Must Be Santa

Who’s got boots and a kit that’s red…. and black? As our players and many fans around the world wake up to see what Santa brought them, it’s a great time to reflect on the good things that have been happening at Milan this year, too. So Merry Christmas from.... Santa?

Great news! De Sciglio, Montolivo, and Poli were finally able to grow facial hair this year

Milan have had three coaches within this calendar year, but there seems to finally be some stability on the bench with the young Pippo Inzaghi. After an absolutely dreadful start last season, this Christmas finds us six points ahead of where we were the same time last year. Management seem to have called a truce on their personal issues and are coexisting, most of the players seem happy and there are no backhanded remarks from them about coaches, either.

Is this supposed to be like the New Year with the young one and the old one?

For me, the best part is the football. With a team that is perhaps the lowest in overall quality that Milan has had in a while, this group are improving steadily and finding a way to get results against teams with much more quality and depth. If I am afraid of a match, it is only the expected result. I know now that if I watch, I will see some semblance of football from my beloved boys in red and black.

The good luck Santa

So I guess Santa didn’t forget me after all. While I talked with Dave about some other requests for Santa on this week’s podcast, there is a lot more to smile about at Milan this Christmas than last Christmas. And with the rumor mill kicking into high gear already, maybe La Befana will bring me something, too.

My favorite kind of Santas... brutes on the pitch, jolly off of the pitch

Most importantly, though, as I reflect on my blessings at this time of year, I am thankful not only for the peace that seems to have settled over the club, but especially for all of you here on the blog and on Twitter. Fellow fans who read and comment and interact with your thoughts on Milan and who make all of this worthwhile. Thank you to each one of you, and I hope that Santa filled your Christmas list this year!

Buon Natale! Merry Christmas!

This post inspired by the music of practically every Christmas carol ever written, every single one of which I’m pretty sure I have sung and/or played in the last few days

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