Milan vs. Roma Gamepost

Here’s to worshipping golden idols

Milan vs. Roma
Sunday, May 12 • 11:45 CEST (2:45pm EDT)
This match is being shown on RAI in the U.S.
(look for streams posted in the comments before kickoff)

King Midas Drinking Game Rules

Take one drink when:
• The glare from our jerseys stops long enough to allow you to see the match
• The glare from our jerseys temporarily blinds Lobont
• We score in the first half
• We defend a header

Take two drinks when:
• Mexes is “friendly” with his former teammates
• Totti sucks his thumb
• We get another injury
• Allegri hasn’t subbed by the 70th minute

The theory is that if the match is going well, you will drink enough to remember,
if it’s not, you will drink enough to forget.


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