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There are two parties happening in European football this weekend, one much bigger than the other, of course. And yet Milan were not invited to either one. In fact, we were incredibly lucky to have had the success we did this year. And while it is a bit exciting to watch a new country really come into power on the European stage, it hurts a bit to have not been able to be on the guest list. Similarly for the rather unpopular Italian party, one team could actually finally acquire one of those elusive silver stars tomorrow, while Milan are only halfway there. It always sucks to be the one who is not invited.

Party central, but no Milan
I speak, course, firstly of the Champions League Final. The irony of two German clubs invading Wembley Stadium as they celebrate the 150th anniversary of the English FA is not lost on me. However, I should have liked for a better representation of the original Axis Powers to invade Wembley, specifically to include Milan. Unfortunately, with the management shenanigans of last summer and/or the new FFP guidelines, that was never going to happen this year.

While it is nice to look back and reflect on our 2-0 home victory over Barcelona, something not even the most optimistic could have truly predicted this year, reality came crashing back on us with the 4-0 loss to Barca in their house, effectively ending our Champions League dreams this season. We are not the popular kids right now, so we are not going to be invited to a party this epic until we make some wholesale improvements on and off the pitch. And while there is solace in knowing that we performed better than we thought, we are still several social classes away from being invited to the big party.

Let's hope this means he's a Lazio fan

As for the other party, it’s not even a B party in comparison, but it’s still a trophy. And also that clever little patch that you get to wear on your kits the following season. Of course, I speak of the Coppa Italia Final. And Roma are poised to win their 10th Coppa title, meaning they will be the first team to get to wear a silver star on their kits indefinitely. Personally, I wouldn’t care who wins the match, but I hope Lazio intervenes on this one. Because if Allegri does choose to go to Roma, I don’t know if I can handle his trollface and the silver stars.

This party could have a few twists to it, though. First of all, it’s a Rome derby. In Rome. Which means probably more racist (and violent) fans than a Juventus-Inter match. In fact, the match had to be moved up to an earlier start because of so many violent problems between the two clubs this year. And their choice of entertainment for the Coppa Final? Psy. Of Gangnam Style fame. That’s right, the guy that’s all flash, no substance, much like the football that is likely to be played on the pitch, too. So I guess it’s perfect. But the party personifies why no one cares about the Coppa. I would care about it if Milan were invited, though. With only 5 Coppa wins, we’ve got a long way to go to our silver star. Which would possibly prevent any future gold jersey faux pas, too. Well, that might really be too much to hope for, but still…

Past party favors

Either way, we may not be invited to these parties, but at least we can watch from our couches. The way the less popular kids spend their weekend evenings, too. But every time I see these parties, it deepens my resolve to support my beloved club. To believe, and yes, maybe even to will them to do better next year. Our invitation will come. Maybe it was lost in all of the changes this year, but there is always next year. After all, European football just isn’t the same without AC Milan.

This post inspired by Fishbone’s “Party at Ground Zero”

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