Depressed blog post 101 - how to write a preview while avoiding optimism

As a special treat today, my former co-blogger, Jovan, guest previews the Trofeo TIM tournament for us....

This is what it looked like when we cared about the Trofeo TIM

OK, so I’m sitting here trying to write a preview for this friendly tournament we’re playing on Saturday. Trophy importance - zero; Inter and Juve - familiar foes, previewing it should be a piece of cake. But my mind keeps digressing into different Milan-related themes. Like the fact we lost two of the best players not only in Milan, but in all of Serie A. Our president has given up all plans of winning anything any time soon, no world-class player would even consider coming here for less than astronomical wages, and other important players are considering their options. But I digress. There’s that friendly on Saturday.

Isla, Armero and Asamoah. Remember when those guys were the driving force in Udinese, which had arguably the most dynamic midfield in Serie A? Well they’re in Juve now. On Saturday we’ll see them play - or not, I can’t be bothered to find out whether they’re training with the team, or on national duty like Pato - or resting from the Euro like Cassano. Well, they’re not resting from the Euro, as none of them are European - just like our own reinforcement, a no-name third string goalkeeper from Brazil. I can’t wait to see Gabriel on the stands, and sometimes maybe on the bench, during this season.

So, we all know how the tournament plays out - everybody plays everybody in 45 minute games, in case of a draw it goes straight to penalties. It serves absolutely no purpose, except to give the fans a little taste of what is to come, to meet the new players and see some youth in action. Or in Milan’s case, to wallow in sorrow and watch Bonera start the game because he is now the second best center back we have available. On the other hand, some drama is bound to happen with Lucio playing for Juve for the first time, and lots of players who might make their debut - the flamboyant Palacio signed for Inter and the Atomic Ant for Juve. Milan has Acerbi. Ah yes, Bonera might be the third best center back in the squad after all.

A demonstration in the change of quality at Milan

I’m not curious to see what line-up Allegri produces. It will likely be Robinho and El Shaarawy in attack (seeing how there’s really no-one else at the moment) and the young Ganz will probably get a chance from the bench. I expect we’ll see Ambro in front of the defense (which I refer to as ‘van Bommel’s spot which hasn’t been appropriately filled because Ambro can’t go a full season and we have no-one else’) with Constant/Flamini/Emmanuelson to either side and Boateng behind the strikers. Mexes is still resting from the Euro I believe, so we will likely see the immense Acerbi-Bonera combo in defense with De Sciglio on the right and does-it-matter-who-they-all-suck on the left flank.

The best side of all this, is this is a festive occasion for the people of Bari who have to settle for Serie B football these days - tomorrow they get to see the undefeated champion, the resurging Inter and that soon-to-be-mid-table-team in red and black which we are unfortunately attached to while the people in charge of it, the people who play for it and the people who mend their injuries don’t care about as long as there’s a fat check in it for them.

End rant. Enjoy the game.

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Our Next Match is the Trofeo TIM Tournament
a the San Nicola Stadium in Bari
Saturday, July 21st
Inter vs. Juve 20:45 CEST (2:45pm EDT)
Milan vs. Loser 21:45 CEST (3:45pm EDT)
Winner vs. Milan 22:45 CEST (4:45pm EDT)

Tournament points as follows:
3 pts. for a win in regulation (45 min.)
2 pts. for winning on penalties
1 pt. for losing on penalties
0 pts. for losing in regulation

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