Vacation Destination: Derby della Madonnina

Recently, our very own Derwuin left sunny Southern Florida to head to cold Milano for the Derby della Madonnina. That's right, he was our very own 12th man for the Derby. He also toured the stadium, went to the San Siro museum, went to Casa Milan, the Milan museum, the trophy room, and more. You can see all of those pics by checking his Twitter timeline and also the last comment thread. Today, he has also been kind enough to share some very awesome pics of the best part with us: The Derby.

Our 12th man, the Legend himself

Thanks so much again to Derwuin for representing for us and for sharing these awesome pics! Follow him on Twitter @D_Mendez3 and wish him a happy birthday on Wednesday, too!

Our next match is
Genoa vs. Milan
Sunday, December 7 • 15:00 CET (9am EST)

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