Mischief Managed

If you are familiar with the Harry Potter series, you’ll know about the Marauder’s Map. To keep its secrets, one only needed to use the spell, “mischief managed,” and the magic would be concealed. This is a spell that I think every Milan fan this year wishes that our management knew and used… often. From the open criticism of Allegri and players, to the attempted cleanup of Allegri’s confirmation and empty apologies, we thought that we’d seen it all.

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However, with the end of the season and the potential end of Allegri's tenure, we’d only seen the beginning. From Berlusconi’s “joke” last week at a political engagement that Allegri was going to Roma, to be announced after the game on Sunday, to the infamous “Lettergate,” it seems that management are just warming up. I mean, who are we supposed to believe in all of this? The man currently with multiple convictions across the legal spectrum, who has lied to fans before about not selling players, etc.? Or the host of a TV show, who directly benefits from the controversy of the “letter” he read on TV? But at least it helps all of the people in the media keep their jobs. (Many of which are supplied by said convicted man, by the way.)

And here Milan’s Public Relations department thought it was going to be Mario Balotelli keeping them busy. I am guessing that you might be as angry, frustrated, and ashamed as I am at our management and their incredibly unprofessional handling of Allegri this year. If so, don’t fuel the fire. Keep a low profile on the issue, don’t feed speculations on who, what, why, or when, just enjoy our amazing third place finish and watch some YouTube videos of our amazing feats this year. The manager situation will be resolved soon enough. Mischief managed. With a little magic, a lot of decorum, and possibly a boatload of duct tape.

This post inspired by the music of the Bee Gee’s “Jive Talkin’

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