Sunday, October 15, 2017

Inter 3, Milan 2: Snake Vomit

We’ve all seen times in life where the worst person gets away with murder, rape, or Calciopoli. And honestly, between Icardi and Inter, they have probably done all of that and more. But tonight Inter were the better team on the pitch for 90 minutes. And so as Milan fans, we are left cleaning the San Siro of all of that snake vomit before our Europa League clash on Thursday. You know, since Inter aren’t playing midweek at all.

The true Icardi hat trick... he looks like a moron no matter which hat he wears

Inter vs. Milan : Sent to Destroy

Kessie was Sent to Destroy

Friday, October 13, 2017

Inter vs. Milan Preview: So Much More Than Three Points

The Derby della Madonnina is more than just a football game, it’s a Derby like no other. This year, it’s even bigger than that. With both teams having been purchased by Chinese owners and hundreds of millions of Euros having been poured into them, the rivalry is even deeper and steeped in investment. Both teams are looking for a top four finish, and this is not just a mere three points in that race, either. So the usual pride and three points are not all that is at stake. With one team’s history filled with trophies won with beautiful football and the other team’s history filled with shame, cheating, and titles that don’t belong to them, the Derby would be fiery enough. But now that there are heavy investments and future success on the line, this Derby is so much more than three points.

He won't steal your wife, but he may steal your girlfriend's heart with his amazing goals

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

A Derby Like No Other

Il Derby della Madonnina is truly a derby like no other. It is fierce, yet it is family. It is fiery but not hostile. We share a stadium, a city, and our beginnings. And yet the two teams couldn’t be more different. In a world where derbies are so many things, this derby stands out for so many reasons.

The Baresi brothers were literal family, Franco being rejected by Inter ensured he was the ore successful one

Monday, October 9, 2017

Podcast: Borini for Captain

Milan are playing poorly, and mentality seems to be suffering. With three losses in seven league matches, everyone is getting stressed out. The players are under scrutiny. Montella particularly is under scrutiny. There have already been crisis meetings with Fassone and Mirabelli. But one solution has been largely overlooked, and this podcast reveals it: Borini for Captain.

The answer to life, the universe, and everything

Friday, October 6, 2017

The Case Against Montella

As soon as Bonucci was purchased from Juve, Montella’s free Milan ticket expired. No longer was he a pretty decent coach who did really well with no reinforcements. Now the questions started flying: Can he manage these players? Can he coach them to top four? Will he take this team to the Champions League and take Milan far into that competition? The fact is, the more a team spends in the mercato, the more pressure there is on the coach. And while people say that we should be patient and let the team gel, at the first sign of trouble, they are screaming for him to be sacked. But is there actual cause to sack him? Today I wanted to look at some of the reasons people are calling for his head, also known as the case against Montella.

The case against him is growing

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Poll: Montella

On the last podcast, I mentioned that it was too early to sack Montella. My argument was that we needed consistency and that if we expected the team to gel, then we needed to have patience. But the next day, he sacked his longtime friend and fitness director. And not only did he sack him, he did it via social media. Then there was the Roma match, where his paralyzed coaching impacted the eight minutes of collapse that cost us points. Next up is the Derby, which is not only three very important points against a team that will likely challenge us for a top four spot, but it’s also a source of pride. Many fans have strong opinions about this… what is yours? Please take the poll below and then feel free to explain your choice in the comment section below.

For the purposes of this poll, his future is in your hands

Monday, October 2, 2017

Milan 0, Roma 2: Disbelief

It was unimaginable that a team with Champions League aspirations would lose three of their first seven matches, even if they were a new team with so many new players. It was impossible to think that a coach who was under fire would wait until his team conceded two goals and a player asking to be subbed before he made a single change. So difficult to understand how a team like Milan would play a game that was so much improved to recent matches against their toughest opponent yet, and then implode in the space of eight minutes to drop three points. At the final whistle, I think everyone was in a state of disbelief.


Saturday, September 30, 2017

Milan-Roma Preview: The Prodigal Son

Not only did Montella play the best years of his playing career for Roma, but he also started his managerial career there. They gave him so much. Yet he claims to be a lifelong Milanista, and his passion for the red and black is obvious, no matter what criticisms anyone has of him. Speaking of criticism, this match he is like the Prodigal Son in more ways than one. With Milan having spent so much this summer, Montella comes to the San Siro having dropped points in the league twice, while the favorite Champions League brother, Di Francesco, has a game in hand and only lost once (albeit to Inter.) No matter which way you look at it, Montella comes into this one as the Prodigal Son.

All eyes are on the ex-Roma player and coach

Friday, September 29, 2017

Europa League • Milan 3, Rijeka 2: Distracted

A game that easily could have been 2 or 3-nil or better ended 3-2 because of some very late heroics after some embarrassing errors. Another less than convincing performance and more questions raised about Montella's safety, particularly after Carletto was fired by Bayern Munich earlier in the day and is an enticing alternative to poor Vincenzo at this point. Still without a fitness coach, with Montella having taken to social media to fire his boyhood friend and fitness coach of five years earlier in the week, it wasn't only the players who were distracted. 

Whatever with Silva's amazing strike, Borini the Assistor has arrived