Friday, February 12, 2016

Milan-Genoa Preview: Love is in the Air

What could be better than playing a lunchtime match on Valentine’s Day? Playing against Galliani’s greatest love affair, Genoa. Galliani loves Genoa so much, he shops there like it’s the grocery store. He loves Genoa so much, he hands them all of Milan’s money as if he were being held up every mercato. Galliani loves Genoa so much, he spends quality time with Preziosi, the club’s president. Galliani loves Genoa so much, he entrusted only them with the loans of Cerci and Suso. So this Valentine’s day, do spend your day with Milan and Genoa. Because love is in the air.

After all of the abuse from Milan fans, I'm sure this guy would love nothing more than to break our hearts

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Poll: Where Do You Draw The Line?

It seems like an odd time to ask this question, as there are so many signs indicating that Milan is finally starting to resuscitate. But as a Milan fan, where do you draw the line? We have suffered so much this past three and a half years since the exit of the Senatori and the sale of Ibra and Silva. And we have already lost many fans along the way. But what is your limit? Where do you draw the line?

Most people have a line that can't be crossed... will Milan cross yours?

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The El Shaarawy Catastrophe

This past mercato was as puzzling as any mercato since Galliani’s diabolical ascension to his autocratic reign of terror. Whereas he used to have a system of scouts and a Director of Sport who was actually involved in the transfer process, he has slowly but surely removed as many people from the decision making process as possible, leaving himself with almost absolute power. Which is why he also gets absolute blame from the fans. And while the Matri transfer may have been the gold standard for transfer fails to us fans, today I present to you a new gold standard in Galliani’s long list of epic fails: The El Shaarawy Catastrophe.

A gift to a rival... at a discount, even

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Milan 1, Udinese 1: Close, But No Cigar

If you were at a carnival in the 19th century, you might play a game hoping to win a prize. If you failed to win the prize, you would be told “Close, but no cigar,” as cigars were widely used as prizes at that time. That is what I might say to Milan today, “Close, but no cigar,” having drawn to 14th place Udinese. Which actually is probably just as well, since cigars have been proven to be very unhealthy. But also unhealthy would be any dip in form for this team, as the fans have already gone all Juventus on them, and don’t need an excuse to scatter like cockroaches. But was the game all bad? I am not so sure. Despite not getting a third consecutive win, there are things to be learned from this game.

Some things to shout about

Milan vs. Udinese: Gameday


More entertaining than that other big game’s halftime show

Friday, February 5, 2016

Milan-Udinese Preview: That Other Big Game

Milan host Udinese on Sunday afternoon, a team who are better known for their scouting and mercato feats than being Scudetto contenders. Despite currently holding the 14th place on the table, the spot most recently held by our midweek foes, Palermo, they are still fighting for every point they can get. Milan fans, of course, just want the win. Not for the typical greedy fan reasons, but rather because each win brings us closer to that coveted consistency that will be like a salve to our many wounds in recent years. So it’s not just the American football game being played eight hours later that matters. You know, the one where companies drop more in advertising for a 30 second spot than Berlusconi spent all last year? Yeah, well this one may not have all of the money and pseudo-alternative bands and multiple appetizer and beverage viewing parties, but for Milan fans, this really is the other big game.

Save the stadium built from food for the big game, Milan just need 3 points from this one

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Palermo 0, Milan 2: Island Dreams

How do you follow up an epic Derby win? Perhaps by flying to Sicily and dispatching with the home team as if it was just an island getaway. And while Milan maybe didn’t make it quite as easy as a vacation in paradise, they got the win and didn’t really leave it up for question. And they did it in the hideous third kits, too, which is even more commendable. So another midweek match and another three points to bring us within 2 points of Roma. After the past few years, it’s like a dream.

Almost as easy as a lovely island stroll

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Palermo-Milan Preview: Pretty in Pink

Playing Palermo can be tricky, especially in their house. I don’t know if it’s because of the island or because of his royal craziness, Zamparini, but I feel like we can never count three points before the final whistle. This time, we’re coming off of that epic Derby win on Sunday, too, so the guys are really going to have to be focused. But if we can play even half that well and stay focused for 90 minutes, I feel like we could leave blushing. Pretty in pink.

Sure, he'll get the playing time at Palermo, but he'll also be pretty in pink

Monday, February 1, 2016

Podcast: Derby Dreams

Nothing could follow the most deliciously epic Derby win on Sunday, but I had to try. I stopped my laughter and screaming and wiped away my tears of joy and set out to talk about all things Milan with a massive smile on my face. The Derby win was a moment of healing and a reprieve from all that fans have endured in the past few years, as well as a gigantic slap in the face to our most hated rivals, something fans could only dream of before today. But after the celebrations are over, there are other games to be played, and so much to look forward to.

A dream goal for a dream Derby