What Balotelli Didn’t Say

During the Fiorentina-Milan match, things got a little heated. The ref had not taken his medication nor his vision test, and the crowd got more than hostile, they engaged in racist chanting, too. The infamously volatile Balotelli must have struggled to keep it together, especially when he struggled to get shots off, too. Needless to say, he received an extra two match ban for reportedly calling an assistant ref an “idiot.” But people who were there are now testifying that he did not say that, only “ca##o guardi?” or “what the f##k are you looking at?” Good, for a minute there I thought he’d used profanity toward a ref.


So today I thought I would share some links to other things that Balotelli did not say. Maybe things  that definitely have no profanity. Please enjoy them and try to imagine Balotelli actually saying them as Milan appeal Balotelli’s ban and hope to get it reduced to the initial one match for card accumulation.

And now it’s your turn. Please share your favorite movie quotes (clips optional) to tell us what else Balotelli did not say. Just keep it clean. We can't afford to lose anyone else to suspension.

This post inspired by the movies, cartoons, and commercials that did not get yellow carded

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