Podcast: Milano Tourism Bureau

With just three games left, everyone is on pins and needles to see if we can pull off third place and the lucrative Champions League qualification. And in a late season call to fans everywhere, Pete endorses a trip to the San Siro better than an advertisement from the Milano Tourism Bureau. Find out if Allegri’s tactics make the grade, and whether or not El Shaarawy deserves the criticism he’s gotten lately.

At the San Siro for the Napoli game (pic by Pete Acquaviva)

Today’s episode features Pete, the fantastic writer and analyst of DAI DAI DAI, Twitter, and most recently SportLobster fame. We discuss:

• In the News: the impending arrival of Jherson Vergara, Pirlo’s comments about Milan in his new book, the confirmation of Allegri

• Pete's Trip to Milano: San Siro Tour, Napoli game, via Turati, and Centro Sportivo Vismara

• Tactics Focus: Allegri’s tactical failings

• Catania recap: lessons unlearned

• Torino recap: missing Montolivo

• A preview of what’s coming up: Pescara, Roma, and Siena

• Player Spotlight: Stephan El Shaarawy

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Berlusconi was one of the writers of Milan Milan (pic by Pete Acquaviva)

An early Inter kit (pic by Pete Acquaviva)

Thanks again Pete for a fantastic podcast and especially for sharing his Milano memories and pictures. You can follow him on Twitter @PDAcquaviva, on his DAI DAI DAI blog, and on Sportlobster.

Our next match is
Pescara vs. Milan
Wednesday, May 8 • 18:00 CEST (12noon EDT)

Check out the Pescara-Milan Preview "Swimming with the Fishes"  here

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