Does Milan Still Have Quality?

With the tumult of this summer, the big question seems to be: does Milan still have quality? One need only look on the arms of the players to answer this question. That’s right, the WAGS of Milan. Since I gave the girls their PFW last summer, and everyone had to endure the Men of Milan in May, this one is for you, boys. I’ve gathered a collection of the wives and girlfriends of the current Milan players. You can decide for yourself if there is still quality.

Who says Allegri doesn't believe in youth? He's dating 24 year-old
ex-playmate Gloria Patrizi

Melissa Satta, worse for Boateng than any defender

Barbara Berlusconi, Pato's infamous older woman

El Shaarawy prefers blondes, Eliana Cartella to be exact

Montolivo's ex-playmate, Cristina De Pin
Sometimes she even wears clothes.

Abate's sweetheart and mother of his child, Valentina

Cassano's wife and former water polo player, Carolina

Manaye Donkor, former model and now wife to Sulley Muntari

Vanity Emanuelson, Urby's inspiration and mother of his child

Paola Ambrosini, wife of Thor

Antonio Nocerino with wife Federica

Marco Amelia with wife Carlotta

Daniele Bonera with wife, Paola

Luca and Benedetta Antonini... how adorable

Feel free to link any other pics you can find of current Milan players’ WAGS. I only ask that NSFW pics are shared via link only and are clearly labeled NSFW for the underage readers.

This post inspired by the music of Duran Duran’s “Girls on Film”

Our next match is Milan vs. Chelsea Friendly
Saturday, July 28th • 6:30pm EDT
SunLife Stadium, Miami, FL, U.S.A.

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