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Genoa 0, Milan 2: Secret Weapon

Genoa could have won this game. In fact, in the first half, I don’t think anyone would have been surprised if they would have won. But that was because our secret weapon was playing under the radar. When we released the full Borini, Genoa lost all sense of reason, and thus all hope of winning. Fabio Borini was our secret weapon.
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Genoa-Milan Preview: Pre-existing Condition

In the American healthcare system, insurance providers sometimes refuse to cover medical expenses for conditions that they deem “pre-existing,” something the patient was known to have had prior to their coverage beginning. Which means that the patient does not get the healthcare they need, and/or they have to pay all of their own bills. Neither of which is helpful. This match with Genoa was changed to an earlier time because of a pre-existing condition. As in Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini claims there was a pre-existing condition between fans, so decided to play the game six hours earlier. On a weekday. So the teams, the fans, and everyone else get screwed over because he thinks there is a pre-existing condition.

Getting it Wrong… Again

After Inter and Napoli fans clashed so horribly a few weeks back and Inter fans were found to have racially abused a player yet again, there was only one thing to be done: punish other clubs. Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, long-time Milan fan, vowed to meet with clubs and make changes, because no one should die because of football. Or something like that. So his solution was to move Milan’s away game to Genoa back to 3pm. On a Monday. Because… well, I’m still trying to work that out. All I know is that Italy are getting it wrong…again.

Juventus 1, Milan 0: Vergogna

With everyone dissecting Banti’s calls with a microscope, or at least the ones that went against Milan, they seem to have forgotten the bigger shame: Serie A. The president of Serie A, Micciché, was patting himself on the back after the game for a successful event. He was bragging about forcing our two teams to play in a country devoid of human rights. Boasting about championing women’s rights because women were allowed to sit in the third tier of the stadium only, as if they were third class citizens. This is how he thinks he is successful, but he ought to be ashamed of himself. I know I’m ashamed. Vergogna.

Supercoppa • Juventus-Milan Preview: Third Tier

This is supposed to be an epic matchup, a game that both entertains and is sporting. With Milan in the mix, that was already in question. However, the game itself is overshadowed by serious questions about human rights and gender discrimination in Saudi Arabia. For example, as a woman, if I were to attend this match, I would not be able to sit pitchside or even close at all. Because women are only allowed to sit in the third tier.

Sampdoria 0, Milan 2: The Cutrone Factor

Nevermind that Sampdoria had more possession, more shots, and more shots on target. Nevermind that Giampaolo subbed very well, his subs making an impact, even when forced into an early sub due to injury. Nevermind that they were playing at home at the Marassi, which is one of the loudest, most intimidating stadiums in Italy. Sampdoria put forth their best effort, but they forgot about the Cutrone factor.

Coppa Italia • Sampdoria-Milan Preview: The Fabio Factor

Sampdoria have a striker who is nearly 36 years old and is having the season of his career. Fabio Quagliarella has twelve goals and five assists, including a goal and an assist against Milan in October. He recently tied Trezeguet’s record, set in 2005, of scoring in nine consecutive Serie A matches. The press has even linked him with Milan, should Higuain leave. And while that might be a little far-fetched, no one can deny the potential in this match of the Fabio factor.

Waiting For UEFA

Yesterday, Elliott’s legal team met to discuss Milan’s UEFA sanctions ahead of a meeting with UEFA on Friday. It’s impossible to know what to expect from that meeting, since UEFA have been treating Milan very differently than comparable teams with comparable financial and management issues. But after they sent a warning letter to Milan about the purchase of Paqueta, it seems that our mercato is being held hostage yet again, as we are waiting for UEFA.

Podcast: Midseason Reckoning

No one is more harsh on a team or its players than the team’s own fans, and that is why we do midseason player ratings. Fans got a little relief after a much needed win against the mighty SPAL, having survived the wreckage of a tedious December tailspin. Luckily, the players were rated for their entire season’s performances.

FIGC Own Goal

They could have held the Supercoppa anywhere. It’s been held in the United States, China, Libya, and Qatar. But they chose Saudi Arabia. Not for the fans, not for the game, not for sport, but for money. They did not consider the potential backlash when the world learned what kind of a place the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was. They just wanted a paycheck. And instead, they scored a massive own goal.