Thursday, August 27, 2015

Milan-Empoli Preview: Bringing Football Home

After an offseason where hope started to build into a positive fervor, Sunday’s match hurt a lot more for many of us than any normal match. But now we got that pain out of the way, we can focus more realistic and grounded expectations for Saturday. Empoli have the daunting task of coming to the San Siro, where fans will be especially anxious for victory. And if there’s anything to be said for Mihajlovic, it’s that he knows how to learn from mistakes. I think it’s perfectly reasonable to expect that we'll see a much improved performance, especially since our opponent may not be as strong or organized as Fiorentina were. So on Saturday, I believe we’ll see Milan bringing football home.

"So we have a new plan for this week: winning"

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

When Fans Were Fans

Before the advent of social media, the internet, television, and even radio, fans of calcio could only witness their heroes play in one way: go to the stadium. True that they could also read about the matches in the newspaper, but that was also a time when being a journalist was a respected and they actually adhered to a code that required them to report the actual news. My how times have changed. Fans today can watch matches anywhere on their phones, or go on any social media platform and say anything they want about their team or players without fear of repercussion, offering their “expert” analysis, even if they’ve never watched a game. And don’t get me started on those journalists today. Suffice it to say that very few are considered moral, upstanding, or respected. And because of these things and more, it is sweetly nostalgic and very inspiring to consider a time when fans were fans.

Remember when people actually supported their team?

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Fiorentina 2, Milan 0: Taking Our Lumps

The American colloquialism “take your lumps” is rooted in contact sports, meaning to take the physical punishment you may receive within the game. But it also has a connotation of not complaining about the “lumps” you receive, to accept your fate in a sportsmanlike manner. I feel like this best applies to the match today, as we were dealt a heavy blow with a 2-0 loss and the early sending off, too. But all of these things are part of the game, and it’s not always the result that matters the most, it’s how you get up and face the next opponent. What you learn from the experience. Those are the things that will get the longterm results we need this season. So as a team and as fans, we should perhaps focus on taking our lumps.

We want youth? We need to be prepared to take our lumps

Fiorentina vs. Milan: Let the Wookiee Win

Milan has a new strategy this season, and it includes Carlos “Chewie” Bacca
(photoshop inspired by @VincenzoP11)

Fiorentina vs. Milan
Sunday, August 23 • 20:45 CEST (2:45pm EDT)
This match will be shown LIVE on RAI in the U.S.


Friday, August 21, 2015

Fiorentina-Milan Preview: Viola Concerto

The opening match for Milan fans this season my be one of the most anticipated in a few years given the amazing transformation in the squad over the summer. But it is also highly anticipated because after a summer that Fiorentina seemed a little off key and unsure of themselves in the mercato, they really pulled it together and put in some impressive performances in their summer friendlies to defeat Benfica on penalties, then beat both Barca and Chelsea in regulation during the ICC tournament. Add to that the fact that we will be going to their house, and this first match looks positively treacherous. Can Milan spoil the Viola concerto?

Can the well-traveled tactician conduct a stunning performance?

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


There are many factors that have contributed to the amazing transformation between the Milan squad of May and the Milan squad of August. Obviously, the addition by subtraction of a number of poor quality of players is one factor. And the actual addition of some quality players is another big one, as well as the massive gesture from management to actually invest in a transfer market again. But the singular most powerful cause of the transformation is Mister Mihajlovic.

His leadership is visible and tangible, and the squad have actively chosen to follow

Monday, August 17, 2015

Coppa Italia • Milan 2, Perugia 0: Better than Chocolate

I am so happy, I’m finding it hard to put into words just how amazing this match was for me. In my home, my family know that my priorities are family, football, and then chocolate (with family just barely nudging out football.) There was a time that my children thought I loved chocolate more than anything in the world, but they’re old enough now to know that I would take good football over the most luscious, divine, and perfect chocolate. And today’s match was better than chocolate in every sense.

Look at all of those smiles

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Podcast: Party at Ground Zero

For three years now, we as fans were promised that it was Year Zero, that Milan was rebuilding, and that success was in the near future. Only it was never true, and “Year Zero” became like a curse word. But this year, it finally feels like it really is Year Zero, the one we were originally promised. And instead of making us curse, it feels like a party.

Let's get this party started

Friday, August 14, 2015

Coppa Italia • Milan vs. Perugia: Chocolate Dreams

On Monday, Mihajlovic and this new Milan team play their first competitive match. It is the third round of the Coppa Italia, an early entrance to this competition due to our poor form last season. We will face Perugia, the Serie B team that defeated Reggiana 3-1 last week to earn their trip to the San Siro. However important it will be to win and move to the next round, I must confess that I am seriously distracted by this one. You see Perugia is where the famous Perugina chocolate factory is. And they make the most delicious chocolates, including Baci, perhaps my favorite chocolate in the world. So while most of the Milan community will be thinking about lineups and possible outcomes, I will probably not be my usual Milan obsessed self, I’ll be immersed in my chocolate dreams.

In Perugia, for Euro Chocolate, they made a gigantic chocolate Italy. This distracts me.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Trofeo TIM Tournament: A Preseason Derby Winning 45 Minutes of Mediocrity Trophy

Winning the Trofeo TIM has never been something to write home about. Especially if you believe the curse, that the winners don’t go on to win the Scudetto that season. But beating Inter is always something to brag about. Like a superhero defeating a villain, every meeting is a Derby, every meeting means more than just a game. Watching Inter lose to Sassuolo and thus come dead last in a tournament that no one cares about was also enjoyable. And to a certain extent, there was some pleasure in our worst players finishing the deal, even if it had to be on penalties, and raising a trophy amongst the also mediocre pyrotechnics while Inter fans sobbed and tried to pretend that they didn’t care. So despite the bizarre 45 minute match format and the mediocrity associated with the preseason friendly, or even the virtually inconspicuous debut of Goal Line Technology, this one left me smiling.

Those smiles aren't for the trophy as much as they are for beating Inter