Genoa 1 , Milan 0 : Way Too Early

For the second straight week, I have had to get up at 5am to watch my beloved team play. I am not a morning person. And when I say that I am not a morning person, I would rather watch 11 Boneras play for Milan than wake up at this hour. So due to my lack of sleep (and thus ability to string sentences together,) as well as some holiday commitments, today you get a raw deal: instead of a coherent review of the match, you get my real-time notes as I watched the match. No editing, no filter. My apologies in advance to your sensibilities. It was just way too early.

His dad must be so proud.

Montolivo and De Jong both starting, returning from injury. That midfield (if healthy) is a sight for sore eyes. Let’s see what they’ve got in their legs. And also hope that Muntari and Essien take good care of themselves and don’t rush back from injury until say… June?

Oh lord, first Tagliavento sighting. Wish I could drink.

The Decider.

First Half:
Matri looks way too happy to be there.

Who broke Montolivo already? Ouch, Lopez caught him with his boot.

I kinda like brute Menez. That’s all I’m sayin’.

I wonder if Perin is still allowed to drive after the drunk driving arrest? Says so much about Serie A that he’s still allowed to play.

Nice drive by Menez in the 8th, too bad he shot right at Perin.

Mexes shutting down Matri… just like at Milan, only it wouldn’t have been a Matri own goal.

Armero in position…. when was the last time we had a LB who did that in a situation like that?

Menez loses his temper, throws the ball at Bertolacci in the 18th, yellow card? No of course not, it’s Tagliavento.

Nice shot straight to his buddy Perin by El Shaarawy in the 20th.

Inzaghi is always wearing his Fondazione Milan bracelet. I love that.

Bonera is playing too much like his evil CB twin today. Not a good sign.

I’m hungry. Probably should have eaten breakfast…

Menez misses out on a 1 v1 with Perin by shooting straight to him. I wish I were sleeping right now.

Armero takes out Bertolacci in the 29th, I like this guy.

And Antonelli scores in the 32nd with the header. 1-0 Genoa. Maybe his dad was right, maybe he should have played for Milan. Oh, yeah, and Bonera was marking him. Surprise.

And now Armero getting heated with Perotti. Love how Tagliavento just casually glances over like nothing was going on.

What just happened here?! A brilliant goal line clearance by Bonera? I must be dreaming.

Okay, it’s 1-0 Genoa at the half. Some breakfast for me and some Inzaghi magic for the boys and maybe we can still do something with this match.

Italian for #WINNING

Second Half:
In Harry Potter, the good guys wear the griffins. That’s all I’m saying.

Also, no cards in the first half. Tagliavento can probably barely contain himself. Prepare for a category 5 cardstorm in this half.

I think Montolivo is taking diving lessons from Menez.

So many chances, so many Perin saves. How does he even see the ball coming with that hair?

And Matri kicks De Jong in the face. As if we needed more reasons to hate him.

Antonelli wins the first card of the match in the 56th, yellow for a handball. Did he open Tagliavento’s floodgate of cards?

Yes, it seems that way. Rami gets the next yellow in the 58th for a foul on Perotti.

Mexes joins the yellow card club in the 62nd. Bravo Tagliavento! (It really was a bad foul)

Montolivo is replaced by Poli in the 62nd

Perotti is relentless and Perin is irreplaceable. He still should have been suspended for the drunk driving thing. It’s just the right thing to do.

What are those purple glasses about, Tassotti?

Pazzini comes on for Honda in the 71st

Marchese on for Kucka in the 71st

Sturaro yellow in the 73rd after fouling and then mixing it up with Mexes.

Am I the only one who finds it odd that Tagliavento’s cards are always like this? He rarely cards in the first half, but in the second half he lets them fly. And I know that people are tired and more cards are given in the 2nd half statistically, but his is extreme.

Mamma mia Roncaglia… it’s too early to have a heart attack

Niang on for El Shaarawy in the 78th.

Matri goes off in the 82nd without scoring, just like when he was at Milan. (but Pinilla on… ouch)

It’s like Mexes is trying to get sent off. Big foul, luckily for a merciful Tagliavento

Antonini coming on for Izzo in the 84th… one ex-Milan player left, 2 min. later another one comes on.

Bonera feeling the weight of the captain’s armband or is trying to get sent off, I don’t know.

OMG, Bonaventura Robinhoes™ it with less than 2 minutes left. It’s really too early for this kind of pain.

I can’t even count the cards anymore, Perotti with a yellow in the 90th +1

Tagliavento using the subtle approach to killing a match now.

And that’s a game. Genoa 1, Milan 0 FINAL.

I wish I could go back to bed and start this day all over.

Despite 15 shots with 6 on target (thank you Perin,) we couldn't break through. Genoa benefitted from us fielding Bonera, The Conceder™. If it weren't for the result, it wouldn't have been a bad game, although tactically, I hope Inzaghi learned from this one. And we're still better off than I thought we would be at this point. Don't expect it to get any better before January, though. I just hope that the squad continues to grow individually and as a team. Oh, and Matri couldn't score on us. #SilverLining

Who's that guy with Menez?

This post inspired by a severe lack of sleep

Our next match is
Milan vs. Napoli
Sunday, December 14 • 20:45 CET (2:45pm EST)

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