Monday, July 25, 2016

Much Ado About Juve

With the extraordinary transfer market that Juve have meticulously pulled off this summer, a lot of people are complaining about Juventus. The typical childish taunts of cheating, doping, and more are being hurled around ignorantly by rival fans. And the animosity grows toward a club that has won five consecutive Scudetti, and now look completely unstoppable. Is it fair? Your knee-jerk reaction is no. But when you look at what they have overcome, how hard they have worked and suffered, it’s absolutely justified. And instead of being jealous, rivals should be taking notes and doing their best to narrow the gap. All of this hatred is really much ado about Juve.

Success risen from the ashes

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Milan Ladies: Heroes of Calcio

A while back on Twitter, I stumbled across an account called “Milan Ladies.” My first question was whether this was one of those accounts run by guys but using 15 year-old pics of female models in Milan kits and claiming to be girls just to get followers. But no, this account said it was the official account of Milan Ladies, playing in Serie B. So I followed. And I have learned so much since then. I mean did you even know there was a Milan women’s team? I didn’t. And everything I’ve learned about these awesome women since then has made them my heroes of calcio.

Girls just wanna have fun

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Quattro Stelle: 1982 - Group Stage

Quattro Stelle returns with the eighth post in a weekly series highlighting Italy’s four World Cup wins from qualifications to the finals. Read the seventh post here.

For all of the changes in format and the scandal that rocked both Italy and this World Cup draw, Spain 1982 got off to a smooth start. It never ceases to amaze me how the beautiful game just quietly and simply rises above everything else off of the pitch to provide great sport, unparalleled entertainment, and every great once in a while a classic match that goes down in the books of history.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Podcast: Stressed Out

Whatever the opposite of news is, that’s where Milan is out. Everything is on hold until the sale of the club is resolved, one way or the other. And that date keeps getting pushed back and pushed back. Meanwhile, everyone else’s mercato is rolling on and our transfer targets are being signed one by one… by other clubs. Still, there are always things to talk about, so even if we’re all so stressed out, we’re still Milan fans… for now.

Yeah, it's kinda like that.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Poll: I’d Rather Be…

After playing the waiting game time and time again with Milan, most fans are just done. Done with the games, the delays, the deceit, the lack of activity in the transfer window, our “captain,” and so many other things. So for today, I thought I’d take a poll. Below is a list of things that are horrible, but still better than being a Milan fan. Please pick your favorite one(s) so we can put some perspective on how tough it is to be a Milan fan these days.

Very few things in this world are worse than being a Milan fan, being an Inter fan being one, obviously.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

A Saturday in Bordeaux

Tonight is Milan’s first friendly of the preseason. As the team have traveled to Bordeaux, it was with heavy hearts, their hearts filled with sorrow for the victims of the Nice attack. Even if Bordeaux is completely across the country from Nice, it is a country in mourning yet again. And while Milan fans have been incredibly frustrated with the lack of completion of the sale of the club and therefore no movement in the mercato, the events in France help us to put things in perspective and focus on more important things like the value of human life, the freedom to play football, and our ability to mourn with the families of the victims of tragedy. So what was initially just going to be a friendly has become a little more meaningful. Not just another Saturday in Bordeaux.

What kind of Milan team will show up?

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Quattro Stelle: 1982 - Qualifications

This is the seventh post in a weekly series highlighting Italy’s four World Cup wins from qualifications to the finals. Read the sixth post here.

The beginnings of the tournament held in Spain in 1982 can be characterized by two words: change and scandal. As for the change, FIFA expanded the tournament to include 24 teams for the first time.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Waiting Game

With yet another delay in the sale of the club, it feels like Milan’s status is just forever in limbo. Limbo comes from the Catholic belief that unbaptized persons who die go to a place that is neither heaven nor hell, but an eternal in between. Having been a Milan fan for long enough, I would honestly rather go to hell than just wait around for eternity. And yet, as a Milan fan, that is just what we are doing. While other clubs solidify transfers and train for a new season with guarantees and certainties, Milan’s status seems less clear every day. And our transfer market is frozen, too. Here we are, still playing the waiting game.

Who will let him say so many horrible things in public or play in the trophy room if he sells?

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Lies You Want Me To Tell You

Every year, the mercato gets more and more difficult to tolerate. At Milan, it has become the singular hope for some fans. As if everything that has destroyed this club these past four years could be overcome if we just get a couple of decent players. Or that having swapped out over 70 players in these four short years was a mistake, but these transfers, these players will make the difference. So people follow every account who tweets anything about transfers (most of them simply copying one another,) and check their phones every five minutes to see twenty different accounts all say, “The deal is almost done.” “The player will make his decision soon. Probably within hours.” And Milan fans will read these lies and retweet them and talk about them ad nauseum, even though the lies never change and nothing ever comes of them. Because following the mercato these days is like if football and heroin had a baby. It’s all just a bunch of lies you want me to tell you.

"He's cheating on me with transfer news. I'm out."

Friday, July 8, 2016

Quattro Stelle: 1938 - The Finals

This is the sixth post in a weekly series highlighting Italy’s four World Cup wins from qualifications to the finals. Read the fifth post here.

Despite growing tensions throughout the world, France was hosting a successful World Cup. Well, not so successful for their National team, who had just been knocked out by defending champions Italy. But with four teams remaining, the tournament proved a positive distraction in the face of political turmoil.

The guys pose with Mussolini in 1938