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Atalanta 1, Milan 3: Boom

I feel for Atalanta. Not only does the final score not do their team justice, but they were actually the better team on the night. However, when you have moments of individual brilliance, sometimes, that is enough. And such was the case in this game. Milan went from a goal down to winning 3-1. Boom.
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Atalanta-Milan Preview: Showdown

A game is truly only worth three points, but some games feel like they are worth six. Although they actually only separate the two teams by three points, a win gives that team three points and also denies the other team three points. Again, mathematically, it’s only three points. But schematically, when a team is only one point behind you and breathing down your neck for a Champions League spot, a victory feels like double. And away to Atalanta, victory truly would be a special kind of win, whereas a loss would feel twice as bad. That’s why tomorrow’s match is a showdown.

Poll: Where Will Milan Finish This Season?

There is plenty of speculation about Milan’s chances of finishing in a Champions League spot, as there has been every year since losing out on Champions League. The difference being that this year, we are already in fourth place in February, something we haven’t done before. With an actual January transfer window which has made an immediate impact on the pitch, the optimism is flowing more freely than the liquor these days amongst fans. But realistically, what do you believe?

Milan 3, Cagliari 0: Got Milk?

Ahead of this match, the Cagliari team were trapped in their training grounds by local farmers who were protesting milk prices. The only way they were able to escape was to show solidarity with the farmers’ cause by being filmed knocking over cans of milk. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t happen to other teams in any major European league, but this is Serie A, after all. And after nearly missing their flight to Milano, it didn’t help that they had to face a team with confidence and sparkly new players. But hey, no crying over spilt milk, right?

Milan-Cagliari Preview: It’s Time

Most people will look at Milan facing the 15th place Cagliari on Sunday and expect a win. Those people haven’t been watching Milan for very long. In addition to the fact that games are played on the pitch, not on paper, Milan have for too long now given up valuable points when it mattered most. And now, with so many teams within a point of fourth place, Milan need to win each game more than ever. Cagliari are not an easy team, despite their position on the table, and I’m sure they would be happy to help Milan fulfill their self-destructive ways. We split the points with them back in September. But if Milan are to achieve their goal of qualifying for the Champions League next year, at some point they will have to shed their ghosts and live up to their potential. It’s time.

Podcast: Best. Mercato. Ever.

Milan are still in fourth place, even if they still struggle to take advantage of opposition teams dropping points and widen the gap. But confidence is growing, the a number of clean sheets is growing, and we finally have a competent management. Which is why we had the best January mercato ever. Not only is it our first January mercato in so very long, but we truly strengthened the squad to make us more competitive, and we also lowered our wage bill at the same time.

Roma 1, Milan 1: Stalled

It never fails, whether Milan are flying high or digging deep to find strength: when there is an advantage to be gained on the table, they drop points. This time, we could have moved to four points clear of Roma in fourth place. With Inter’s loss, we would have been just two points behind them in third, too. But whether it was benevolence or psychological, in this match, Milan stalled.

Roma-Milan Preview: Wolf Trap

This matchup is never boring. But the results of the past week have made it a lot more interesting, at least for Milan fans. After coughing up a 3-0 lead to end up drawing Atalanta on the weekend, Roma were absolutely brutalized by Fiorentina in the Coppa Italia quarterfinals. Their fans pelted their bus with objects as they returned home, and Di Francesco’s job is increasingly hanging in the balance. Meanwhile, Milan, after an impressive draw against second place Napoli on Saturday, beat that same team in the Coppa Italia on Tuesday. So Milan are flying high, and Roma are at an all-time low for this season. Will they fight back and make us their victims? Or will Milan put another nail in their coffin? This game could be a massive wolf trap.

Milan 2, Napoli 0: Double-barreled Miracle

On paper, I honestly seriously doubted we’d win this one. And when the lineups came out, I was quite certain we would lose. But then a miracle happened. Piatek scored a goal. Then another. And that’s all it took to knock Napoli out of the Coppa Italia and create a euphoria long missing at Milan. It was a regular double-barreled miracle.

Coppa Italia Quarterfinals • Milan-Napoli Preview: Part B

If it seems like just the other day you were reading a Milan vs. Napoli preview, you are not losing your mind, you were. Because we just played Napoli on Saturday, but in the league. While that one included an impressive display from Milan which resulted in a draw, taking points from Napoli, this one is a win or go home match. So ready or not, here comes Part B.