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The transfer window officially opened up yesterday, but for Milan, “the way is shut.” So with little to discuss, other than Acerbi reportedly becoming official today, let’s spend a minute to check out the newly released Milan away and third kits. We certainly need something to talk about after the death by tiki taka and while our rivals shop til they drop in the mercato like a certain red and black team used to do…

The away kit for 2012-13:

It has a similar feeling to this past year’s kit, but with the broad stripes across the chest rather than the thin vertical ones. The crew neck has a bit of extra colorblocked detail, and the famous Addidas triple stripes across the shoulder alternate red and black. Instead of a frighteningly large cuff or some awful rib trim, the sleeves simply have a thin red stripe just above the hem. It’s a relatively clean design, looks very comfy, and still stays true to Milan. My verdict? I like it. A lot. Last year’s was a bit better, but this is my favorite of the three this season.

The third kit for 2012-13:

Okay, I guess Galliani’s superstition did not reach the designers in time. Also, did they purposely put the unlucky Pato in the unlucky black kit? But seriously, how do you mess up a black kit? And yet, they have managed to do just that. Collar? Strike 1. Although, to be fair, it’s width is less than the wings of a 747, so it’s not that bad. Pocket? Is that so the players can literally collect their cards? Or is it just so there as a design line to stop the hand-brushed-looking tricolore motif? You know, the one that looks like we’re compensating for not having the Scudetto? And can we be done with the long, slim-fitting sleeves already? They especially suck for girls trying to wear them. My verdict? The lesser evil to the Collar of Doom™ first kit. I might even consider wearing it, but probably only if I don’t have to pay for it.

So what do you think? You don’t have to listen to me just because I am both a woman and a fashion designer. Come to think of it, neither of those has ever stopped you guys before. Which is fine, because I am here to talk about Milan, not be your personal fashion consultant. But if you do want my advice, go with the away kit this year.

It's a bird... it's a plane... no, it's just those ridiculous Milan collars...

As for how to survive the mercato… that is not my area of expertise. I can’t even tell you whose name to get on the back of your new jersey, because if Thiago Silva could have gone, than anyone could go. But you can check the new sidebar here to see what has actually transpired in the transfer market for Milan, if that helps. And if you catch any errors, do let me know.

Other than that, we’re all in this together. The boys come back to Milanello next week, we’ve seen the new kits, and before you know it, we’ll get to see our mercato in action. It may not be pretty, but we’ll survive… won’t we?

This post inspired by the music of the Psychedelic Furs

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