Times are Changing

They say change is good, and after last summer, we never thought the changes at Milan could be this good, either. So I’m hoping that all of you will see the good in this change, too. After a little over two years of this blog as well as some time on the Italy World Cup Blog, I have been offered a job as a real writer!! Say hello to the newest member of the Goal.com family!

Change can hurt, but sometimes it's necessary

This means, of course, that my time here will be limited, so I will have to cut back on posts quite a bit. But please continue to check in often, I promise to be around as much as possible to share my love of Milan with all of you. And, of course, you can always check out my quick posts on my Sulia page.

I want to thank all of my regular readers and those who comment and follow me on Twitter, too. I am hoping that this change will simply be a step upward for all of us, and that all of you will continue to support me in all of my endeavors.


If you missed the review of the Chievo-Milan match, you can find it here

This post inspired by the music of The Stone Roses

Our next match is
Fiorentina vs. Milan
Sunday, April 7 • 12:30 CST (6:30am EDT)

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