Letters to Thiago

Regardless of the anger and the blame, I have to come to grips with the fact that I have seen Thiago Silva’s last match in a Milan uniform. I will write a proper farewell post in the future, but right now it still hurts too much. The hurt will not heal soon, but for today, I wanted to be grateful. Grateful for everything he did for Milan on the pitch, all of the good memories I have. So I thought maybe we could all share messages to him, sharing our favorite memories, videos, pics, whatever we’d like to say. It can be long or short, whatever you want. So I’ll go ahead and start after the break…

Dear Thiago,

Thank you for your three and a half years of brilliance in the back at Milan. I am going to miss your athleticism, your hard work, and your quiet strength. When you were in the lineup, I always had a peace and calmness knowing everything would be okay.

Your goals were absolutely brilliant, and I’ll never forget when you scored that header against Barcelona in the dying seconds to tie the game:

Now that you are moving on, who will teach Pato to dance? Or maybe not even you could help him?

Thank you for everything you gave Milan. I read that you played 93 league games during your time at Milan, more than any other player during the same time. That about sums it up. You have always been there for us, always had our back. You will be missed more than words could ever say. Buona fortuna e grazie.



Please feel free to post your thoughts, feelings, pics, and videos about Thiago Silva. For today, let’s celebrate the good, we have a lifetime to feel the pain.

This post inspired by the music of of Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart”

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