Poll: What Would You Do For Milan?

As you read this, I am probably sitting on a beautiful Southern California beach with my family, the bluffs behind me, sun overhead, and the waves of the beautiful Pacific Ocean in front of me. And it’s only the beginning of April. Which is a big part of the reason I live here. I can do this most of the year. The weather here is exquisite, and I am just not very good at less temperate climates anymore. In fact, I get chills just thinking of anywhere that gets frost, let alone snow, in the winter. But there is one place I would leave this paradise for and endure freezing cold weather: Milano, home of my beloved AC Milan.

I would give up this paradise for only one thing... Milan

So I started to think… is there anything that I wouldn’t do to be able to live in Milano and have season tickets for Milan? It turns out that list is very short, and mostly consists of things that are illegal or would cause death or dismemberment, severely limiting my ability to enjoy said season tickets.

I thought I would open it up to you guys and find out what kind of lengths all of you would go to for season tickets for Milan. The poll is completely anonymous, so no need to worry about that. And the point of this is not to see who’s the craziest or most hardcore fan, I think it’s just an interesting question to ask ourselves and to see what lengths some people would go to. (You can select as many as you like)
Now that you’ve taken the poll, please feel free to list your ideas in the comments for the craziest thing you would do for season tickets and the ability to see our boys play all year long.

This post inspired by the music of The Clash

Our next match is
Fiorentina vs. Milan
Sunday, April 7 * 12:30 CST (6:30am EDT)

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