What’s On Boateng’s Head?

This past week has been so crazy. With the loss of Thiago Silva and the impending loss (likely to be announced today) of Ibra, I have taken solace that at least we haven’t really lost any players with the entertaining hairstyles. And the burning question that has been on my mind for over a week now pertains to Kevin Prince Boateng. He showed up at training last week with I don’t even know what to call it, and so I have been meaning to ask What’s On Boateng’s Head?

El Shaarawy came to us with that monstrosity of a “hairstyle” and God bless him, he’s stayed 100% committed to it. Abate has pushed the realms of normalcy at times but finally seems to have come around to looking respectable. Cassano started out with us with that long, slicked back look but wised up very quickly. And while Yepes and Ibra rocked the long hair (even if you boys are just jealous), Robinho has also done some remotely questionable things with the hair from time to time.

But while Boateng has surprised us from time to time with his coiffure in the past, I am still reeling more than a week later wondering a) what he was thinking and b) seriously, what is that thing on his head? So I searched the interwebs for potential answers. I am hoping maybe you guys can help me identify it. Please use the picture above and try to match it to one of the images below:

Is it a furry caterpillar?

Is it a wiener dog?

Is it a banana slug?
Is it a sausage?

Is it a Twinkie?

Is it a brown banana?

Or did he scalp Keith Flint?

After browsing through more pictures, though, I have a new theory: I think he and Muntari are channeling their favorite Sesame Street characters...

If you figure out what exactly that is on his head, or if he is in fact aiming to be some sort of Muppet, please let me know, it's almost as mysterious as everything else going on with the club.

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