe. Through these books I’ve been to Italy, Spain and the Netherlands so far. Future journeys will take me to Brazil, England, Scotland, France and a few other places. I’ve been in pursuit of the history behind the game in as many places as I can find and I’ve found some excellent sources. We’re going to begin with what I think is the most accessible and easy to read of those books.

How to Dismantle a Treble-Winning Team in 1.0 Seasons

I have made it clear before that there is no love lost between myself and our city rivals, Inter. Therefore, it has been an exquisite pleasure to watch Moratti’s misfortunes this past year. I like to call it Karma, and sometimes Karma is not so kind…

Why I am bewitched by Thiago Silva

Thank you, Elaine, for the title. I am here to explain why Thiago Silva is, in my view, Milan's best and most important player. With Milan fans worldwide buying number 33 shirts and trembling at the thought of the player who wears that number leaving for Barcelona, there are as always those who are a bit skeptical. Comparisons with Maldini and Baresi are especially troubling to those who aren't fans of the Brazilian - but what's the problem when the two great captains themselves support such claims?

Surviving the Off-Season

After the high of winning the Scudetto, inevitably comes the crash of the off-season. Our red & black blood being used to weekly infusions of the beautiful game, now we are left to our own devices as to how to quench our football thirst.

My Dream Interview with Super Pippo

Last night I had a dream that I had an opportunity to interview Milan striker Filippo Inzaghi. Below is the transcript of that dream….

The unpopular Ronaldinho appreciation piece

Remember the beginning of the 2009/10 season? Remember how Milan fans were pessimistic and the most defeatist ones were predicting a relegation fight? Milan had an old, slow midfield, an average and inconsistent strike force, embarrassing fullbacks and a non-coach in charge. Many will say it's beyond them how Leonardo managed to achieve Champions League qualification with his limited knowledge and the club's limited resources. But I know. I'll tell you how. One word: Ronaldinho.

Porn for Women...

...or How to Get a Girl to Like Football

Introducing: Taye Taiwo

The left back position has been a glaring hole in Milan's defense for years. Maldini retired, Kaladze lost every positive aspect of his game, Jankulovski got old and was troubled by injuries. Antonini made the spot his own last year, but this season has been abysmal. Bonera as a left back is a tragedy waiting to happen and good old Zambro, as reliable as he is mentally and tactically, cannot cope with the physical aspects of the game anymore. Hence Milan's (long overdue) quest for a capable fullback who can contribute both offensively and defensively. Indeed, Galliani found one...

Marek Jankulovski: Unsung Hero

Amid the torrent of rumors surrounding the transfer market, a quiet announcement was made on Wednesday. After 6 years with AC Milan, Marek Jankulovski was not only leaving Milan, but was also retiring from football. The 34 year-old Czechoslovakian left back meekly left the game he loved following yet another injury combined with his contract expiring this month.