Pescara vs. Milan: Gamepost

I’ll take the comedy if it brings us three points

Special thanks to Adel for the inspiration for this photoshop
Let's hope the boys give him a goalfest for his sacrifice of sleep!

Pescara vs. Milan
Wednesday, May 8 • 18:00 CEST (12noon EDT)
This match is being shown LIVE on BeIn Sport in the U.S.
(look for streams posted in the comments before kickoff)

“What’s the big idea?” Drinking Game Rules

Take two drinks when:
• We concede a goal on a header/set piece “Why I oughtta...”
• Allegri hasn’t subbed by the 70th minute “Oh, a wise guy, eh?”
• Allegri puts more than 3 strikers on at a time “You imbecile!”
• El Shaarawy plays 90 minutes injured “I’ll murder ya!”

Take one drink when:
• Larry, Moe, or Curly score “Poifect!”
• There is a notable sense of urgency “Soitenly!”
• El Shaarawy scores on his buddy “You knucklehead!”
• Pescara haven’t fouled Balotelli for 5 whole minutes “Oh, you're an intelligent imbecile!”


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