Guess Who’s Coming to Milanello? Guess Who’s Coming to Milanello? Reviewed by Elaine on 1:42 AM Rating: 5

Mister Mihajlovic

7:02 AM
Never say never, that is the first lesson Mihajlovic learned after being asked to coach AC Milan. Fans were very quick to remember his pr...
Mister Mihajlovic Mister Mihajlovic Reviewed by Elaine on 7:02 AM Rating: 5
Mister Inzaghi: A Belated Farewell Mister Inzaghi: A Belated Farewell Reviewed by Elaine on 8:14 AM Rating: 5
Podcast: Party Like It’s 1986 Podcast: Party Like It’s 1986 Reviewed by Elaine on 12:53 AM Rating: 5

Yellow Tie

11:00 PM
Despite my usual cautious approach to the mercato, waiting until things are official, I am pissed off. Not that I expected as much as som...
Yellow Tie Yellow Tie Reviewed by Elaine on 11:00 PM Rating: 5

Mauro Tassotti: Unsung Hero

5:36 AM
There is a saying “always a bridesmaid, never the bride,” which seems like a strange phrase to use for a footballer. But it couldn’t be m...
Mauro Tassotti: Unsung Hero Mauro Tassotti: Unsung Hero Reviewed by Elaine on 5:36 AM Rating: 5

Milan Martyrs

6:23 AM
Many fans have spoken of their disgust for the way that Milan has treated its legends in recent years. From pushing them out, not even ca...
Milan Martyrs Milan Martyrs Reviewed by Elaine on 6:23 AM Rating: 5
Sacchi’s Milan Wasn’t Built in a Day Sacchi’s Milan Wasn’t Built in a Day Reviewed by Elaine on 5:30 AM Rating: 5

Why Things Are Looking Up

6:58 AM
A lot of transfer talk this week, plus the recent news of possible cash infusion has Milanisti spirits high. But with only agreements in ...
Why Things Are Looking Up Why Things Are Looking Up Reviewed by Elaine on 6:58 AM Rating: 5

Warning Signs

5:38 AM
With Twitter ablaze with rumors and unfounded optimism, there seems to be little concern for the actual future. Or the past, for that mat...
Warning Signs Warning Signs Reviewed by Elaine on 5:38 AM Rating: 5

Podcast: Laughter and Tears

5:04 AM
It was difficult to find much to laugh about this past season, but there were plenty of tears. Tears and pain and frustration and drinkin...
Podcast: Laughter and Tears Podcast: Laughter and Tears Reviewed by Elaine on 5:04 AM Rating: 5

All Bark and No Bite

5:00 PM
I was truly hopeful that Juventus could win the Champions League Final tonight. For many reasons, not the least of which is the Italian c...
All Bark and No Bite All Bark and No Bite Reviewed by Elaine on 5:00 PM Rating: 5

The A-list Party

10:46 PM
So the Champions League Final is here, and Milan weren’t even invited to the supermarket grand opening next door. So while we sit at home...
The A-list Party The A-list Party Reviewed by Elaine on 10:46 PM Rating: 5

Year Zero… version four

10:15 PM
Milan finished the season in 10th place, so obviously, it’s time for another reboot. Because nothing says Year Zero like another Year Zer...
Year Zero… version four Year Zero… version four Reviewed by Elaine on 10:15 PM Rating: 5

Podcast: Game Over

4:44 PM
Finally the torture is over. I’ve never been so relieved for Serie A to end. Between the poor performances, worse results, Curva’s lame ...
Podcast: Game Over Podcast: Game Over Reviewed by Elaine on 4:44 PM Rating: 5
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