Did Galliani Say It?

Any Milan fan knows that Galliani says a lot of ridiculous things. And since he turned 70 this year, he seems to like to play the “rambling old man” card a lot, too. Well it was Milan’s birthday, yesterday, and I think he thought it was a wedding where he was meant to give the toast or something. Only there’s a reason that 70 year old men don’t give those toasts. It ended up to be quite a long chat with the Milan Channel in the end. But do you think you are savvy enough to tell what he did or didn’t say yesterday?

Here is a list of quotes, some real, some imagined. Your job is to try to sort out which ones are real and which ones are not. So in the comments section, list each quote by number and then tell us either “yes” (Galliani said it,) or “no” (he did not.) Whomever guesses the most correctly and most quickly wins virtual circus peanuts. (Bet you won’t find that prize anywhere else!) Good luck!

1. “Carlo [Ancelotti] is a perennial winner, although when he came to us it was said he was perennially in second place.”
2. On the CL finals vs. Liverpool “I think we played better in 2005 than [in victory] in 2007.”
3. “Inzaghi will be a better coach than Ancelotti or Sacchi.”
4. On the January mercato: “Something could happen, or it could not, we’ll see what happens.”
5. “Ronaldo, il Fenomeno, was the opposite of Pippo, as was Ronaldinho. I often wonder what these players could have done if they’d applied themselves like Inzaghi.”
6. “[Ancelotti] told me he was going to sign for the Gialloblu the next day, so I showed up at his house the next morning to get him to accept our proposal.”
7. “I spend more than half my day on the phone talking to players.”
8. “Ibra could have finished his career with us.”

If you are cut from the same moral fiber as Galliani and want to cheat, then you can read Football Italia’s translations of his interview:

(Or if you’re more like Maldini, you can read them after you’ve taken your guesses.)

EDIT: The answers are all actual Galliani quotes EXCEPT for #3, that is fake.

This post inspired by the music of Napoleon XIV’s “They’re Coming to Take Me Away”

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