Happy 115th Birthday, Milan!

Milan have looked better, let’s be honest. But if you were turning 115, would you look as good? I didn’t think so. After enjoying years of Italian and European history with all of the trophies to show for it, Milan are kind of in that awkward stage now. And while there was no Champions League or even Europa League draw for us yesterday, Sunday’s win was a great birthday present to give ourselves. So let’s celebrate 115 years of history, even if we may not be at the peak of that storied history. 115 years of passion and the club that all of our hearts belong to no matter where we sit in the table. Happy 115th Birthday, AC Milan!

Let the party begin! Tell us how you celebrate Milan today and every day.

Our next match is
Roma vs. Milan
Saturday, December 20 • 20:45 CET (2:45pm EST)

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