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From the day of his arrival his departure was imminent. Would we get one year? Two? Or if we were lucky, three? Earlier in the summer, I wrote about the importance of keeping Ibra. Everyone but Berlusconi and Galliani knew that keeping Thiago Silva was important. But if our Mary Poppins of Football™ could just stay one more year, then I felt confident in our chances at remaining competitive. But apparently, some poor little French team needed him more than us, so we are going to have to manage without our favorite badass Swedish striker. Again, a proper farewell will be forthcoming, but for today let’s send him our gratitude.

Dear Zlatan,

Thank you for two years full of awesome. You are a warrior, a misfit, and a champion. Thanks for everything you did on and off the field, but especially for this:

People have labeled you a mercenary, as well as other labels that aren’t as kind, but you have given us 100% for these two years, on and off the pitch. For example, on the pitch, you’ve given us moments like these:

And we may have lost both derbies this year, but you gave us something to be proud of:

You may be the most misunderstood and underappreciated striker in the world, but I know we are going to miss you like crazy next year. You have made us laugh, cry, and your teammates fear for their lives. And yet they all have nothing but great things to say about you.

Off the pitch, we will also miss your soundbytes. You are the only one who can ask a reporter “Cazzo guardi?” Your book was very enlightening, and even inspired my own autobiography. But there is only one Zlatan.

I personally will miss you, even if others are quick to say goodbye. I wish you could stay one more year to help us out, but I know you’ve got some French butts to kick. And if you get a chance to kick Leonardo for us, please take the opportunity with our full support. Merci et bon chance.



Please leave your farewell and thank you messages to Ibra, and your favorite memories, pics, and videos of Ibra in the comments.

This post inspired by the music of Rage Against the Machine

Our Next Match is the Trofeo TIM Tournament in Bari
THIS Saturday, July 21st
Inter vs. Juve begins at 20:45 CEST (2:45pm EDT)
Milan play at 21:45 CEST (3:45pm EDT) and 22:45 CEST (4:45pm EDT)
The tournament consists of three 45 min. matches
between Milan, Juve, and Inter

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